Shark is renowned for making some of the best, most versatile upright vacuum cleaners. Their recent releases into the market are quite astounding considering the saturated market and high-level competition they face (think Dyson), which is why we’re always excited when we get the chance to review a Shark-made product.

Shark Navigator Lift Away Anti Allergy NV352 Upright Vacuum Review

This time around, we’re looking at the Shark upright we’re looking at is the Navigator Life Away NV352—a fancy vacuum cleaner that converts into a handheld unit for enhanced spot-cleaning abilities. This upright has been commended for its capability of removing all debris from any surface.

Let’s dive in and take a closer look at what the NV352 has and what it promises to deliver.

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Cleaning Performance

Any surface you can imagine—carpeted, tiled, floorboards, concrete—can be vacuum-cleaned by the NV352. This heavy-duty upright vacuum is built to deliver up to 270 air watts of power. To put this in comparison, the industry standard for uprights is 100 air watts, so the NV352 is offering more than double that of what you’d typically find.

Shark Navigator Lift Away Anti Allergy NV352 Upright Vacuum

Shark NV352

And that’s not all. On the NV352, you’ll find a variable suction-power dial that allows you to crank up and down how much and how quickly air flows through the system. This is especially helpful when it comes time to do a bit of spot-cleaning on high-up surfaces (drapes and whatnot).

Optional Brushroll

What happens when you need to transition from carpets onto bare floors? A brushroll can actually leave scratch marks of tiles and floorboards if you’re not careful. Well, with the optional brushroll, you won’t need to worry about a thing.

You can turn the brushroll on and off at will without damaging your floors. Nothing can beat the versatility of an optional brushroll!

Convertible Lift-Away Handheld Canister

Now let’s see what the Lift-Away feature is all about. By removing the canister from the handle shaft, the NV352 instantly transforms from a simple, albeit super-powerful, upright into a super-powerful canister handheld canister vac.

Shark Navigator Lift Away Anti Allergy NV352

Shark NV352

Please note that this Shark model is NOT a Powered Lift-Away convertible, meaning that the attached cleaning tool is not powered by the motor. It relies solely on high-pressure suction to remove and trap debris in its large dust cup.

This isn’t bad at all, but it does have a bit of trouble removing hair from carpets.

Four Awesome Cleaning Tools

There are four handy attachments that come with this convertible upright. The first two are crevice tools—one long and one flexible—for cleaning hard-to-reach areas like in between furniture cushions and car seats. The third is a dusting brush for dusting bookshelves, mantlepieces, and other flat surfaces.

Shark Navigator NV352

Shark NV352

Finally, you have the specialized pet hair brush with an air-driven brushroll that digs deep to extract and get rid of hair from upholstery fibers.

Allergen Seal and True HEPA Filter

The entire canister is protected by an allergen seal that prevents dust from seeping out of the dust cup and leaking onto your floors or worse, into the motor. This upright is also equipped with none other than a True HEPA Filter—the best in filtration technology that traps particles as small as 0.3 microns up to 99.97% of the time.

Seasonal and pet allergy sufferers can rejoice with a NV352 in storage and ready to rumble.

1.1-quart Dust Cup Capacity

Everything about the NV352 is oversized, including its humungous 1.1-quart dust cup. With this much space, you don’t need to worry about stopping in the middle of a vacuuming cycle to dump the contents of the dust cup out.

Shark NV352 Review

Shark NV352

Fewer interruptions mean less time spent vacuum in the end, and if that doesn’t put a smile on your face, then nothing will.

25-foot Power Cord

The biggest problem anyone has with corded uprights is that their power cords are far too short. That is not an issue with the NV352 thanks to its super-long 25-foot cord that gives you a wide radius of free movement from every wall outlet.

Additionally, you can extend your reach by double (or more) simply by plugging this beast into an extension cord. Once again, fewer interruptions (unplugging and re-plugging) mean less time spent pushing around a vacuum cleaner.

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Verdict: Does the Shark Navigator Lift Away Anti Allergy NV352 Upright Vacuum Live Up to the Hype?

Indeed, it does. Every positive comment about the Shark NV352 is well-deserved, starting from its superior vacuuming performance to its ultra-versatile Lift Away handheld canister. Even though it’s not a Powered Lift Away model, it still works exceedingly well on all sorts of surfaces.

And with the right cleaning tool attached to the suction hose, no strand of long pet hair will ever remain embedded into your carpet and furniture ever again!

Shark Navigator Lift Away Anti Allergy NV352 Upright Vacuum Review

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