Best Floor Sweepers of 2022: Buying Guide

There’s probably no person on the face of the planet that thoroughly enjoys sweeping his home’s floors. The problem isn’t necessarily the task but rather the cumbersome tools and their inefficiency, which makes sweeping much more difficult to do. A simple broom and dustpan aren’t enough to leave your floors completely spotless, and vacuum cleaners can be more trouble than they’re worth.

Best Floor Sweepers

Annoying jobs call for the right tools, and when it comes to sweeping, who would’ve thought that a floor sweeper would be the best tool for the job? We were as surprised as you are!

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Floor Sweeper | Recommended

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Floor sweepers were made popular in numerous infomercials and ran at odd night hours, so we understand why some people don’t know what they are.

Floor sweepers were originally called carpet sweepers due to their ability to sweep well carpets. Floor cleaners use a simple system of a boxy head that stores large debris pushed inside of it by rollers and brushes. You can think of them as unpowered vacuum cleaners and wouldn’t be far from the truth. However, with today’s selection of floor cleaners, you have your choice of manual and electric but without suction power.

Our Recommended Floor Sweepers for 2021

5) Bissell 21012 Blue Cordless Sweeper

Bissell was founded by an inventor who specialized in household cleaning appliances and released the first carpet sweeper. It’s no wonder how Bissell stays on top of the seeing as how the company founded the niche. The 21012 is a real testament to just how magnificent the engineers are Bissell are at continuing an age-old tradition.

commercial floor sweeper

The 21012, like the 17027 by Fuller, is a manually operated floor sweeper that attacks dust bunnies with a tri-brush system. The housing eliminates the need to use dustpans to collect that annoying last line of fine dust.

Emptying the onboard dustbin is simply a matter of placing it over the trash, opening the bin, and tipping the contents out. After that, you’re ready for a second go. And like the Fuller model mentioned earlier, the Bissell is a hassle-free tool that’s easy to store and extremely easy to move around.

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4) Ontel Swivel Sweeper Max

Introducing the first powered floor sweeper on our list. The Ontel Swivel Sweeper Max is a sweeper that’s made to handle the biggest challenges of sweeping – e.g. pet hair, cereal, embedded dirt.

The Ontel uses a four-brush system – two on the front and back, and two on each side – for maximum cleaning efficiency. The battery-powered motor keeps the brushes moving constantly to pull in dirt from all sides, making sweeping much easier and more enjoyable to do. The side brushes are extremely helpful at cleaning edges and corners. This sweeper also works well on sculptured carpeting, though it’s best used on low- to medium-pile carpets.

It is a cordless sweeper that runs on batteries. In the kit, you get a pair of rechargeable batteries and a charger. Consider purchasing additional batteries if you’d like to increase your productivity by reducing waiting-around-for-the-batteries-to-recharge time.

Ontel Swivel Sweeper Max
  • Does not require expensive, messy bags
  • Low profile design makes clean up under furniture a snap

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3) Shark V2945Z Floor Carpet Sweeper

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2) Fuller 17027 Carpet & Floor Sweeper

Fuller is one of the more widely known names in the floor sweeper game. Their line of wonderful sweepers can clean messes as quickly as you can make them on smooth floors and carpets.

The Fuller 17026 Sweeper is one of the more impressive models. It has a wide 9-inch clearing path that makes sweeping entire floors much quicker to complete. Sadly, you cannot modify the width of the head for improved maneuverability around furniture legs.

It is also a manually operated tool that requires. The brushes are not driven by any motor which can be a downside if you’re dealing with abnormally large debris, but they’re more than enough for average-sized cereal grains and pet food pellets. This tool works wonderfully on low- to medium-pile carpeting.

Also, it’s a lightweight, compact tool hardly takes up any space in your closet, and the profile of the sweeper’s head is small enough to fit under most furniture. There’s nowhere floor debris can hide from the 17027’s brush.

Fuller Brush 17027 Carpet & Floor Sweeper- Mini Stick Cleaner For Hardwood Surfaces,...
  • CLEAN UP ANY MESS IN A JIFFY: Do you want to be able to clean any mess, anytime,...
  • PULLS DIRT, HAIR & DUST LIKE A MAGNET: Thanks to its intelligent, electrostatic...

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1) Fuller 17042 Carpet & Floor Sweeper

We told you that Fuller was a popular name, and they’ve earned two spots on our list of the top 5. Their 17027 model isn’t the only sweeper that’s sweeping away its competitors.

Are carpet sweepers any good?

The 17042, like the other Fuller model, is a light, compact unit that’s easy to use and store. It’s designed to handle the crumbliest, most, scattered dried messes that a broom would push deeper into your carpet’s fibers.

The main difference between the 17042 and the 17027 is that the former comes with an additional roller brush. The third roller – the “blade to be specific – has wide notches that are ideal for larger pieces of fallen debris that would otherwise clog the inlet of a vacuum cleaner.

