Bissell is one of the most widely recognized upright vacuum producers on the planet. Today, we’re going to check out two models from two different product lines—the Bissell Cleanview 2252 and the PowerLifter 1622. One is a basic, albeit excellent, upright with all of the expected attachments, whereas the other revitalizes your carpets using a tank of cleaning solution. Read our full comparison below to determine which of the two you and your floors need.

Bissell 2252

Bissell 2252

Bissell Cleanview 2252 Swivel Upright

Scatter-Free Brushroll Technology

The Cleanview prevents debris from being flung all over the place with the help of a triple-action brushroll. The bristles are situated in a double-helix pattern that grab more dirt and push it into the inlet.

Bissell Cleanview 2252


In addition, the brushroll reaches both ends of the floorhead with very tiny bezels, allowing it to clean edges without the use of one of its handy spot-cleaning tools.

13.5-inch Cleaning Path

The floorhead measures in at 13.5 inches wide, reducing the number of passes needed to clean the entire surface of wide carpets and floors. The Cleanview is supported by a swivel mechanism so the neck turns where you want it to with the slightest touch.

With swivel steering, there’s very little pre-vacuum prep needed—the floorhead navigates between and below furniture with relative ease.

Multi-Cyclonic Filtration

Everything that gets sucked up into the Cleanview has no chance of escape. This is thanks to the fantastic multi-cyclonic filtration system that separates large particles from smaller ones, keeping the standard filter unclogged for longer to maintain optimal suction pressure.

The filter is washable and should last for up to three months of heavy use.

Multi-Surface Vacuum Cleaner

The Cleanview 2252 is no one-trick upright. The floorhead, though fitted with a spinning brushroll, works beautifully on both carpeted and smooth floors without pulling out fibers or leaving unsightly scratch marks.

Furthermore, the Cleanview comes with a six-foot long suction hose where a dusting brush, stair tool, or corner tool attach onto to remove dust, dirt, and pet hair from any above-ground surface.

27-foot Power Cord

Then we have the super-long 27-foot power cord that offers a wide cleaning radius from every wall outlet. This means fewer interruptions during vacuuming sessions and less towing when using the suction hose and one of the included pet tools.

The Cleanview 2522 does not have an auto-cord retract feature so make sure that the power cord is wrapped properly to prevent kinking and damage.

Bissell 2252 Review

Bissell PowerLifter 1622 Upright and Shampooer

4-Row DirtLifter PowerBrush

Next up, we have the PowerLifter 1622 whose product line describes what this upright-shampooer is all about. Inside of the floorhead is a heavy-duty four-row DirtLifter PowerBrush brushroll that, with numerous rows of stiff bristles, digs deep into the shaggiest carpets and rugs to extract the finest of dirt particles.

Bissell PowerLifter 1622

Bissell 1622

The bristles loosen and bring embedded debris to the surface where the suction inlet removes stains, both wet and dry, permanently.

Deep-Clean Shampooer

As a carpet shampooer, you can expect to get some pretty amazing results with a just a few passes of the PowerLifter. This upright uses a cleaning solution of your choice to dissolve crusty bits of dried pet food from carpets.

This is achievable thanks to the amazing dissolving power of hot water—by pouring heated water into the tank, you’ve got an amazing carpet cleaner that works well at erasing all stains and odors.

When cleaning urine stains, use a mixture of your favorite cleaning solution and COLD tap water. Bissel includes a sample-size bottle of their awesome cleaning formula to try out.

0.75-gallon 2-in-1 Tank System

The PowerLifter’s 0.75-gallon tank isn’t that large, but each tankful holds onto more than enough water and detergent to deep-clean a wide surface area between refills. The water tank is a unique 2-in-1 design that stores both clean and dirty water, making it easier to clean and refill.

11-inch Cleaning Path

The PowerLifter’s floorhead isn’t as wide as the Cleanview. Measuring in at 11 inches in width, it will require more passes to clean the same square footage as the Cleanview’s 13.5-inch vacuum head. However, the narrower head allows for greater amounts of pressure per square inch of contact, allowing it to dig deep into carpet fibers and suction all debris away in an instant.

Bissell PowerLifter 1622 Review

Bissell Cleanview vs. PowerLifter: Which Should I Get?

It’s obvious that these two uprights excel at very different tasks. The Cleanview 2252 can clean both carpeted and smooth floors as well as above-ground surfaces, whereas the PowerLifter 1622 deep-cleans carpets with the help of water and your favorite carpet shampoo.

Bissell 1622 Review

Bissell 1622

Each unit can do what the other can’t, so if you’re for the best results, hey, you might in fact need both of them!

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