Tineco vs ONSON: Cordless Stick Vacuum Comparison

Let’s be honest: nobody enjoys vacuuming, and if they do, they’re lying. Nobody looks lugging around a heavy canister or upright vacuum cleaner after a long day at work, which is why the household cleaning appliance industry is focusing more heavily on lightweight stick models. Two top contenders for easy-to-use, light-as-a-feather stick vacuums are the Tineco A10 Hero and the ONSON Stick Vacuum. The important question is which of the two is the better option? That’s what we’re here to find out.

ONSON vs Tineco Stick Vacuum

Suction Power

Tineco A10 Hero
Stick vacuum cleaners are not nearly as powerful as their canister and upright counterparts, so customers should pay special attention to how much suction pressure the tool can deliver. The Tineco features a 350-watt motor that delivers up to 110 air watts of suction. Though not the most powerful stick vac, it’s more than enough to handle crumbly messes on medium-pile carpeting.

The ONSON comes with a slightly more powerful motor that produces up to 150 air watts of suction on MAX mode. How much more power can you expect? Well, like the Tineco, it can handle medium-pile carpeting, but it’s also built to deal with stray strands of human and pet hair.

Conclusion: Greater suction power is always the preferable option when looking at vacuum cleaners. The 40-air watt difference between the two may seem insignificant, but the ONSON’s superior hair-trapping ability gives it an upper hand.

Tineco vs ONSON Stick Vacuum

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Tineco A10 Hero
All stick vacuum cleaners are designed to be as lightweight as possible, allowing users to vacuum vertical spaces by simply lifting the tool off the ground. The Tineco’s dry weight – the weight of the tool with an empty dustbin – is only 2.87 pounds. Even without cleaning attachments and a hose, lifting this tool to clean drapes, walls, and even capture cobwebs is a cinch.

As for the ONSON, it weighs nearly two pounds heavier than the Tineco. However, we should also keep in mind that the ONSON is slightly more powerful than the Tineco in terms of suction power due to its heavier-duty motor. The important thing to highlight is the tradeoff – added weight for enhanced cleaning.

Conclusion: Will the difference in weight between the two stick vacs make much of a difference for overhead cleaning? Not really – in fact, if you try lifting the two stick vacs simultaneously, you really shouldn’t feel a significant difference.

ONSON Stick Vacuum


Tineco A10 Hero
The Tineco uses a 4-stage filtration process for capturing small, medium, and large particles. The outermost filters are designed for larger pieces of debris while the last lines of defense are made to prevent dust from being expelled into the air.

The ONSON uses a different filter. Ever heard of True HEPA Filters, the filters that capture minuscule particles as small as 0.3 microns in width with an effectiveness of 99.97%? That’s exactly what the ONSON uses to keep your floors spotless. Hair, dust mites, and pollen have no chance of escaping the unforgiving clutches of True HEPA!

Conclusion: Even though the Tineco’s 4-stage filtration works extremely well, it doesn’t guarantee the same effectiveness as True HEPA Filters do. There’s no substitute for it – if you go HEPA, you’ll never revert to using standard filters, no matter how many of them are lined together.

Tineco Stick Vacuum


Tineco A10 Hero
Stick vacuum cleaners generally feature dustbins that contain less than one liter of suctioned-up goodness, so the added weight of its contents is hardly noticeable. But that’s not the point we should focus on – instead, consider how much work you can get done without needing to constantly empty the bin. The Tineco comes with a smaller-than-normal 0.4-liter dustbin. Emptying the bin requires two hands – one to hold the handle while the other pushes the release button.

The ONSON comes with an ever-so-slightly larger dustbin of 0.55 liters. With a 37.5% larger dustbin, you can clean a wider area of your home before the bin reaches capacity. To dump the contents of the bin out, simply push the release button located near the handle while hovering above a garbage bin.

Conclusion: The ONSON not only wins the war on dustbin capacity, but its one-handed, one-click release mechanism is a lot more convenient. The placement of the release button on the Tineco requires using both of your hands, which can be a minor annoyance to some. Plus, its smaller dustbin means having to empty it more frequently than the ONSON.


