When it comes to vacuum cleaners, uprights have always had a special place in many customers’ hearts. In terms of brands, Shark is one of the most well-known manufacturers of uprights out there due to their superior build and suction power.

Shark Navigator NV360 Lift-Away Deluxe Upright Review

For instance, the Shark Navigator NV360 not only does a perfect job at cleaning both carpets and bare floors, but it’s also an awesome convertible that makes spot-cleaning a breeze. Let’s take a moment to see exactly what it is that makes the NV360 an invaluable upright.

270 Airwatts of Suction Power

The first thing you should know is that the NV360 is much more powerful than most uprights. With a maximum suction rating of 270 airwatts, this upright is more than capable of extracting the finest dust particles from shaggy carpeting and rugs.

Shark Navigator NV360 Lift-Away Deluxe Upright

Shark NV360

Those with wall-to-wall carpeting would definitely benefit from having the NV360 around, despite its lack of a beater bar.

Optional Brushroll

But cleaning carpets isn’t all that the NV360 is built to do. The NV360 gives you the option to turn the brushroll on and off depending on what type of surface you’re cleaning.

For bare floors (floorboards, tiles, marbles, laminate), turn the brushroll off and instead, rely solely on the powerful suction for mark-free cleaning.

Anti-Allergen Seal and HEPA Filter

Like many of Shark’s products, the NV360 is designed with a tight seal around all connection points, including the dustbin. This means none of the dust will clutter the motor and cause burnout, nor will the dust seep its way out of the cup and find its way out through the exhaust.

Shark Navigator NV360 Lift-Away

Shark NV360

For added measure, this upright also comes with a HEPA Filter that traps more than 99% of microscopic dust particles.

11-inch Cleaning Path

To simplify matters, the NV360 is equipped with a wide, 11-inch vacuum head that will require fewer passes to clean spacious floors.

This is a definite upside for those of you (all of us, really) who don’t want to spend all day and night vacuuming floors. Maneuvering the wide vacuum might seem like a bit of trouble, unless of course, it comes with…

Swivel Steering

Swivel steering allows you to move effortlessly between and below furniture, practically eliminating the need to prepare a room – e.g. move obstructions like side tables – away to create a clearer path.

Shark Navigator NV360

Shark NV360

However, the swivel steering feature isn’t perfect; some users have found that it requires a bit of muscle to make good use of the pivoting neck.

Lift-Away Handheld Unit

If you need to spot-clean carpeted stairs, upholstery, auto interior, or other high-up spots, don’t be afraid to convert the NV360 upright into the NV360 handheld unit. The lift-away canister detaches from the handle, allowing you to clean above-ground surfaces with relative ease.

Large Dustcup

Like any upright, the NV360 is equipped with a large dustbin – 12 liters to be exact. Such a large dustbin means fewer visits to the trash can to empty the contents in the middle of vacuuming.

After all is said and done, I’d recommend dumping the contents out and giving the filter a good shaking. Do this regularly and your NV360 will treat you right well beyond the 5-year warranty.

25-foot Power Cord

Most uprights are equipped with a 25-foot power cord, and the NV360 is no different. That being said, I wish it could have been a bit longer, and those with spacious floors will definitely agree.

Shark Navigator NV360 Review

Shark NV360

This can be problematic when using the lift-away canister but feel free to plug this device into an extension cord to increase your reach.


I’ve become so accustomed to LEDs that it seems weird that any modern vacuum cleaner doesn’t come with them. The NV360 is such a model; without LEDs, you may have a difficult time locating piles of accumulated dirt on carpets and bare floors.

Also, you may need an external source of light when vacuuming dark spaces (carpets, car interior, etc.).


The one thing about the NV360 that annoys customers the most is its lack of balance. When left upright, the upright doesn’t exactly stand upright. It teeters and totters until, eventually, it lands on the floor.

This doesn’t cause any significant damage to the vacuum cleaner, but there’s really no excuse for it. Surprisingly, on lift-away canister mode, the unit sits completely still.

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The Navigator NV360 is arguably one of the best upright vacuum cleaners made by Shark. There are a few minor disappointments with it – e.g. balance issues, lack of LEDs, “short” power cord – but these, in no way, overshadows the magnificent cleaning and maneuverability performance.

Plus, the optional brushroll is definitely a game-changer if you have both carpets and bare floors at home (most of us do).

Shark Navigator Lift-Away Deluxe Upright Vacuum

Overall Recommended Upright Vacuums
Best of the Best! Best Seller Best Filter
Shark Navigator Zero-M Self-Cleaning Brushroll Pet Pro (ZU62) Upright Vacuum, Pewter Grey Metallic BISSELL Cleanview Swivel Pet Upright Bagless Vacuum Cleaner, Green, 2252 Shark Navigator Lift-Away Deluxe NV360 Upright Vacuum, Blue
Shark ZU62 Bissell 2252 Shark NV360
 • 25″ Cord Length
 • 2,6L Dirt tank
 • 19.5 lbs
 • HEPA Filter
 • 27″ Cord Length
 • 1.0L Dirt tank
 • 15 lbs
 • -
 • 25″ Cord Length
 • 11,3L Dirt tank
 • 13 lbs
 • HEPA Filter

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