Where to Place a Humidifier?

Looking for the optimal spot to place your humidifier? Do you want to make your space feel cool and breezy or keep your area warm and comfy? Well, we are here for you. The first thing you should ask yourself is, “Do I need a humidifier?”. A humidifier has many uses other than humidifying your place.

Where to Place a Humidifier

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It can be used to help acne and dry skin, and even enhance your sleeping experience. And knowing that, it would be best to utilize the humidifier to its full potential, and we are here to help you achieve it.

So let’s talk about the size of the humidifier. Depending on the room’s size, a large humidifier in a small room may cause mold and allergens due to too much moisture in the air. What if the humidifier is small, but placed in a large room? Well, the room won’t be affected by the humidifier because the water would evaporate faster than it could spread.

Wondering How Close Should A Humidifier Be To Your Bed
Where to Place a Humidifier

To check the size of the humidifier, it is usually noticeable. Small machines tend to be portable or easy to move around, and large machines are generally heavy and bulky, so they are hard to carry to other rooms. Now we got the sizes down, let’s talk about the optimal locations you should place a humidifier.


There are two types of humidifiers perfect for the bedroom, the cool-mist humidifier, and the warm-mist humidifier.

Where to Put Humidifier
Humidifier in Bedroom

The cool-mist humidifier is perfect to adjusts your room to feel fresh. We recommend near the bed, possibly on an end table. The cold air from the humidifier may help ease your breathing because cool mist humidifiers clear out allergens.

What about a warm-mist humidifier? To keep the air warm and moist, you must know that this type of humidifier boils the water in the reservoir. It would be best used while you are still awake and aimed away from the bed to avoid the risk of burns from the hot water spewing out.

Living Room

If you plan to keep your living room moist, it would be best to have a large humidifier placed in the corner of the room. In the corner, the humidifier can spread its vapors optimally instead of in the middle of the room where it can’t spread to the back.

Where to Place a Humidifier?
Humidifier in Living Room

Now, a humidifier usually has an intake to allow airflow from the back to the front, so it would be best not to place the machine close to the walls to function correctly.

Children’s Room

A small sized cool-mist humidifier can be placed the same way as an adult’s bedroom. However, a warm-mist humidifier wouldn’t be the best choice in a child’s or baby’s bedroom. But if you need to have a warm-mist humidifier in this type of bedroom, make sure it is placed far away from the bed so your child or baby can not reach it.

Office or Personal Office

If you need a humidifier for your office, it would be best to have a small-sized humidifier that is silent and placed on your desk. A large humidifier would cause large noises and may annoy your coworkers and even yourself. A cool or warm-mist humidifier should work in your office environment, as long as it doesn’t bother anyone else.

The Best Place for a Humidifier
Where to Place a Humidifier

So, where is the best place to put a humidifier? Depends on what you need it for. Size and type are huge determinants in deciding what humidifier is perfect for you. Placing a wrong humidifier in the wrong spot still means it is wrong, so it would be best to learn and understand what kind of humidifier you need beforehand.

This website is supported by readers. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

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