An upright vacuum cleaner does everything you need it to do, and with the right attachments, your upholstery can be as clean as your floors. Today, we’re going to check out two popular uprights by two popular brands—the Eureka PowerSpeed and the Hoover Windtunnel—to see which of them is the unit to work with.

Eureka PowerSpeed

Eureka NEU182A

Eureka PowerSpeed

8-amp Motor

The Eureka features a powerful eight-amp motor that delivers quite a low of suction pressure to pick up all sorts of debris, including fallen cereal bits and pet hair. It’s not the largest motor we’ve seen, and it’s considerably smaller than 11-amp Hoover Windtunnel, but it seems to do the trick without a lot of chocking and tangling.

Eureka NEU182A PowerSpeed

Eureka NEU182A

Adjustable Brush Height

The ability to clean carpets and bare floors depends heavily on the positioning of the brushroll. The brushroll should be able to dig deep in carpet fibers while also lift up and away when moving onto bare floors to prevent scratching floors. With five different height adjustments, you can rest assured that the Eureka can all surfaces from bare floors to shaggy area rugs effortlessly.

10-pound Build

If that’s not enough to convince, perhaps this will. Amazingly, all of the Eureka’s components combined weigh only ten pounds—four pounds lighter than the Hoover. Essentially, what this means is that moving the unit around and transporting it up and down stairs shouldn’t cause muscle spasms, but if we’re being honest, neither will the Hoover.

4.1-liter XL Dust Cup

What’s amazing is that despite weighing only ten pounds, Erureka still found a way to install a 4.1-liter dust cup in the PowerSpeed to hold onto more debris, more dust, more hair before emptying out. It’s pretty safe to say that the XL dust cup can carry multiple sessions’ worth of dust before reaching max capacity. We can’t say that for sure with the Hoover’s tiny 1.2-liter dust cup.

Washable Filter

Despite coming with a standard foam filter, it does manage to keep everything out of the motor’s way and prevent dust from leaking out of the exhaust. These foam filters are washable and have a lifespan of around three months.

Three Cleaning Tools and Onboard Storage

The PowerSpeed comes with the same three-piece accessory set (crevice tool, dusting brush, and upholstery tool) we’ve become accustomed to seeing in most uprights. All of these tools hook onto the PowerSpeed for easy access.

Eureka PowerSpeed Review

Hoover Windtunnel

3-Channel Windtunnel

Not only is the Hoover’s motor larger than the Eureka’s, but they use three channels to deep-clean carpets and remove the most embedded pieces of debris. Performance-wise, the differences between the two is negligible. They both work exceptionally well on carpeted and smooth floors.

Hoover UH72400 Windtunnel

Hoover UH72400

Self-Adjusting Brushroll Height

The Hoover automatically adjusts the height of its brushroll depending on the surface it’s cleaning. All the user needs to do is press to change from smooth floors to carpeted area mode and you’re done! No manually changing heights depending on the thickness of the carpet fibers; let the Hoover do the thinking for you.

Allergen Block HEPA Filters

Not only does the Hoover Windtunnel have a foam pre-filter, but it also uses a trusty HEPA filter that traps up to 99.97% of particles 0.3 microns or larger. Things like pollen, dander, dust mites, and hair will all get trapped in the filter and never leak back onto your floors. The filter has a maximum lifespan of six months.

Steerable Technology

Steerable Technology is just a fancy way of saying that it has a swivel steering or a pivoting neck. This has become pretty much standard in the upright world, except, shockingly, for the Eureka PowerSpeed. A swiveling neck offers greater maneuverability around furniture so less pre-vacuum prep (temporarily relocating furniture and whatnot) is needed.

Crevice/Dust Brush Combo Tool

Instead of three separate tools, the Hoover comes with a combo tool that serves as both a crevice tool and a dust brush. They attach onto the stretchy 14-foot hose to ease the struggle of cleaning high-up surfaces.

30-foot Power Cord

The Hoover comes with a long 30-foot power cord to help maneuver around furniture pieces and reduce the frequency of unplugging and plugging. The extra five feet compared to the Eureka’s 25 footer may seem insignificant, but you’ll definitely feel it when it comes time to put the tool away. Neither of these uprights comes with an auto-retract mechanism.

Hoover Windtunnel Review

Eureka PowerSpeed vs. Hoover Windtunnel: Which Upright Should I Get?

Even though the Eureka PowerSpeed is a pretty great upright, we feel that the Hoover Windtunnel is the clear winner here. With a larger motor, a self-adjusting brushroll, a HEPA filter, and swivel steering, not only does it clean better, but it is also less of a struggle to use.

Hoover Windtunnel

Hoover UH72400

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