The Shark brand has gained quite a loyal fanbase as of late. After looking at numerous Shark-made upright vacuum cleaners, this really is no surprise—Shark knows what they’re doing and how to do it best.

Shark Navigator Anti Allergy NV42 Champagne Upright Vacuum Review

Making some of the world’s best, most reliable upright vacuum cleaners is something that the company excels at.

There’s one Shark upright model that has continued to impress since it was released more than four years ago—the Navigator Anti-Allergy NV42. This Navigator may not be appealing, but what it lacks in aesthetics, it more than makes up for in cleaning performance. Let’s take a look at what this champagne colored NV42 upright is all about.

Cleaning Performance

The Shark NV42’s suction power is off the charts—a 1200W motor provides enough suction power to extract dirt, grime, and debris from the shaggiest carpets and rugs, let alone bare floors. In fact, some users have expressed concerns over just how powerful it is, which is why when cleaning delicate rugs, you’ll need to crank the power down.

Shark Navigator Anti Allergy NV42 Champagne Upright Vacuum

Shark NV42

There’s no official way to reduce suction power on the NV42. Instead, you’ll need to open the hose port while running the vacuum head—a primitive yet effective way to adjust suction power as needed. That being said, we truly wish there had been a speed dial installed in this unit.

But there’s one thing that the NV42 it can promise: that it will never, ever experience a loss in cleaning power.

Never Lose Suction Technology creates a miniature vortex of air inside of the machine which separates fine from coarse debris, keeping its filter working optimally every time you switch the vacuum on.

Filtration System

Like most uprights in the Shark Navigation family, the NV42 comes with a series of filters. The filtration system consists of a felt pre-filter, a foam pre-filter, and a standard post-motor filter where all three work in tandem to ensure optimal cleaning performance for the NV42’s entire lifespan.

Shark Navigator Anti Allergy NV42 Champagne

Shark NV42

Maintaining the pre-filters is a simple task requiring rinsing and drying every month or so depending on how frequently you clean. As for the post-motor filter, you can get by with an annual cleaning with regular use.

It would have been nice if this upright were equipped with a True HEPA Filter, but as is, it definitely doesn’t disappoint.

Optional Brushroll

The magic behind the Shark NV42’s ability to deep-clean carpets comes from its brushroll. When cleaning carpets, the stiff bristles dig deep into the fibers to dislodge hair as well as tiny and large debris, allowing the super-powerful suction to do the rest.

When it comes time to clean tiled floors or floorboards, users can switch the brushroll off to rely on pure suction to remove the messiest dirt piles.

This optional brushroll feature makes the NV42 a highly versatile upright for use in any situation. Please note that the NV42 does not have a DuoClean, Zero-M brushroll.

2.6-quart XL Dust Bin
Upright vacuum cleaner manufacturers are slowing drifting away from bagged models and replacing them with environmentally friendlier bagless ones. Bagless uprights, such as the NV42, eliminate the need to purchase and stock up on replacement bags, saving you a bundle in the long run.

Shark Navigator Anti Allergy NV42

Shark NV42

Best of all, the NV42’s dust cup can hold up to 2.6 quarts of dirt and debris before needing to be emptied out. If you’ve ever measured how much dirt that actually is, you’re well aware of how many cleaning cycles the NV42 can go through before needing to pop out the transparent dirt bin and tossing the contents out.

Cleaning Tools and Accessories

The NV42 comes with an assortment of cleaning tools that increases its versatility. What you’ll find in the box are a 5-1/2-inch crevice tool, a 24-inch crevice tool, and standard dusting brush, and a powered pet hair tool; all of which connect to the end of the extendable 11-foot hose.

Shark Navigator Anti Allergy NV42 Review

Shark NV42

Combine the length of the tool with the long 25-foot power cord and you’ve got yourself a wide radius of unrestrained movement from every wall outlet.

If you’re anything like us, you’ll rely heavily on the powered pet hair tool for cleaning furniture, auto interior, and even rugs and carpeted steps. To remove tangled hair, a quick snip with a pair of scissors should suffice.

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Verdict: Should I Get the Shark Navigator Anti Allergy NV42 Champagne Upright Vacuum?

If you live in a home or apartment with multiple floor types, then the Shark Navigator NV42 is definitely the upright for you. This bagless beast is designed to tackle the stubbornest, dirtiest messes on bare floors and carpets without breaking a sweat.

And with the assortment of included cleaning tools, the NV42 proves to be an excellent spot-cleaning vacuum as well.

Shark Navigator NV42

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