Dust, pollen, bacteria and unwanted odors are proven to worsen our air quality, and make it harder for us to breathe normally without irritation or other long term effects.

Stadler Form Roger Air Purifier

Stadler Form Roger

Is your air unclean and making breathing tougher? Are you on the lookout for a solution to keep your air clean and your home or work area fresh?

If your answer is yes, take a look at the Stadler Form Roger Air Purifier, which promises to keep the air in your space purified and free from any unwanted particles.

The perfect air purifier for any home or work space

With Swiss designer Matti Walker behind this fantastic air purifier, you can tell straight away that you are not only paying for a fantastic piece of equipment, but one that looks good in the modern home or work space.

Stadler Form Roger

Stadler Form Roger

With dimensions of 16.5 x 7.9 x 19.7 inches, and a weight of just 17.42 pounds, you’ll be amazed at where this air purifier will fit. Gone are the days where air purifiers stood out and made a dent in your décor. The Stadler Form Roger is easily placed out of sight out of mind.

Design is only part of it, though. This German made HEPA, Duel Filter purifier was speicifically designed for superior odor and gas removal performance. Now you can rest assured that the air in your rooms is being filtered and cleaned with precision.

German made filters provide an epic clean

The Roger’s German made duel and HEPA filters make sure that your home or office’s air are always healthy.

Stadler Form Roger Review

Stadler Form Roger

With carbon weave technology, these filters integrate activated carbon into their workforce, which in turn increases the amount of activated carbon exposed to the air. This fantastic piece of engineering provides superior removal and absorbtion of nasty odors from the air in your room.

Working alongside the carbon weave technology is the HEPA filter, which ensures that all those nasty fine dust, pollen and virus and bacterial particles are caught and disposed of.

The Roger promises an air flow capacity of 521 CFM, and captures 307 ft3/min smoke particles, 361 ft3/min pollen particles and 331 ft3/min dust particles, giving a sensitive yet superior clean to the air in your space.

A sleek model, with futuristic functions

With its fantastic colour changing visual air quality indicator, you’ll always be in the know with the Roger.

This ingenious indicator signifies the current air quality in your chosen room. It flashes red to show poor air quality, amber to show medium air quality or blue to show good air quality. Now you’ll always be able to judge whether your purifier needs to be tuned or turned up to the next setting.

Stadler Form Roger Air Purifier

Stadler Form Roger

That’s not all. A flat, illuminating control panel displays all settings when you need to adjust the purifier, and disappears after use to avoid any unnecessary light pollution.

Set your purifier to a desired mode or simply choose the auto-mode and let Roger decide what’s best for your air’s needs. This purifier continuously measures the quality of your air and will cleverly adjust the fan speed to ensure that your environment remains healthy.

A purifier that works hard in any location

This amazing gadget has numerous top output levels, leaving you completely at ease. With auto mode, a 1 – 7 hour timer and night mode, you can set your air purifier to do its work whenever you need it to, and rest assured that your room’s air purity is being taken care of.

On top of this, depending on your chosen room’s dimensions, you’ll find that this air purifier works differently, yet equally as hard in both smaller and bigger rooms.

In rooms of up to 797 square feet, the Roger circulates the air 3 times per hour, whilst in a smaller room of up to 474 square feet, you’ll find the air being circulated up to 5 times, ensuring a lasting freshness and instant refreshment.

Stadler Form Roger Air Purifier

Such a top quality air purifier shouldn’t be ignored and deserves a space in your home. The Stadler Form Roger is all you need for clean bursts of refreshing air all day long.

With its top technology and sleek design, the Stadler Form Roger Air Purifier really is a breath of fresh air.

Stadler Form Roger Air Purifier Review

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