EyeVac Home vs. PRO vs. Pet Stationary Vacuums

Stationary vacuums are a weird mix between vacuum cleaners and dustpans. They have a built-in electric motor that suctions up debris, but you need to sweep the aforementioned debris with a broom. These devices are great if you don’t like pushing clunky conventional vacuums.

Today, we’re comparing three of EyeVac’s stationary vacuums—the Home, the PRO, and the Pet—to see which of these three stylish devices will work best in your home.

EyeVac Home vs. PRO vs. Pet
EyeVac Home

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EyeVac Home

Style Points!

Out of the three stationary vacuums we’re comparing today, the EyeVac Home is arguably the most stylish. The egg-like outer shell is complete absent of corners, making it an eye-drawing piece in any home. It also has a sleek, shiny finish rather than a dull, matte look that you’d find in the PRO and Pet.

1000W Motor

Appearances aside, the EyeVac Home delivers amazing cleaning performance. Fitted with a 1000W motor and high-efficiency filter, the Home is an excellent all-around stationary vacuum that suctions up dirt, hair, dust, and all sorts of large-sized debris with minimal effort. Simply sweep all of your floor contaminants in front of the suction port, and the Home will gobble every last bit up.

3.8-liter Canister

Stationary vacuums win when it comes to dustbin capacity. Compared to sticks and upright vacuums, the EyeVac Home can hold up to three times as much debris before its canister reaches max capacity. The Home also has a built-in canister indicator that alerts owners when it’s time to empty out the contents.

EyeVac Home
EyeVac Home

Touchless and Manual Modes

The EyeVac Home offers two different cleaning modes: touchless and manual. Touchless mode uses an infrared sensor that constantly checks for dirt piles in front of the suction port. If it picks up the tiniest speck, the motor will switch on, and the debris will get sucked into the Home.

On manual mode, the Home will wait for the owner to press the suction button. This is the more energy-saving mode that allows you to complete the sweeping task before the Home pulls in all debris.

EyeVac Home: Professional Clean for The Home -...
  • FAST & POWERFUL: 1000 watt vacuum removes 100% of dust, hair and debris instantly.
  • CONVENIENT: Always on and always ready, EyeVac fits seamlessly into any room with a hard floor.
  • PERFECT FOR PET OWNERS & PARENTS: The EyeVac’s powerful motor picks up all pet food, pet hair, kitty litter,...

EyeVac PRO

Four Color Options

Stationary vacuums aren’t as commonly used as other appliances, and since you’ll be leaving it out in the open, you the vac to blend in naturally with your home’s interior design scheme. The EyeVac PRO is a pretty blocky unit, but it comes in four different color styles—black, bronze, silver, and white. Choose the color that doesn’t clash horribly against your living room’s style!

EyeVac PRO
EyeVac PRO

1400W Motor

The PRO stationary vacuum comes with a beefier motor compared to the “entry-level” Home version. The 1400W motor delivers even greater amounts of suction power to draw in larger pieces of debris, like fallen pet food and cereal bits. If you have messy kids and pets, or if you yourself tend to drop bits of food everywhere, then the EyeVac PRO’s larger motor is the better option.

2-Stage Filtration

All three EyeVac stationary vacuums come with two separate filters. The first is a high-efficiency pre-motor filter that traps all debris, large and small, and prevents them from passing through the exhaust.

EyeVac PRO Stationary Vacuum
EyeVac PRO

The second line of defense is a standard filter located at the exhaust port, which doesn’t tend to get clogged as easily thanks to the outstanding performance of the pre-filter.

Larger Canister

If you thought 3.8 liters was huge, then you’ll appreciate the PRO’s 4.8-liter dustbin. The addition of an extra liter of storage space will allow it to pick up more debris and require less frequent emptying-out. Of course, the canister will be heavier when filled to the brim but not by much (how heavy is dirt?).

EyeVac PRO Touchless Stationary Vacuum - 1400...
  • FAST & POWERFUL: 1400 watt vacuum removes 100% of dust, hair and debris instantly
  • CONVENIENT: always on and always ready infrared sensors activate Eye Vac automatically
  • PERFECT FOR PROFESSIONAL USE: the EyeVac is ideal for commercial use including hair salons, boutiques,...

EyeVac Pet

Available in White

The EyeVac Pet only comes in a matte, white finish. This is a pretty neutral color that doesn’t clash horribly against any interior design. It would have been nice if EyeVac made a black option as well, so dirt and hair would be less apparent when clinging to the device’s exterior.

EyeVac Pet
EyeVac Pet

1400W Motor

Like the PRO, the EyeVac Pet uses a 1400W motor that delivers astounding suction power to remove dirt, hair, and debris. This will come in handy if you live with pets who shed crazy amounts of fur regularly.

Same Filter Setup

Event hough the EyeVac Pet is marketed to pet owners, this stationary vacuum does not come with a True HEPA Filter, which is necessary to pet hair, dander, and other common allergens. That said, the high-efficiency pre-filter does a pretty decent job at capturing pet hair.

EyeVac Pet -Touchless Stationary Vacuum for Pet...
  • Eye-vac pet stationary touchless vacuum is designed for use in households with pets, mobility concerns or any...
  • Simply sweep hair, dust, and debris up to the infrared sensors at the base of the unit for convenient,...
  • Cyclonic vacuum action with dual filtration works in tandem to clean debris both on the floor and in the air


The EyeVac Home is an all-around stationary vacuum that is made for light- and medium-duty cleaning. It comes with a tinier motor that doesn’t perform as well at picking up large debris. If you have pets, then either the EyeVac PRO and Pet would work beautifully. In fact, there aren’t any major differences between the two, other than their exterior design and color options.

EyeVac Pet -Touchless Stationary Vacuum
EyeVac Pet

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EyeVac Home Touchless Stationary Vacuum, Dual High...
EyeVac Home Touchless Stationary Vacuum, Dual High...
FAST & POWERFUL: 1000 watt vacuum removes 100% of dust, hair and debris instantly; CONVENIENT: always on and always ready infrared sensors activate Eye Vac automatically

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