Roomba j6+ (6550) vs. Roomba j7+ (7550)

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Welcome back to another exciting comparison of the titans of automated home cleaning. Today, we will be comparing two high-end models from iRobot’s impressive line-up – the Roomba j6+ (6550) and the Roomba j7+ (7550). These robotic vacuums promise to deliver unrivaled cleaning performance, all while integrating seamlessly with your smart home ecosystem. But which one should you choose?

To help you make an informed decision, we will dissect the features, performance, pricing, and customer feedback of both models. By the end of this article, you’ll have a clear winner. So, let’s dive in!

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Overview: Roomba j6+ and Roomba j7+

Introducing the Roomba j6+ (6550)

The Roomba j6+ is a remarkable blend of intelligent technology and powerful cleaning performance. It’s designed to make your life easier, with features like automatic dirt disposal, iRobot Genius Intelligence, and Precision Jet Spray technology.

Introducing the Roomba j7+ (7550)

On the other side of the ring, we have the Roomba j7+. While it shares many features with the j6+, it boasts a unique selling point – Pet Owner Official Promise (P.O.O.P) guarantee. That’s right – this vacuum promises to avoid pet waste while cleaning.

Design and Build Comparison

Both models exhibit the characteristic circular design and minimalist interface we’ve come to associate with iRobot. They both have a sleek silver exterior and are made from durable materials to withstand everyday use.

The j6+ (6550) Design

The Roomba j6+ sports an elegant silver finish with a simple interface. It measures 13.34 inches in diameter and 3.63 inches in height, making it suitable for navigating under most furniture.

The j7+ (7550) Design

Like the j6+, the Roomba j7+ maintains a compact profile with a diameter of 13.34 inches and a height of 3.63 inches. It also features a similar silver finish and minimalist interface.

Cleaning Performance

Roomba j6+ Cleaning Capabilities

The j6+ doesn’t hold back when it comes to cleaning power. With 10x the suction power compared to previous Roomba models, it ensures deep and thorough cleaning. Its rubber brushes are specially designed to stay in contact with the surface, effectively pulling out dirt even from the deep recesses of carpets.

Roomba j7+ Cleaning Capabilities

The j7+ matches the Roomba j6+ in suction power and cleaning efficiency. The standout difference, however, is its ability to detect and avoid pet waste. This makes the Roomba j7+ an ideal choice for pet owners, ensuring a mess-free cleaning process.

Battery Life and Charging

Both models are powered by a long-lasting lithium-ion battery, offering up to 120 minutes of cleaning on a single charge. Once the battery is low or cleaning is complete, the robots return to their base to recharge.

Smart Home Integration

Smart Home Capabilities of the j6+

The Roomba j6+ can be easily integrated into your smart home ecosystem. You can control it through the iRobot Home App, and it is also compatible with Google Home and Amazon Alexa. This allows for hands-free operation, scheduling, and customization of cleaning preferences.

Smart Home Capabilities of the j7+

The Roomba j7+ also provides seamless integration with smart home devices. It is compatible with the iRobot Home App, Google Home, and Amazon Alexa. Furthermore, the j7+ features visual intelligence, giving it the ability to recognize objects in your home and learn from each cleaning session, enhancing its navigation over time.


Both models come with a Clean Base Automatic Dirt Disposal, which holds up to 60 days’ worth of dirt and debris. This means you can sit back and relax for two whole months without needing to empty the dirt bin!

Maintenance of the j6+

With the Roomba j6+, maintenance tasks such as cleaning the brushes and replacing the filter are quick and hassle-free. The iRobot Home App even gives you maintenance reminders to ensure your Roomba stays in top shape.

Maintenance of the j7+

Just like the j6+, the Roomba j7+ offers easy maintenance. The added advantage is that it is designed to handle pet hair better, reducing the frequency of brush cleaning for pet owners.

Pricing and Availability

Pricing of the Roomba j6+

The Roomba j6+ is a premium model and is priced accordingly. However, its cost reflects its sophisticated features, making it a worthy investment for those seeking convenience and powerful performance.

Pricing of the Roomba j7+

The Roomba j7+ carries a higher price tag due to its advanced features such as pet waste avoidance and visual intelligence. If these features are important to you, then the extra cost is justified.

Consumer Feedback

Roomba j6+ Reviews

Users praise the Roomba j6+ for its efficiency and ability to adapt to their cleaning preferences. The automatic dirt disposal feature also seems to be a hit, offering true hands-free cleaning.

Roomba j7+ Reviews

The Roomba j7+ is lauded for its advanced capabilities, especially its ability to avoid pet waste. Users appreciate its ability to learn and adapt to their homes, improving cleaning efficiency over time.

Final Thoughts: Which One Should You Choose?

Choosing between the Roomba j6+ and the Roomba j7+ ultimately depends on your specific needs and budget.

The Roomba j6+ offers excellent value for its price, delivering powerful cleaning performance and convenient features such as automatic dirt disposal and smart mapping. It’s a solid choice for any household.

However, if you’re a pet owner or value advanced features such as object recognition and improved learning over time, the Roomba j7+ is worth the extra investment. It offers all the benefits of the j6+, with added capabilities to enhance convenience and efficiency.

In conclusion, both the Roomba j6+ and Roomba j7+ are top-tier robotic vacuums that can significantlytransform your home cleaning routine. The decision boils down to your specific needs, preferences, and budget.


Q: How often do I need to perform maintenance on my Roomba?

A: Both the j6+ and j7+ have an automatic dirt disposal system that requires emptying every 60 days. Regular cleaning of brushes and filters is also recommended.

Q: Can these Roomba models clean multiple rooms in one session?

A: Yes, both the Roomba j6+ and Roomba j7+ are equipped with smart mapping technology that allows them to clean multiple rooms efficiently.

In the end, whether you choose the Roomba j6+ or the Roomba j7+, you’re investing in a premium robotic vacuum that combines power, intelligence, and convenience to make home cleaning a breeze. Happy cleaning!

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