Robot Roomba i2 vs. i3 EVO vs. i4 Robot Vacuum

iRobot is one of the leading designers and manufacturers of home robots. Their innovative, smart technology ensures convenient and effective cleaning of households. Consumers are given a helping hand at home, giving them more time to finish more important stuff, like work or having fun!

The Roomba i2, i3 EVO, and i4 robot vacuums are some of the newest additions to the iRobot range of robot vacuums. Here, we’ll look at each and give our take on the best of the bunch.

Roomba i2

The Roomba i2 is Wi-Fi connected, app-controlled, and Alexa (voice control) compatible. The device is perfect for various types of flooring, including carpets, and is ideal for homes with pets. You’re guaranteed a great clean with the i2.

Using floor tracking sensors, the robot moves purposefully and logically in neat rows while its edge-sweeping brush, dual multi-surface rubber brushes, and power-lifting suction get rid of dirt, grime, dust, and pet hair. And another bonus: the device automatically returns to its dock to recharge and then returns to where it left off cleaning.

And the features don’t end there. With app control and iRobot OS (a uniquely intelligent operating system), the i2 gives you a more complete and personalized cleaning experience. It shows you its cleaning history and recommendations (for example, to increase the frequency of your cleaning due to allergy season starting), allows you to schedule cleanings, and sync up to clean when you’re out of the home.

Dirt Detect Technology means your robot can detect dirtier areas and clean them more thoroughly. You can also choose how the i2 cleans your home: Room-size Clean, Daily Clean, or Extra Clean (cleans the area twice). Additionally, Imprint Link Technology allows you to link your appliance with Braava jet m6 robot mop to give an even deeper clean.

The Roomba i2’s reviews are overwhelmingly positive. Consumers praise its:

  • Value for money
  • Ease of setting up and using
  • User-friendly app
  • Logical navigation
  • Good battery life (120 minutes)
  • Ability to avoid getting tangled in pet hair
  • Adeptness going under furniture
  • Capacity to handle varying floor levels
  • Competence in maintaining clean carpets (good for a home “refresh”)

However, there have been some criticisms of the Roomba i2, including how it:

  • Can’t navigate around objects left on the floor
  • Misses spots on the first pass
  • Isn’t ideal for a deep clean
  • Runs loud
  • Isn’t self-emptying, and the bin needs to be emptied and cleaned often
  • Has sensors that need to be manually cleaned and a filter replaced every couple of months (this can be time-consuming and expensive)
  • Doesn’t include virtual wall barriers (this is an added expense if you need them)

However, the Roomba i2 is a decidedly handy little helper that can tackle various flooring and

Roomba i3 EVO

With its awesome features and reasonable price (under $350), you may wonder why anyone would choose another Roomba model other than the i2. But the i3 EVO has the added advantage of having the option to add on the Clean Base Automatic Dirt Disposal (Roomba i3+ Evo. This feature means the robot can empty itself for up to 60 days, making it an excellent hands-free vacuum cleaner.

Additionally, its Reactive Sensor Technology tells the robot where to (and where not to) go, meaning it won’t get stuck. Other advanced sensors mean that the i3 EVO can navigate around and under furniture and smoothly along edges, while Cliff Detect stops it from falling down stairs or steps. Plus, this model comes with a spare filter—saving you some dollars.

Like the Roomba i2, owners of the i3 EVO model praise its effective cleaning, ease of use, navigation, hassle-free operation, and relatively long run time. And as for the cons, users complain about the noise, the long charge time, and the relatively small debris bin (although using the self-emptying option makes this less of an issue).

Roomba i4

Last on our list for today is the Roomba i4. What does this model offer that the i2 and i3 EVO can’t? Simply put, the i4 boasts the same features and smart, innovative capabilities as the other two robot vacuums, with two main differences. As well as coming with the option to add on the self-emptying bin, the Roomba i4 comes with two spare filters and the virtual wall accessory. But even more impressive is its 20% larger battery, meaning that it has an extended run time compared to the other versions of around 2½ hours.

The Takeaway

The Roomba i2, i3 EVO, and i4 versions are all equipped with innovative features that create a convenient, nifty robot vacuum that helps take the hassle and time out of keeping your home clean.

These include:

  • Wi-Fi-connected app control
  • Voice control
  • Neat row navigation
  • Three-stage cleaning system
  • iRobot OS
  • Return and recharge
  • Dirt Detect Technology
  • Imprint Link Technology
  • Sensor detection

Where the three differ is the add-ons or accessories available to enhance the robot’s performance. The i3 EVO and i4 can include the handy self-emptying bin, meaning hands-off cleaning for up to 60 days. The i4 has an extended run time, meaning a more prolonged, uninterrupted opportunity to get your floors sparkling. And the i4 comes with more spare filters and the expensive virtual wall accessory to create boundaries for your robot, making cleaning even more of a cinch.

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