Tineco A10 Hero vs Tineco A10 Master: Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaners

Join the movement towards the future of vacuuming. Cordless stick vacuum cleaners have seen a surge in popularity, and with modern designs and manufacturing methods, there is very little performance difference to the bulkier corded vacuum cleaners. For the cleaning of carpet and the removal of pet hairs the marvelous designs from the Tineco brand are up there with the best.

Tineco A10 Hero vs Tineco A10 Master

In choosing a Tineco A10 Hero or A10 Master Vacuum, you gain portability and efficiency. Tired of reaching the end of your power cord at just the wrong moment, or carrying a heavy cleaner up and down stairs – then these cordless stick vacuum cleaners are for you. Easily maneuver in tight or confined spaces including stairs, remove the wand for access to nooks and crannies or the backs of couches and of course cleaning the car.

Weight matters when you are carrying a vacuum, and Tineco has managed a startling feat of engineering to get a 350-watt motor, and battery into a vacuum that only weighs 5.3 lb. Store your Tineco vacuum with ease as it packs down to a very convenient size.

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Suction and Fittings

Tineco A10 Hero
The A10 Hero is going to deliver you excellent suction. With a 350 watt digital brushless motor that will produce 110 watts of suction – this is ample suction for all your regular cleaning requirements. Keep working until the very last amp of battery juice – enjoying fade-free technology that will ensure a deep fulfilling clean until the very end.

Tineco A10 Hero

The A10 Hero has a Mini Power Brush, and a single multi-purpose Full-Size LED power brush for cleaning both carpet and hard floors. This 10.4-inch brush will clean both surfaces without the need for changing brushes each time you move to a different type of floor. The brushes fitted LED lights will make sure you don’t miss any grime or dust. You will also find a useful crevice tool for reaching those difficult locations. Remember you can remove the wand to create a smaller hand-held model for those really difficult spaces.

Tineco A10 Master
The A10 Master will startle you with the same excellent suction as the A10 hero with exactly the same engine specifications, and fade-free technology.

Enjoy the same useful, mini power brush, and crevice tool of the A10 Hero plus gain the added benefit of two Full-Size LED power brushes. The A10 Master includes two 10.4 inch power brushes designed for different floor types. A soft feathery brush that is ideal for hard floors will power over your smooth surfaces leaving them pristine and clean. The harder carpet brush will clean your pile to remove all the in-ground dirt and debris.

Conclusion: The incredible power to weight ratio on both these vacuums makes them winners. The A10 Hero is a great vacuum that will provide for all your needs. If you require an exceptional clean, you may prefer the specifically designed dual brushes of the A10 Master. The small amount of time (approximately 30 seconds) taken to change from one brush type to another will guarantee you a much more satisfying clean. These customized brushes for soft and hard floors really do make a difference.

Tineco A10 Hero Stick Vacuum


Tineco A10 Hero
The 21.6V Detachable Lithium Ion battery that is standard on the A10 Hero will provide amazing performance with up to 25 minutes of vacuuming time on a full charge. The advantage of the Lithium-Ion Battery is the lower weight profile compared to a nickel-metal hydride battery. Being a detachable battery, it has the added advantage that you can easily replace the battery, or buy an extra battery to double your vacuuming time.

With the A10 hero, you will avoid the most common complaint of stick vacuums; the dreaded ‘sore trigger finger’. The A10 switch lock allows you to choose continuous power without the need to keep the trigger pulled.

The dustbin isn’t large on this highly-portable machine. This is compensated for with a simple one-touch release that makes emptying the captured debris extremely simple without removing any canisters.

Tineco A10 Master
The A10 Master delivers the same switch lock benefits and one-touch release dustbin as the A10 Hero. The power benefits of the A10 Master come in the form of the double battery pack and dual charging base. Double your cleaning output with two 21.6V Detachable Lithium Ion batteries. Charge both batteries at the same time or charge them separately whichever work-flow suits your needs.

Both A10 models have a low and max power setting allowing you to choose the level of power required for your job. If you are mostly using the max power setting, then the dual battery pack will be essential.

Tineco A10 Master vs Tineco A10 Hero

Conclusion: Both these A10 vacuum models deliver excellent performance with clever design and thoughtful features. If you have a large area to vacuum then the added life provided by two batteries and a dual charging station may make the A10 Master more suitable.


Tineco A10 Hero
With an excellent designed air and dust separation system and full HEPA filtration, you can enjoy the clean non-allergenic fresh air.

Tineco A10 Master
Tineco’s design includes four levels of filtration and full HEPA filters removing particles as small as 0.3 microns providing you with the freshest air.

Conclusion: Both the A10 Hero and A10 Master will provide you with identical levels of filtration and excellent quality air.

Tineco A10 Master

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The winner is the user.

You will be a winner whichever Tineco A10 model you choose. With both A10 stick vacuums providing exceptional performance to weight ratios, excellent suction and filtration, quality fittings and thoughtful features. Both are highly maneuverable and flexible for the most difficult tasks and cleaning areas.

The A10 Master provides the customized power brushes for hard and soft floors which will certainly make the cleaning of these areas more thorough than the single multi-purpose head of the A10 Hero.

The double battery provision with the A10 Master and the dual charging station is also a great advantage to the Tineco A10 Hero.

Both these vacuums are largely the same in their specifications, but the few added extras of the Tineco A10 Master set it above the A10 Hero.

Tineco A10 Master Stick Vacuum

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