Victsing vs. Homasy Cool Mist Humidifiers

Cool mist humidifiers increase humidity by introducing a small quantity of water vapor into the air. They also have the added benefit of cooling a tiny spot down with their wide mist distribution. Today, we’re going to compare two of Homasy’s cool mist humidifier models—the Victsing 2L and the Homasy 2.5L.


Check out our full review below to determine which of the belongs on your bedside table at night.

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Victsing 2L Cool Mist Humidifier (By Homas)

24-hour Continuous Runtime

With a 2.2-liter tank and more than 180 mL of mist output per hour, the Victsing is made to shoot a healthy amount of cooling mist for up to 24 consecutive hours. This means not having to worry about refilling the Victsing in the middle of the night, but if on the off chance it does run out of water, its auto-shutoff feature will prevent the motor from working itself to an early grave.

Victsing Humidifier

100 to 270-square-foot Reach

Though tiny in size, this beautiful cool mist humidifier isn’t as feeble as it may appear. It has a maximum reach of up to 270 square feet—far greater than the average bedroom size—to ensure maximum coverage all night long for multiple users.

360° Mist Output

Better yet, the Victsing (as well as the Homasy) is able to distribute mist to any corner of the room thanks to the 360° swiveling nozzle. By turning the nozzle, you can concentrate as much or as little mist in any portion of a room and douse any person in a refreshing, misty spray. But don’t get it confused; the nozzle does not turn on its own accord.

Adjustable Mist Spray

On the front of the Victsing is a single dial that you rotate to turn on and off. It also allows you to adjust mist output to your liking. On its lowest setting, there will be a little bit less than half of the tank remaining after a good night’s sleep. On its highest setting, you get a heavy spray of vapor for 12 hours straight.

Easy Maintenance

Using and taking care of the Victsing is hardly an issue. The Victsing is compact enough to sit in most sinks, and the wide opening in the tank guzzles down water without splashing all over the place. With the handy brush, you can loosen debris hiding in the edges and walls of the tank before flushing it out with cool water.

Victsing Review

Homasy 2.5L Essential Oil Humidifier

107 to 300-square foot Reach

Consider the Homasy a larger, more feature-packed model compared to the Victsing. First, it has a longer reach of up to 300 square feet so finding a place outside of the bedroom shouldn’t be too difficult. Though it works more efficiently in smaller spaces like bedrooms, users in spacious areas can also enjoy the slight cooling effect of the Homasy 2.5L’s mist.

Homasy Humidifier

30-hour Continuous Runtime

The Homasy features a larger tank (2.5 liters) with the same exact maximum mist output rate of more than 180 mL per hour. The larger tank means longer runtimes with fewer refills in between. At most, this humidifier can work for up to 30 hours nonstop!

Two Speeds + Sleep Mode

Unlike the Victsing, there are only two speed options on this bad-boy: low and high. On high-speed mode, you get 15 hours of heavy vapor to lull you or your child to sleep. There’s also a sweet sleep mode button where all of the lights shut off. If your eyes are sensitive to colorful lights, you’ll definitely want to make use of this mode.

Optional Colored Lights

Speaking of lights, the Homasy can play a limited light show for you at any time of the day. Its built-in LEDs shine seven different colors to help set the mood or work as a nightlight for those that are afraid of the Boogeyman. Activating sleep mode will turn these LEDs off completely.

Essential Oil Diffuser

And here’s where things take a turn: the Homasy isn’t just a humidifier but also an awesome diffuser that adds a fragrance to the mist and your room. If a specific fragrance helps sooth your sinuses or lulls you to sleep, feel free to pour a couple of drops into the Homasy’s tank. Be sure to scrub the tank thoroughly between each refill.

Homasy review

Victsing vs. Humidificateur: Which Should I Get?

As you can see, the Victsing and Homasy are similar in many ways, but the biggest difference between the two—other than their mist output levels—is the latter’s built-in diffuser. If you need a specific fragrance to help you get to sleep quicker, then the Homasy can be your best friend.


This website is supported by readers. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

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