Tineco Moda One Smart Ionic Hair Dryer Review

If your hair’s in need of some serious TLC, or you simply want a new, modern, and stylish addition to your beauty bag of tricks, look no further than the Tineco MODA ONE 1400W Smart Hair Dryer, which promises to give you the ultimate fresh new ‘do without breaking the bank.

Want to see what’s so special about this hair dryer? Look no further, we’ve got the latest scoop.

Basics – size and weight

Weighing in at just 1.43lbs, you can wave goodbye to aching arms with this smart hair dryer. Alongside its super lightweight body, its 8.8ft power cable means you can dry and style your hair in the ultimate comfort without getting all tangled up. With this sort length to play with, you don’t need to worry if your power point is nowhere near a mirror – you can make it work.

Although it’s not the most compact hair dryer with its extra-long handle length, the rest of the dryer certainly makes up for it. With dimensions of 16.14 x 9.45 x 3.74 inches, it’s easy to say that while one of its edges sticks out, its smaller accompanying dimensions means that it’s pretty easy to store in your cupboard for daily use or in your suitcase when you head off on vacation.

What’s so special about this hair dryer?

With the Tineco MODA ONE, you’re promised the newest technology to help keep your hair healthy and luscious, whilst drying it profoundly quicker than other hair dryers on the market right now.

Thanks to a range of smart sensors tucked away in the dryer itself, you’re in for a treat. Self-adjusting iLoop technology senses moisture already in your hair, and will adjust both the airflow and heat accordingly so you get the fastest blow dry of your life, but don’t fry your hairs (or your ears!) while you’re at it.

That’s great news for those of us with hard to handle hair or little time on our hands; drying becomes a pleasure, it doesn’t take all day, and you you’ll notice an improvement in the quality of your hair because you won’t be using excessive heat on it. It’s a win-win all round.

How does it do it? Simply put, the Tineco MODA ONE uses negative ions to close the cuticle of each individual hair. This not only adds an extra layer of shine to it, but it’s been proven to drastically reduce damage, meaning you won’t feel as guilty reaching for it daily.

Drying functions

With 3 additional accessories included with the MODA ONE, you’ll be able to create any style you’re hoping for.

With the Styling Concentrator, for example, you’ll be able to blow dry your hair with precision. It’s perfect for working on any sort of style and will add that shine as a finishing touch. There’s the Smoothing Nozzle too, which is the best fit for those smoother styles that require a bit of finesse and fine tuning. Finally, you’ll find that the Diffuser nozzle is perfect for creating curls or a bit of texture in your hair. All of this without damaging a strand.

There’s an app for that

What would a modern gadget be without its app? The Tineco MODA ONE comes with its very own app to help you get the best out of it. With a range of modes to choose from, you can optimize the MODA ONE to give you a completely professional and personal drying experience no matter what you need.

Not only will you find an Auto Mode, Manual Mode, and a Styling Mode, for every day usage, but you’ll also find a Cool Mode – perfect for those extra warm days, or days where you want to be extra careful with your hair – a Pet Mode, and even a Child Mode.

Now you don’t have to worry about burning your child or pet’s delicate skin – the MODA ONE takes care of it all, blasting a softer, cooler heat that gets the job done without causing anyone pain.


Forget your old hair dryer; there’s a new one in town that has everything you could need to ensure a stunning, quick, and safe drying sensation that’ll leave you looking better than ever.

This is the future of hair drying, and without the obscene price tag, you could even end up saving yourself a little cash on future trips to the hairdressers, because you simply won’t need them as often.

Get your hands on the Tineco MODA ONE 1400W Smart Hair Dryer now for the future in hair drying, and one of the best investments you can make for your hair’s care.

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This website is supported by readers. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

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