Are you in the market for a new upright vacuum cleaner? If your model at home is older than you are, then you should definitely keep your options open. But after looking at my review of the Shark Navigator ZU62 with a Self-Cleaning Brushroll, maybe you won’t have to.

Shark Navigator Self Cleaning Brushroll ZU62 Upright Vacuum Review

Granted, this is one of Shark’s entry-model uprights so it doesn’t come with all of the bells and whistles you’d find in models such as the Shark NV803, but what it does, it does right.

Take a look at this review to see whether the ZU62 is the right upright vacuum cleaner for your home.

Vacuum Performance

The first thing you’ll notice when you plug the ZU62 on is that it produces a ton of inward suction power. Rated at over 20 kPa, it’s practically guaranteed that any speck of dust, any strand of fur, and any piece of debris will not escape the super-powerful vortex of the ZU62.

Shark Navigator Self Cleaning Brushroll ZU62 Upright Vacuum

Shark ZU62

On carpeted floors, you can turn the Zero-M brushroll on to dig deep and extract all hidden debris in an instant.

All the vacuum has to do is suction up any dislodged material and your carpets will feel as good as new.

While working on bare floors, the brushroll can be turned down to a slower speed (not off, unfortunately) to prevent marring your floors.

The vacuum head works extremely well when edge-cleaning thanks to the very thin bezels on both sides. Plus, it gets rid of any floor pollutant in one or two sweeps.

Zero-M Self-Cleaning Brushroll

One of the ZU62’s main selling points is its brushroll with Zero-M Technology. This supposedly prevents long strands of hair and fur from wrapping themselves around the brushroll and preventing it from spinning.

Shark Navigator Self Cleaning Brushroll ZU62

Shark ZU62

In theory, this sounds like a wonderful gift from the vacuum gods.

In practice, however, it’s a bit disappointing. Indeed, you’ll that the stiff bristles in the brushroll will attempt to remove hair and fur, but in the end, it becomes just as clogged as regular non-Zero-M brushrolls.

In the end, you’ll have the snip the bundle of fur off with a pair of scissors.

25-foot Power Cord

Carefree maneuverability is practically guaranteed by the super-long 25-foot power cord. With this much cable, you’ll be able to clean entire rooms, or even multiple rooms, from a single wall outlet. Also, you can extend your reach by several feet simply by using an extension cord.

Shark Navigator ZU62 Upright Vacuum

Shark ZU62

12-foot Suction Hose

Readers, please note that the Shark Navigator ZU62 is NOT a Lift-Away model, powered or otherwise.

This is a pure upright vacuum cleaner without a detachable canister for vacuuming above-ground surfaces. However, this does not mean the ZU62 can’t do a bit of spot-cleaning around your home.

In fact, “a bit” is probably the understatement of the century. The ZU62 comes with an extremely long suction hose that measures in at 12 feet. Not only is cleaning above-ground surfaces like curtains, shelves, and even auto interior a possibility, but getting rid of cobwebs from ceilings is also easy to do.

This unit comes with a 2-in-1 crevice-duster, a duster brush, and an upholstery tool.

3XL Dust Cup

The Shark Navigator ZU62 comes with a large 3XL dust cup that can hold onto as much as 2.8 quarts of dust, debris, and hair at any time.

Shark Navigator Review

Shark ZU62

A large dust cup allows you to work longer with fewer interruptions to toss out the contents of the dust cup. This is a neat feature to have, especially if you’re vacuuming spacious rooms with wall-to-wall carpeting or a garage workshop.

Anti-Allergen Seal and HEPA Filter

The worst part about vacuum cleaners is spending hours and hours cleaning your floors only to have the tool shoot out copious amounts of dust into the air where it can settle back onto your floors and carpets. This, however, is not a problem with the ZU62 thanks to its total Anti-Allergen Seal and HEPA Filter.

The HEPA filter traps more than 99% of particles as small as 0.3 microns so dust, hair, and even microscopic organisms that get sucked into the dust cup are stuck for good. If you suffer from seasonal and/or pet allergies, this is a must-have feature.

Shark ZU62 Upright Vacuum

Shark ZU62

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Verdict: Is the Shark Navigator Self Cleaning ZU62 upright Vacuum Any Good?

It’s safe to say that the ZU62 is one of the best upright vacuums coming straight out of the Shark’s factories. It does what it needs to do without a ton of added features and overkill specs. However, the Zero-M Self-Cleaning Brushroll is rather disappointing but by no means a total deal-breaker.

Everything else about this Shark ZU62, from its supreme suction to its flawless filtration system, is amazing.

Shark Navigator Self Cleaning Brushroll

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Shark ZU62 Bissell 2252 Shark NV360
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 • 2,6L Dirt tank
 • 19.5 lbs
 • HEPA Filter
 • 27″ Cord Length
 • 1.0L Dirt tank
 • 15 lbs
 • -
 • 25″ Cord Length
 • 11,3L Dirt tank
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