We’ve reviewed several Shark vacuum cleaners in the past, and this time, we’re going to take a look at one of their more unique uprights.

Shark Navigator Freestyle Upright Vacuum SV1106

The Shark Navigator Freestyle Brushroll SV1106 is a cordless upright that’s self-standing, takes hardly any time to charge, and performs excellently on both carpeted and bare floors. Read our full review to see what you can hope to get out of the Shark Navigator Freestyle.

Cleaning Performance

In terms of cleaning performance, the Freestyle truly lives up to the Shark Navigator name. it comes with two speeds for optimal suction delivery on both carpeted and bare floors. In a single sweep, the vacuum head will remove most of all small-sized debris like rice and pet food.

As for other, more challenging floor pollutants like pet hair, we have the motorized brushroll to thank for one-sweep removal of every strand in its way.

Easy Maneuverability

The vacuum head has a swivel neck that allows you to twist and turn the device without a ton of resistance. This feature will come in handy when it comes time to clean around and below furniture legs or in cramped spaces.

Shark Navigator Freestyle Upright Vacuum SV1106 Review

Shark SV1106

Essentially, this reduces the amount of pre-vacuum prep needed while also ensuring maximum cleaning performance for very little effort.

Lightweight Design

To makes things easier on the user, the Freestyle is a lightweight cordless upright that weighs in at only seven pounds. It goes without saying that carrying the upright up and down stairs isn’t a challenge.

However, there’s some missing potential with this lightweight cordless upright that we’ll get into later.

0.64-quart Dust Cup

The Freestyle becomes increasingly more convenient when you consider that it comes with a large 0.64-quart dust cup. The XL dust cup means fewer interruptions in the middle of cleaning to empty it out, allowing you to clean a wider surface area per charge.

Shark Navigator SV1106

Shark SV1106

When it comes time to dump out the dust cup’s contents, pressing a button releases it from the upright’s base, and pulling on a lever will release the bottom latch where everything falls out.

Washable Foam Filter

This cordless upright doesn’t come with a particularly impressive filter. It’s a simple disc-shaped foam filter that sits inside of the dust cup and prevents tiny particles from entering the motor or shooting out of the vacuum’s exhaust.

The filter is washable, and you’ll only need to worry about purchasing replacements every six months or so. Make sure the filter is completely dried before placing it back inside and turning the vacuum cleaner on.

12 to 17 Minutes of Runtime

Here’s something that has left many customers disappointed with their Freestyle. This cordless upright vac draws power from a moderately sized, detachable 14.4V nickel-metal hydride battery that, at most, only supplies up to 17 minutes of cleaning per charge. And that’s on its lower setting; when kicked up to high gear, the battery holds a charge for only 12 minutes before running completely dry.

Shark SV1106 Navigator Upright Vacuum

Shark SV1106

And to make matters worse, Shark says that it needs anywhere between four and seven hours before reaching max capacity. Whether this is enough battery life depends on the size of your room, but for most people who like to get their vacuuming done in one go, you might want to consider picking up multiple backup battery packs.

No Cleaning Tools

This is perhaps the biggest downer of them all. The lightweight Freestyle is not a convertible model—it doesn’t transform into a handheld unit—nor does it come with cleaning tools. Your only means of cleaning is by using the brushroll vacuum head, and the only surface you can clean is floors (carpeted and bare).

There’s no suction hose where a crevice tool or dusting brush attaches to, so any spot-cleaning on above-ground surfaces is strictly out of the question. You’ll need to purchase a separate handheld vacuum unit for spot-cleaning jobs.

Disturbingly Loud

No vacuum cleaner is whisper-quiet, but the Freestyle really takes it to another level (in a bad way). When running the machine on high speed, motor sounds can exceed the 80-decibel mark (same volume as heavy traffic but indoors). The compact design of this unit is ultimately its undoing—there’s hardly any soundproofing inside of the base unit so its motor sings at its loudest without restriction.

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Verdict: Should I Get the Shark SV1106 Upright Vacuum?

The Shark Navigator Freestyle is a sleek, lightweight upright that works well on all flooring types, and it’s a cordless model to boot.

However, there are several things to dislike about the unit; for instance, its short runtime, its lack of cleaning attachments, and its loud noise output.

However, as a floor-only cleaning unit, there’s no denying its amazing vacuuming performance.

Shark SV1106Upright Review

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