SUPER DEAL SD2304 vs SD190115 Mini Twin Tub Washing Machines

Are you looking for a super-deal on a portable washing machine? There’s no better place to begin your search than by seeing what SUPER DEAL has in store for us. In today’s comparative review, we’re going to put the SD2304 and the SD190115 in a head-to-head battle to see which of the two is deserving of your affection. Spoiler alert: they’re both absolute beasts!


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8-pound Wash, 5-pound Spin

The first thing you should consider when searching for the right portable washing machine for your home or RV is how much laundry it can handle. The SD2304 has moderately sized wash and rinse tubs that can handle up to eight and five pounds of clothing respectively. As you’ll see later on, this machine isn’t the largest portable washer out there, but it should provide enough space to do your laundry on the go.

SUPER DEAL SD2304 Compact Mini Twin Tub Washing Machine

Wash and Spin Duration

The SD2304 only needs about 15 minutes to complete an entire wash cycle of an eight-pound load and five minutes to spin-dry your sopping-wet garments to more than 80% dryness. These two time ratings are commonly found in portable washing machines, and even the SD190115 is no exception. Still, this 15-minute max allotted time for eight pounds of laundry can mean better overall cleaning performance compared to those with larger tubs.

Built-in Pulsator

Some portable washing machines come with an agitator, others come with a pulsator. The SD2304 has the latter—an impeller system that sends shocks throughout the water in the wash tub to remove tough stains. Pulsators generally take up more space in a wash tub, but they’re by far the better-performing system.

Compact Body

We can’t neglect to mention that this portable washing machine is a compact model that fits easily in most RVs, bathrooms, and basements. The overall dimensions of the SD2304 are 23 x 14 inches and standing at 26 inches high. Surprisingly, this smaller-capacity SUPER DEAL washing machine is takes up more space than the bigger SD190115 (15 x 14 x 22 inches).

Plastic Composite Build

Even though the SD2304 has a stainless wash tub, the entire unit is housed in a plastic composite body which is not prone to rusting or corrosion of any sort. If your bathroom is the only place you can put your new portable washing machine, you can rest assured that the SD2304 will not suffer from moisture damage any time in its lifespan.

SUPER DEAL SD2304 Compact Mini Twin Tub Washing Machine Review


11-pound Wash, 7-pound Spin

Earlier, we gave you a few nuggets of information regarding what the SD190115 is compared to its smaller-brother model, the SD2304. To put it shortly, if you need a bigger portable washing machine, the SD1950115 would be the better option. This machine can handle up to 11 pounds of laundry per wash cycle and dries up to seven pounds in the spin tub at any time.


Transparent Lids

Even though both of the SUPER DEAL portable washing machines have transparent lids, the SD190115’s lids are light-blue in color compared to the dark-grey lids on the SD2304. This lets users see more easily into the tubs to gauge how well or how far its washing and drying cycles have gone. This will also help in maintaining balance in the machine—neither of them has an auto-balance adjustment system.

Dual Water Inlets

Like most modern portable washing machines, both of these SUPER DEAL models have two water inlets—one for the wash tub and another for the spin tub. The inlet that connects to the spin tub can hep ease the load of the wash tub by performing the rinsing cycle. Of course, you’ll have to give your laundry another go to get it nearly dry to the touch.

“LONGER” Inlet Hose

SUPER DEAL claims that this washing machine comes with a super-long 76.6-inch inlet hose. That would be perfect if it were true. We took the time to measure the hose, and sadly, it’s only about 46 inches long. Although this is the pure definition of false advertising, a shorter hose means less wrap-around during storage or use in RVs.

SUPER DEAL SD190115 2IN1 Mini Compact Twin Tub Washing Machine Review

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SUPER DEAL SD2304 vs. SD190115: Which Is the SUPER-er DEAL?

So between the SUPER DEAL SD2304 and SD190115, which of them should you take home? When shopping for a portable washing machine, the most important consideration is how much laundry it can handle with each cycle. If you need a larger machine, the SD190115’s larger tubs will help reduce the number of wash and spin cycles to get heavy loads of laundry cleaned, and it does it while taking up less floor and air space than the SD2304.

SUPER DEAL SD190115 2IN1 Mini Compact Twin Tub Washing Machine

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