The third roller is also ideal for pet hair and glass shards, making your floors less slippery and safer to tread your bare feet on. In short, small or large, the 17042 can help by removing the nastiest dried messes in a single pass.

Fuller Brush 17042 Electrostatic Carpet & Floor Sweeper with Additional Rubber Rotor...
  • IDEAL FOR ALL CRUMBY CLEANUPS: Need a quick touchup? No matter what the mess is from,...
  • EXTRA BLADE INCLUDED: The natural Fuller Quality bristle rotor brush easily picks up...

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Floor Sweeper Buying Guide

Now that you know what our favorite floor sweepers are, it’s time to see which specs and features make them so awesome. If you decide to purchase another model, this brief buying guide can help you find the best sweeper available to you.

Best Floor Sweepers

Powered vs. Unpowered

One thing you should consider is whether the tool runs on batteries or pure elbow grease. Although many manual models work exceptionally well, a powered brush can make lifting large pieces of debris much quicker and easier. Of course, you need to consider the runtime of powered models per charge, but if you don’t like spending hours sweeping floors, it may be worth it

Clearing Path

The clearing path is determined by the width of the sweeper’s head. A wider cleaning path is ideal since it can cover a wider area with fewer passes. The drawback of heads is that they’re not exceptionally maneuverable around furniture legs and tight spots. We’d still recommend opting for a wider head than not.

Brushes and Blades

There are several types of brushes and blades to choose from. However, the most popular are side brushes which pull dust into the center of the dustbin, and vinyl blades which collect bigger pieces of debris much more easily.

Floor Sweepers

Floor Types

Not all floor sweepers are made for the same types of floors. For instance, a unit with a vinyl blade works well on carpeted floors, but it may cause damage to floorboards or tiles. The brushes may also cause damage if the bristles are too stiff.

Indoor and Outdoor Use

Furthermore, floor sweepers can be split into two categories: indoor and outdoor. We’ve put more emphasis on indoor floor sweepers throughout this article, so let’s talk specifically about outdoor sweepers for a second. They need to be as rough and tough as possible to pick up bits of sand and tiny pebbles. Take a look at its brushes and blades to ensure that they’re built for use on rougher outdoor surfaces (concrete floors, stone walkways, etc.).

Swiveling Neck

To make matters easier, you should look out for floor sweepers with swiveling necks. Their long heads are ideal for cleaning broader areas, but they’re not easy to maneuver in tight spaces such as under furniture. If it has a swiveling neck, you don’t need to bend your arm or body at awkward angles to reach every piece of hidden debris.

What is the best floor sweeper?

Floor Sweeper FAQs

1. Can a floor sweeper pick up pet litter?

Floor sweepers should be used specifically to pick up dry debris, especially with powered models since moisture. As long as your pet litter is thoroughly dried out, it’s possible to clean it up with a floor sweeper. Not ideal, but possible.

2. Which direction do floor sweepers move?

The rollers and blades typically spin in both directions, picking up debris as you push and pull the unit. However, have a one-direction spin which increases the amount of work you have to do.

3. How long do the batteries last?

The life expectancy of batteries in powered floor sweepers varies from model to model. The ones that we reviewed earlier last for six months, but you may be able to go longer depending on how regularly you over-charge the batteries. Additional battery packs are readily available from the manufacturer.

What is the difference between a vacuum and a sweeper?


Floor sweepers are simple tools that handle the rough and tough jobs that vacuum cleaners can’t. You’ve probably seen one in person, but if you spend sleepless nights watching infomercials, you know what they are. Their brushes and blades make snatching the larger debris off of your floors to leave them spotless until the next time you spill a box of cereal.

In this article, we’ve provided you with our picks of the best floor sweepers. Three of them are manually driven while two run on batteries, so there’s a tool for everyone. None of them are the most feature-laden floor sweepers available, but their simplicity is what makes them so great.

If you’re looking for something else, we’ve included a guide to help you determine which model will work best based on its available features and specs. The most important considerations to make are its cleaning width and whether it’s a powered or unpowered unit. The blade and brushes are also worth considering since the wrong tool could end up scratching floorboards.

electric floor sweeper

Floor Sweeper | Recommended

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Previously In Our Recommended List

Shark V2930

Last but not least is the Shark V2930 that specializes on hardwood and carpeted floors. This, like the previous model, is a battery-powered floor cleaner that comes with a pair of rechargeable batteries that provide up to 30 minutes of cleaning time per charge.

Shark V2930

If you thought the 9-inch clearing path of the Fuller 17027 was astounding, then you’ll be impressed with the 10-inch head of the Shark. With a broader clearing path, you can complete sweeping tasks of large rooms in fewer passes. Of course, the trade-off is maneuverability around furniture legs, but the Shark also has a swiveling neck to help with that.

The folding back saver handle does what its name suggests. You can extend the reach of the handle by folding it out to save your back from bending over for long periods. Plus, the profile of the Shark’s head is small enough to fit under most furniture, so you don’t have to rearrange a room to clean the entire floor.

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