Using Steam to Kill Viruses! Steam Cleaners

Only with the sanitizing power of steam can you thoroughly kill bacteria and viruses without chemical solutions. In this guide, we’ve compiled a list containing four of the best steam cleaners on the market today. We’ve got handheld, canister, and steam mops so there’s a little bit of something for everybody!

Best Steam Cleaners Review
Bissell 1806

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Best Steam Cleaners for Killing Viruses

Steam Mop Cleaner – Bissell 1806

The Bissell 1806 delivers up to ten minutes of non-stop steam. With two types of microfiber pads, the 1806 is a tool you can use for both everyday cleaning and on the toughest stains. This ultra-versatile steam cleaner can transform from a steam mop into a handheld cleaner in a blink of an eye to help kill viruses, bed bugs, and mold growing in tiny cracks and crevices.

The swivel mechanism on the neck makes cleaning in between furniture a breeze. Plus, with a scented disc insert, not only will this steam cleaner remove stains and foul odors, but it will also leave a fresh fragrance in its wake.

Bissell Steam Mop Steamer

Hand Steam Cleaner – Steadfast SF-210

The Steadfast SF-210 is a simple-looking handheld unit that produces a ton of steam to remove grime and kill germs on tiny surfaces. This is the go-to tool for tile grout, auto interior, upholstery, and any other above-ground surface you can imagine. This baby only takes three minutes to heat up the six-ounce tank before delivering up to eight minutes of sanitizing power.

The SF-210 is controlled by pressing a button to deliver a continuous stream of steam. A handy 28-inch flexible hose connects to the nozzle to help direct steam to hard-to-reach areas, and the six accessories make spot-cleaning a cakewalk.

Steamfast SF-210 Steam Cleaner

Canister Steam Cleaner – McCulloch MC1275

Now onto the more heavy-duty machines. The MC1275 by McCulloch is a versatile canister steam cleaner that can hold up to 48 ounces of water to produce over 45 minutes of steam. After only eight minutes of pre-heating, just pull the trigger (or lock it in place) to begin blasting away. Steam is released at 43 PSI to ensure that it gets into every nook and cranny.

This unit combines the best of steam mops and handheld steam cleaner by coming with 18 handy attachments, including a floor mop. There’s no surface that the MC1275 can’t reach with its 15-foot power cord and 9-foot flexible steam hose.

McCulloch MC1275 Heavy-Duty Steam Cleaner

Commercial Canister Steam Cleaner – Dupray Hill Injection

And finally, we have what’s considered the Rolls Royce of canister steam cleaners: the Dupray Hill Injection. Seeing as how this is a commercial-grade steam cleaner, you can bet that it can do what most other models can’t.

The digital interface sets this behemoth apart from the rest by displaying the current steam temperature, pressure rating, and maintenance reminders. But the real shining feature is its dual-tank system which allows it to run non-stop. One tank is heated to produce steam while the second tank refills the first.

You can pour water into the second tank on the fly for uninterrupted cleaning power. The Dupray Hill Injection truly is one-of-a-kind.

Dupray Hill Injection Commercial Steam Cleaner

Steam Cleaner: A Brief Buyer’s Guide

In this guide, we’ll talk about what makes a steam cleaner so special and the most crucial features and specs to take into consideration.

Steam Cleaners Review
Bissell 1806

Steam Cleaner Advantages

Steam cleaning is like no other form of cleaning. Steam is released in a concentrated jet to to dissolve stubborn stains and sanitize carpets, drapes, garments, children’s toys, and upholstery.

Best of all, steam cleaners disinfect things you normally wouldn’t be able to do with mops, rags, or even washing machines, even without the help of chemicals. Steam eliminates up to 99.99% of germs, bacteria, and viruses like salmonella, E. coli, staph bacteria, and quite possibly even COVID-19.

Important Features and Specs

Type of Steam Cleaner

From our list, you’ll find there are at least three types of steam cleaners: steam mops, handheld units, and canisters. Canister steam cleaners like the McCulloch and Dupray outclass steam mops and handhelds by a wide margin in terms of performance and versatility, but they can be quite bulky. Ultimately, you’ll need to choose which you’re most comfortable using.

Heavy Duty Steam Cleaners
Steamfast SF-210

Tank Size

A larger tank is ideal since it provides longer cleaning sessions per tankful, but remember: the larger the tank, the heavier the unit is, the exception being canisters since you don’t need to lift them to get to above-ground surfaces.

Preheating Time

When using a steam cleaner, much of your time is spent waiting on the machine to thoroughly heat its tank to begin producing steam. There’s no way around it, but different sized tanks and motors have different preheating times.


Steam cleaners are generally made for surface-cleaning only, but that’s not always the case. The best models with high pressure release can shoot steam into soft materials and objects to kill and remove microorganisms hiding beneath the surface.

Steam Cleaning
McCulloch MC1275


1. How does a steam cleaner work?

Water inside of the tank is heated to beyond boiling to produce steam which is then released in a concentrated jet onto floors or other surfaces. Steam is a natural disinfectant that will kill germs, bacteria, and viruses within moments of contact so no soaps or harsh chemicals are needed.

2. Which type of steam cleaner do I need?

This depends on which type of steam cleaner you’re most comfortable with using. We’re partial to canisters since they’re stronger, last longer, and much more versatile than handhelds and steam mops, but the 2-in-1 Bissell 1806 is a uniquely wonderful steam cleaner.

3. Is it safe to steam clean a mattress/carpet/upholstery?

You bet it is! Since no detergent is needed, you won’t need to worry about inhaling, wearing, or sleeping on harsh chemicals. After steam cleaning, make sure you give the surface or object time to dry completely—usually between 20 to 30 minutes afterward.

Best Heavy Duty Steam Cleaners Review
McCulloch MC1275

4. Is steam cleaning better than traditional mopping?

Our answer is a resounding yes. Although mopping does produce a squeaky-clean floor, traditional mop heads do not kill germs and bacteria. Instead, mops spread them around your floors, and they get even get caught inside of the mop head.

Steam, on the other hand, kills bacteria, germs, viruses, and other microorganisms only seconds after contact. All that’s left is to wash, rinse, and dry the microfiber pad and you’re ready for a second run.


Steam kill germs, bacteria, and viruses instead of pushing them around and without introducing harmful chemicals into your home. In this guide, we’ve included four of the best performing steam cleaners on the market. Though they all work beautifully, the Dupray Hill Injection’s infinite runtime and astounding cleaning performance continue to blow our minds!

Steam Cleaners
Dupray Hill

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