Tineco PURE ONE S12 M Smart Vacuum Review

With the high number of stick vacuums entering the market seemingly every month, finding the latest and greatest unit can be quite the challenge. For most, sticking to one particular brand (*cough* Dyson *cough*) may seem like the safest best, but you’d end up missing out on quite a bit.

Tineco PURE ONE S12 M Smart Vacuum Review

And quite a bit is what the PURE ONE S12 M from Tineco has to offer. In fact, for a Chinese brand, Tineco’s 21-year-long tenure in the industry has taught them a thing or two about how to make high-quality stick vacs. So what is all the rage about with the PURE ONE S12 M? Keep reading to find out!

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Dust Detection and Suction Optimization

One of the more amazing features of the PURE ONE S12 M is the proprietary iLoop sensor which detects dust particles and adjusts its suction power accordingly. The vacuum can detect dust particles as small as 15 microns on the fly for maximum power efficiency. And when you’re dealing with larger debris like dried, crusty dust and fallen pet food, the PURE ONE S12 M will deliver enough suction power for clean strokes every time.

Tineco PURE ONE S12 M Smart Vacuu

Suction optimization is a real time saver. No longer will you need to bend down to change cleaning modes manually; instead, all you need to do is rely on smart technology to take over the back-breaking task.

Battery Efficiency

Although cordless vacs are all the rage, their less-than-satisfactory runtimes are what pushes them away from homemakers. But you won’t have to worry about running out of juice in the middle of cleaning with the PURE ONE S12 M.

This stick is equipped with two removable 2,000-mAh Li-Ion batteries that provide up to 80 minutes of cleaning time. Better yet, if your home is cluttered with minuscule particles of dirt and debris, the PURE ONE S12 M can deliver upwards of 100 minutes of runtime, making it the longest lasting cordless stick vacuum on the market.

Tineco PURE ONE S12 M

Rinse-Free Self-Cleaning Filter

Due to the small heads on stick vacuum cleaners, it’s not uncommon for dust and hair to tangle the brushes which will ultimately reduce suction power. The PURE ONE S12 M gets rid of this problem entirely thanks to the built-in rinse-free self-cleaning filter which keeps the filter and brushes clean while in use. After the filter is thoroughly cleaned, the vacuum will automatically shut off, eliminating the need for manual cleaning and rinsing.

Quiet Operation

At the lowest suction setting, the PURE ONE S12 M produces roughly 71 decibels of noise. Now, that’s not exactly whisper-quiet by any standards, but it’s a lot less noise compared to other stick vacuums out there. As suction power increases, so does the noise level.

Bluetooth Speaker

An interesting feature on the PURE ONE S12 M is the entertainment stand located on the handle of the stick vac, but perhaps the best feature is the built-in Bluetooth speakers. While you’re vacuuming, you can drown out the noise by blasting your music from the speakers. Also, if you’d prefer using corded headphones because the entertainment stand keeps your smart device with you at all times, there’s virtually no risk of tangling or unplugging.

Tineco PURE ONE S12 M Stick Vacuum

4-Stage Filtration

The PURE ONE S12 M uses a four-stage filtration process that prevents the tiniest dust specks from leaking out of the tool and falling back onto your floors. Whatever gets sucked into the vacuum head goes through a HEPA-grade filter (not True HEPA), a cotton composite filter, a metal mesh, and finally a cyclone separator. These filtration stages capture up to 99.99% of particles as tiny as 15 microns in size, so pet dander, dust mites, and dust are no match for the PURE ONE S12 M.

Downloadable App

You might think that connecting a vacuum cleaner to your home’s Wi-Fi is unnecessary, but with the downloadable app, you’ll truly see what you’re missing out on. Firstly, the app can send reports on the cleaning status of your home, as well as send reminders that your floors need cleaning. The app can also tell you how much suction power is produced in real-time and when it’s cleaning the filter. Pretty sweet, huh?

Hassle-free Storage

When you’re done vacuuming your home, putting the PURE ONE S12 M in storage is extremely easy. The wall-mounted dock doubles as a charger that’ll fill the two rechargeable batteries in less than 3 hours. With the wall mount, you’re saving floor space by making use out of unused air space.

Tineco S12 M

Integrated Camera

Now, this is something that you don’t find every day – a camera connected to a vacuum cleaner that sends images directly to your smart device via the downloadable app. Is this necessary? Well, we can’t find any logical reason why you would need a camera on a vacuum cleaner other than to show others how messy your floors are, and even then there’s a pretty big chance that they won’t care. So even though the camera is kind of neat, it’s not a priority feature.

Sleek Design

Admittedly, looks aren’t everything, but since a stick vac will become a part of your home and closet, it’d be nice to have it at least match the interior of your home. The PURE ONE S12 M is made to match any modern interior design without clashing horribly against any color scheme.

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Final Thoughts

After looking at the Tineco PURE ONE S12 M, we can conclude that it’s a fantastic stick vac that comes with more bells and whistles than you might need. The greatest thing about the PURE ONE S12 M is the convenience that it has to offer. No longer will you need to manually adjust the suction power of the tool depending on what sort of debris you’re dealing with. Instead, the smart detector will automatically adjust suction power on the fly.

Tineco Smart Vacuum Review

We can get on board with features like the entertainment stand and Bluetooth speakers, but we feel that Tineco may have gone a bit overboard to make this device a “smart” device. For instance, why would you need to have photographic evidence of how dirty your floors are? And perhaps the downloadable app would be neat for the first few times you use it, but after a while we found that knowing how much suction power the stick vac produces isn’t all that necessary. So in the end, you’d end up paying for features that just aren’t worth the cost.

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