Shark LZ601 APEX Lift-Away Stick Vacuum Review

With stick vacuums becoming a more popular choice for people and homes everywhere, we thought it was time to introduce you to the Shark LZ601 APEX Lift-Away Stick Vacuum to show you the fantastic features it has.

Shark LZ601 APEX Lift-Away Stick Vacuum Review
Shark LZ601

You’ll be amazed with the hypervelocity accelerated suction as well as its light lift away pod, which both help to deliver one of Shark’s best cleans yet. With fantastic extras, such as a self-cleaning brushroll and anti-allergen technology that leave your carpets and floors cleaner than ever, there’s not much that this stick vacuum can’t take on.

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A light and portable vacuum for everyone

At 10.7lbs, the Shark Lift-Away Stick Vacuum may not be the lightest stick vacuum on the market, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be used easily.

Shark LZ601 APEX Lift-Away Stick Vacuum
Shark LZ601

As well as being used in the conventional stick vacuum manner, the Shark can also be used in a variety of other ways to ensure that your cleaning time is kept as short as possible, whilst giving you plenty of manoeuvrability around the home and beyond.

Convert your Shark to a hand held vacuum at the click of a button, and tackle stairs or spillages on furniture or other easy to reach areas. Or, re-imagine your reach and use the extension cord to grasp dirt and grime in those tougher to reach areas such as on the ceiling or above windows.

With its detachable pod, the Shark is easily transformed into a smaller, hand held device that helps you to distribute the weight as well as use in other areas, including your car interior, furniture, bookshelves and other tight spaces.

Need to step away? No problem

The trouble with most stick vacuums comes with storage or simply putting the vacuum down when you need to do something else momentarily. Not with the Shark LZ601 Lift-Away.

Shark LZ601 APEX Lift-Away
Shark LZ601

With the help of the retractable support wheels, you’ll find that this stick vacuum is self-standing, a fantastic solution to the age old problem of storage with the stand-up vacuum. You’ll also find it’s sturdy, and takes a lot to knock over, making this an even better addition to your vacuum.

A powerful clean

With hypervelocity accelerated suction, a direct airflow path is created for every grain and granule that’s been spilt. Such power has never been seen on a stick vacuum before, and is more usually found on bulkier models, meaning you get a better, more powerful clean than expected.

With such phenomenal power, along with DuoClean technology, you won’t miss any debris. The amazing dual brushroll system is specifically designed to deep-clean carpets and give all your hard floors that polished look. Get ready to discover an incredible deep-cleaning performance unlike any other stick vacuum on offer right now.

Specially designed for homes with pets

This Shark LZ601 Stick Vacuum was designed with pet owners in mind.

Shark LZ601 APEX
Shark LZ601

Now with DuoClean Dual Brushrolls, Shark’s ultimate carpet and floor cleaning technology, two brushrolls are used in one nozzle to take on large, small and tough, stuck on dirt particles. No dirt is safe, whether on hard or carpeted floors. Everything gets picked up on the first roll.

With the self-cleaning brushroll, you’ll find long hairs and pet hairs a thing of the past. Now, all hairs are picked up on the first go, and you’ll be amazed to discover that this stick vacuum is famed for its special no hair wrap technology, which means you won’t have to spend any time digging rogue hairs from the brush.

Shark LZ601 APEX Review
Shark LZ601

What’s more, the Shark comes with HEPA filters, as well as Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology, which promise to catch all dander and dust from your pet and not let go. Not only will your carpets look cleaner, but the fibres will be free from nasty bacteria and allergens that escape into the air and cause respiratory problems, as they are all trapped within the vacuum.

Shark LZ601 APEX Lift-Away Stick Vacuum

When it comes to a powerful clean without the hassle, you should give the Shark APEX Lift-Away Stick Vacuum a shot.

With its fantastic range of accessories, as well as HEPA technology filter and state of the art brushrolls, you’ll be impressed with what the Shark can offer you. Get the best out of your vacuum and see the difference that a Shark can do for you and your home.

Shark LZ601

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