Tineco A11 Master+ Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Review

Need a vacuum cleaner that’s lightweight, easy to maneuver, and lifts off the ground for vacuuming vertical surfaces? Forget about uprights and canisters then – what you need is a stick vacuum. Tineco, an appliance brand under Ecovacs, has produced some memorable stick vacs as of late; one of which is the A11 Master+, a convertible beast that delivers ultimate cleaning performance, two battery packs, and more filtration stages than you thought a stick vac could have.

Tineco A11 Master+ Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Review

120W Suction Pressure

Stick vacuums are notorious for not producing as much suction pressure as uprights and canisters, but the A11 Master+’s 120W pressure delivery narrows the gap significantly. This much power makes this stick vac more than capable of cleaning most surfaces without requiring an annoying number of passes. However, it’s not all about how much air the vacuum cleaner can suck in – the brushroll also plays a significant role in overall cleaning performance.

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Two Brushrolls for Multi-Surface Cleaning

With the A11 Master+, you won’t just find one but two brushrolls inside of the box. Each brushroll serves a specific purpose – the Multi-Tasker Brush is used for carpeted floors and has stiffer bristles for digging deep within the fibers of low- and medium-pile carpeting, and the Soft-Roller is meant to gently scrub debris out of floorboards and tiles without leaving deep gashes on the surface of your floors.

Tineco A11 Master+ Stick Vacuum

2-in-1 Stick and Handheld Unit

The versatility of this stick vacuum doesn’t just end with the two motorized vacuum heads. If you need to do a bit of spot-cleaning on carpeted stair steps, auto interior, or furniture cushioning, then simply detach the long shaft and mount one of the three included cleaning tools (crevice tool, 2-in-1 dusting brush, and hair-cleaning tool) to turn this stick into a handheld unit.

4-Stage Filtration

Traditional stick vacuum cleaners rely on a basic 1- or 2-stage filtration system to prevent debris from flying out of the exhaust, but not the A11 Master+. Tineco has implemented a 4-stage filtration system within the main housing, including a cyclonic filter that separates the dustbin’s contents by size to prevent clogging and drops in suction pressure. The more filters the merrier!

Up to 50 Minutes of Cleaning

The A11 MasterPlus draws power not from a wall outlet but rather a rechargeable battery pack that attaches to the vacuum’s handle. The 2,000-mAh battery provides up to 25 minutes of continuous usage (standard cleaning mode) before needing to recharge in the included charging dock for up to 4 hours.

Tineco A11 MasterPlus

We understand how frustrating it can be to wait for 240 minutes for the battery to reach max capacity, which is why we’re glad that Tineco decided to throw in an additional battery pack to double your productivity. While one battery is powering the A11 Master+, the other can rest comfortably in the charging dock awaiting its turn.

Convenient Charging Dock with Onboard Storage

The charging dock can be mounted onto a wall, giving it the ability to recharge a battery pack while currently installed in the A11 Master+. The charging dock also comes with specialized compartments used to hold onto the three cleaning attachments so they never get lost. You know you’re an adult when storage compartments on a vacuum cleaner’s charging dock excites you…

Oversized Dustbin

If you’ve ever used a stick or handheld vacuum cleaner before, then you’re probably aware of how annoying it can be having to stop midway through to empty out the dustbin. Well, you can forget about all that with the A11 MasterPlus thanks to the large 600-mL dustbin that holds onto multiple cleaning sessions’ worth of debris before needing to be emptied out. The bittersweet fact is that the battery pack will probably run out of power before the dustbin reaches max capacity.

Tineco A11 MasterPlus Stick Vacuum

Vacuum Head Lift-Off

No stick vacuum cleaner is perfect, but there is one glaring flaw with the A11 Master+’s vacuum head design: when vacuuming underneath low-hanging furniture, the shaft won’t go down all the way. What this ends up doing is lifting the vacuum head several centimeters off of the ground. And sadly, without a suction hose and/or extension wand, your only hope of vacuuming such places is by moving furniture around. Sad, yes, but by no means a deal-breaker in our book.

Tineco A11 MasterPlus Review

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After testing out the stick vacuum for quite some time, we’ve concluded that this stick vacuum deserves to appear on all Top 5 Stick Vacuum lists everywhere. Even though the vacuum head does tend to lift off the ground when pushing the handle downward, it’s a minor problem that, we feel, everybody can get over.

The versatility of this stick vac is endless – whatever smooth, carpeted, and soft surface needs cleaning, the Tineco A11 Master+ Stick Vacuum will be able to handle it beautifully.

Tineco A11 Master+

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