Tineco A10 Hero
Stick vacs offer several advantages over upright vacuum cleaners – they’re lighter, easier to maneuver, and cordless models allow you to clean any corner of your room without being tied down. The A10 Hero is a cordless model that features a detachable 2,000-mAh rechargeable battery that offers up to 25 minutes of cleaning (standard mode).

As you might expect, the ONSON, as a larger stick vac than the Tineco, comes with a larger battery and thus improved battery life. The motor draws power from a 2,200-mAh rechargeable battery that delivers up to 40 minutes of cleaning per charge. When running max power mode continuously, you get half the amount of time.

Conclusion: By now, you should notice a pattern that the ONSON has slightly more to offer than the Tineco. The additional 15 minutes of cleaning time that its 2,200-mAh battery offers can be used to clean an entire bedroom floor. While the ONSON continues working, the Tineco needs to sit back and chill in its charging dock.

Charging Time

Tineco A10 Hero
Perhaps the most annoying thing about stick vacs is their super-long charging time. After roughly 25 minutes of cleaning, the Tineco’s battery pack requires up to 3-1/2 hours to reach capacity. We agree that waiting for hours is enough to kill your motivation to vacuum, but until battery technology improves, we’re stuck with what we have.

If you thought 210 minutes of charging is bad, then you ain’t seen nothing yet. The ONSON needs a full five hours for its battery to reach 100%. We get that it uses a larger battery – 200-mAh larger to be exact – but is it worth waiting around for an extra 1-1/2 hours for 40 minutes of cleaning? In truth, considering this tool’s cleaning ability, it actually is.

Conclusion: 210 minutes, 300 minutes… In the grand scheme of things, it really doesn’t make a difference. If you need to a wide area, then a cordless stick vac may not be the most time-efficient type of vacuum to get. Also, users are more likely to call it quits after using up the battery, and it will be another few days or weeks before the need to vacuum comes back around.

Stick Vacuum Comparison


Tineco A10 Hero
We’ve talked about these vacuums’ runtimes and charging times, so what else is there to discuss regarding their batteries? Not much, but this last point is of grave importance. The Tineco runs for only 25 minutes maximum, but that’s just one battery. This tool uses detachable battery packs, meaning you could invest is multiple batteries to extend your cleaning cycle to beyond just a few rooms. Let one battery rest in the charger while another powers the vacuum for an additional 25 minutes.

The ONSON doesn’t offer this type of flexibility. Instead, the battery is built into the handle, and the only way to start the vacuum cleaner is by plugging into a power outlet. You could increase your cleaning time, but this requires purchasing multiple ONSON cordless stick vacs instead of just additional batteries.

Conclusion: So even though the Tineco’s battery is smaller and provides less cleaning time per charge, you can solve this problem by purchasing additional battery packs for the stick vacuum. The though of cleaning an entire home using a stick vac isn’t usually achievable, but with additional Tineco battery packs on hand, you just might be able to do it.

Noise Levels

Tineco A10 Hero and ONSON
Babies, pets, and even adults can be driven crazy by the constant humming and droning of vacuum cleaners. Because stick vacs come with smaller motors, they don’t produce nearly as much noise as uprights and canisters. On their standard power settings, both the Tineco and ONSON produce roughly 70 decibels – equivalent to normal conversation tones. If you blast music through ear buds, you’ll hardly notice the sounds generated by these stick vacs.

Continuous Trigger

Tineco A10 Hero and ONSON
One feature that’s worth noting is a continuous trigger. Instead of having to hold down a start trigger to power the motor, both the Tineco and ONSON come with a lock that keeps the unit running continuously. To turn them off, simply release the lock and wait for the motor to slowly die down. This alone makes these two stick vacs a heck of a lot better than many models you may come across.

Tineco A10 Hero

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After taking a look at both of these models, we would wholeheartedly suggest getting the ONSON Stick Vacuum over the Tineco. The True HEPA Filter is a real game-changer, and its superior dust-retaining ability is what gives it an edge over regular filters, regardless of how many filters the stick vac comes with.

That’s not to say that the Tineco A10 Hero is a bad model. Assuming you purchase additional battery packs, you can clean an entire home in one cycle without needing to wait several hours for a single battery to recharge. This isn’t available in the ONSON, so if you run out of power midway, you might as well call it a day.


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