The Shark Navigator Upright Vacuum Silver NV70 is a budget-friendly, super-powerful vacuum cleaner made for professional cleaning jobs. It doesn’t come with nearly as many convenience-adding features as home-users may have hoped for, but there’s absolutely no doubting its amazing cleaning performance on all surface types.

Shark NV70 Review

Shark NV70

Read the full review of the Shark Navigator NV70 below to determine whether this shark belongs in your home.

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Perfect Vacuuming

For professional cleaning tasks, suction power and vacuum performance are of the utmost importance. Seeing that it comes with a large 1200W motor that supplies up to 270 air watts of suction, there’s no doubt that this upright can handle the toughest, most concentrated dirt removal jobs at home.

Shark Navigator Upright Vacuum

Shark Navigator DLX

Additionally, with this much power, the motor-driven brushroll practically moves the vacuum forward for you.

The NV70 is able to remove dust and debris starting from bare floors all the way up to medium-pile carpeting. It works admirably at removing fallen strands of hair as well so pet owners will definitely benefit from this upright. Also, hair barely ever gets stuck in the brushroll, and a quick snip with a pair of reliable scissors will remove anything that gets tangled up in a jiffy.

Suction Power Release Vent

But what about those with delicate carpeting? Won’t 270 air watts of pure suction power ruin the soft fibers? It’s possible, and that’s why Shark implemented a Power Release Vent on this unit to prevent such a thing from happening. When cleaning delicate floor types or above-ground surface with the suction hose and cleaning tool, you can reduce suction power by tinkering with the vent.

Shark Upright Vacuum Silver NV70

Shark Navigator DLX

On/Off Brushroll Control

The NV70 comes with a stiff-bristle brushroll that digs deep into the shaggiest carpet fibers to extract hidden debris. When it comes time to transition onto bare floors, you can deactivate the scratch-producing, motor-driven brushroll with a simple push of a button. This makes for a flawless vacuuming experience on multiple surfaces without the fear of ruining your floors.

Anti-Allergen Seal and HEPA Filter

The NV70 is designed to prevent dust and hair from falling out of the dust cup and contaminating the motor or shooting out through the exhaust.

Shark Silver NV70

Shark Navigator DLX

This is possible by the total and complete Anti-Allergen Seal around the dust cup and unit—nothing has the slightest chance of being freed through the dust cup thanks to this state-of-the-art seal technology. Plus, the NV70 is equipped with none other than a HEPA filter to trap up to 99.97% of particles 0.3 microns in size or larger.

0.6-gallon 2XL Dust Cup

Speaking of the dust cup, the NV70 comes with a humungous 0.6-gallon cup to trap everything that passes through the suction inlet. The oversized cup means fewer interruptions in the middle of cleaning sessions while also holding onto more than a day’s worth of dust before reaching capacity.

Removing and emptying the dust cup is an easy two-step process involving a button that release the cup from the vacuum another to open the bottom latch.

Far Reach

This bagless, corded upright comes with a long 25-foot power cord to give you a wide area of free movement from each outlet to reduce the frequency of moving between plugs. Plus, the NV70 comes with a 10-foot suction hose with various cleaning tools that make spot-cleaning almost every above-ground surface less strenuous on your muscles and the vacuum itself.

Standard 3-piece Tool Set

To spot-clean any area of your home, you can attach one of three cleaning tools that come standard with the NV70. These are the 5-1/2-inch crevice tool, the Power Pet Brush, and the dusting brush. If you have pets who are allowed on furniture, you’ll need to rely on the Power Bet Brush that uses an air-driven brushroll to dig deep and lift away fur.

Narrow-ish 10-inch Cleaning Path

Though the vacuum head works exceptionally well at loosening and picking up debris, it’s doesn’t exactly make the vacuuming jobs go by quicker. The vacuum head has a narrow 10-inch cleaning path that requires far more passes to complete cleaning an entire room. Also, the wide side bezels mean poor edge-cleaning performance, forcing you to use one of the cleaning tools for this task.

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Verdict: Should I Get the Shark Navigator Upright Vacuum Silver NV70?

If you prefer the NV70 in gold, Shark has that color option available, too. Apart from that, and judging by it has and can do, it’s pretty safe to say that the Shark Navigator NV70 would be a good fit for most homes and apartments. The narrow vacuum head is a minor annoyance but is easily overlooked by the upright’s cleaning performance.

Shark Navigator Upright Vacuum Silver NV70 Review

Shark Navigator DLX

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