Tribest Slowstar SW-2000 vs SW-2020

Although the Tribest Slowstar SW-2000 and SW-2020 are very similar products, from the same manufacturer, they do have their differences that are worth noting when looking to purchase the right juicer for you.

Slowstar Tribest is a brand of produce juicer that is sold at Walmart, Target, Amazon, the Official website of Slowstar, and Aliexpress.
Slowstar is an American company, Owned by Tribest Corporation LTD. The Juicers themselves are produced in South Korea and the United States of America. Slowstar Tribest has a factory both in Anaheim, California, and in South Korea. However, the factory located in South Korea is unknown at this time.

The two most popular models of Juicer are the Slowstar SW-2000 and the SW 2020. Let’s dive in and look into the differences between both products.

First Comparison:
The Slowstar SW-2000, is roughly eighteen pounds which is roughly one pound lighter than the SW-2020 which sits at nineteen pounds. Although this may not make a difference in how efficient the product will be, it does contribute to the fact that the model is much more lightweight than the SW-2020. Fancy a color selection?

The Slowstar SW-2000 has a selection of colors the juicers come in. Whether you fancy a red juicer to pop in your kitchen or perhaps you want a more neutral black, that is also available. Whereas with the Slowstar SW-2020, it only comes in grey. So if having a color selection is important to you, this may be something to consider. The last difference to highlight is the SW-2000 has a larger chute than the SW-2020. If you’re using the juicer for larger fruits and vegetables or whole fruits and vegetables this model may be more convenient for you as you may not have to slice produce as often or if not at all.

Second Comparison:
Lets move onto the Slowstar SW-2020 and compare what features both models share.

The Slowstar SW-2020 is a newer model of juicer and has many benefits. In fact, it is highly rated, rated higher than the Slowstar SW-2000. The SW-2020 is definitely a better option for anyone who can’t make too much noise or needs something that isn’t as loud, this is a great option. The SW-2020 is actually much quieter at juicing than the first model compared.

The main difference between both models is really the external design as both models are almost the same when it comes to the features on the models. Both do contain a 200 watt powerful motor with a 3 stage reduction gear and a duo blade that cuts and juices produce twice as fast as a standard juicer. Both models come with a separate mincing attachment that can turn the juicer itself into a multiproduct. This extra attachment provides the tools necessary to create your favourite sauces, dips, ice cream and much more.

Product Target Consumer:
This product is aimed for those who enjoy their time in the kitchen. Or those who have dietary restrictions or dietary needs that require a juicer or the consumer would prefer to use a juicer in order to meet dietary needs. It can be a great tool for Those who enjoy cooking and making their own products from scratch. This product can also be used commercially in restaurants, bars and retail stores in order to create products and recipes needed to fufill business.

Voices of Social Media:
Upon reviewing social media reviews of each model of juicer, I reviewed mixed feedback. Reviews say, the SW-2020 is a much better, efficient model but others say the features and efficiency is the same for both models of juicer. So it really depends on which external design you prefer orwhich one is more convenient for you.

In Conclusion, both the Slowstar SW-2000 and the Slowstar SW-2020 are both efficient models of juicer anda great option for anyone who needs or would like the opportunity to have an efficient juicer available to them. Although the external design may be different, the internal features are almost completely the same, including the size of the juicer minus the weight of both models. When it comes down to choosing the right model for you, this varies on your visual preferences. If you prefer to choose a colored juicer or perhaps one that is more lightweight with a larger produce chute, the first model mentioned, Model SW-2000 would be the best option for you. If color doesn’t matter to you, but the weight of the juicer does or you need a juicer that is a little less noisy then the second model mentioned the SW-2020 would be the best option for you.

All in all, both juicers are efficient juicers that provide top quality to whomever uses them.

Tribest Slowstar SW-2000

Tribest Slowstar SW-2020

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