Imagine the worlds top predator stealthily swimming across your floor removing every mite of dust and dirt – welcome to the Shark Ion Robot Vacuum.

Circular and slinky, the Shark Ion robot vacuums have a low profile that allows them to reach nearly all parts of your home on their autonomous daily routine. Sliding beneath furniture and skimming across floors they combine powerful suction and cleverly designed brush placement to give you the best possible clean. You can sit back and relax or get your work done while they clean for you, even putting themselves to bed in their own recharging station when they are finished, or the battery is low.

SHARK ION Robot Vacuum R75 vs R85

SHARK ION Robot Vacuum R75


Shark Ion Robot Vacuum R75
Seeing is believing, and the Shark ION R75 will immediately please your sense of aesthetics and balance. This cleverly crafted small machine has sleek lines and radiates power and purpose. In grey and black with three recessed buttons, this circular sucker is all about working with style. Your choices are ‘dock’, ‘spot’ or ‘clean’. The dock button will return the vacuum to its docking unit for recharge. The spot function will give a thorough clean to a particular spot as the robot focusses on a specific point. Clean will activate your robot to clean your entire home or office. With the added bonus of a smartphone app and wi-fi compatibility with Alexa and Google Home, you don’t even need to be in the house to give your robot cleaner instructions.

Shark Ion Robot Vacuum R85
With a similar stealthy powerful look, the Shark ION R85 will also please the senses. The R85 has a similar layout with three buttons ‘dock’ and ‘clean’ remain the same – the ‘spot’ button has been changed to ‘max’. The max button on the R85 takes advantage of a design improvement that allows the R85 to deliver a greater suction load. Suction has improved to a multiple of three times the R75, this 300% more cleaning power provides a thorough clean on any floor type and is a breakthrough advance for pet-owners. The R85 also features a smartphone app and wi-fi compatibility with Alexa and Google Home.

SHARK ION Robot Vacuum R85 vs R75

SHARK ION Robot Vacuum R85

Conclusion: Both the R75 and R85 Shark Ion Robot Vacuums have grand designs and aesthetically pleasing looks. The increased suction that has been engineered into the R85 clearly set this apart from the R75 and should influence your choice if you are a pet owner or have large amounts of cleaning.

Cleaning Process

Shark Ion Robot Vacuum R75
With three brushes – 2 side brushes and 1 main brush the R75 does a fabulous job of collecting any dirt or debris into a form where it will be collected by the powerful suction of its motor. The added bonus is that careful design of the brushes including their helix pattern, variable length, and tensile strength create better agitation whilst also countering the Rapunzel effect. This self-cleaning brush-roll is highly effective in dealing with long hairs that would clog other vacuum cleaners. All the dirt and debris from your floors will be captured in the 14 oz onboard dustbin. The R75 will comfortably navigate around any obstacles in your home with its smart navigation systems.

SHARK ION Robot Vacuum R75

SHARK ION Robot Vacuum R75

Shark Ion Robot Vacuum R85
The R85 has added smaller corner brushes to the three main brushes that you find in the R75. This provides more ability to grab any dirt or debris from your floors into the field of its enhanced suction power. The clever design and negation of the Rapunzel effect remain the same. You will also benefit from an enhanced onboard dustbin with the capture size increased to 21 ozs. Navigation has been upgraded, and your R85 is just that little bit smarter, both the R75 and R85 are clever enough to dock with their base station when the battery is low, which is one less hassle for you.

Conclusion: With some small extra brushes, larger onboard dustbin and improved navigation the R85 is an excellent choice. The R75 is still an extremely capable cleaner and will be more than adequate for most households.

Full Charge Cleaning

Shark Ion Robot Vacuum R75
The R75 has a 14.4 v Lithium Ion Battery. This will deliver approximately one hour of cleaning time before it has to return to its docking station. A recharge will take approximately 3 hours after which time it is ready to start work again. Breath fresh air as the combination of full HEPA filtration and purpose designed brushes combine to remove all dust, debris, and allergens from your floors.

SHARK ION Robot Vacuum R85

SHARK ION Robot Vacuum R85

Shark Ion Robot Vacuum R85
The R85 has the same Lithium-Ion Battery as the R75 and the same time constraints for working and recharging. The R85 also delivers incredibly fresh air with full HEPA filtration. The larger capacity dustbin on the R85 means less attention to emptying and more capacity for larger areas. The small extra brushes and increased suction should improve cleaning on all surfaces.

Conclusion: Both the R75 and R85 are going to provide you with a pristine clean environment free from allergens. They will both provide an hour cleaning time with 3-hour breaks between cleans. The extra suction and large dustbin of the R85 make it a more attractive option.

Scintillating Sharks

Satisfy your sense of cleanliness with either of these superb Shark Robot Vacuums. With excellent design features, aesthetically pleasing looks, carefully crafted brushes and great suction both the R75 and R85 are extremely capable cleaners.


SHARK ION Robot Vacuum R75

The added bonus of remote control, smartphone apps, and wi-fi connectivity mean that these are some of the smartest robot cleaners on the market and will raise the IQ of your house as well as the sanitation.

Although the Shark ION R75 is a great cleaner for most households, the R85 is a true powerhouse of cleaning. With a 300% gain in suction, extra brushes and large capacity dustbin the R85 robot vacuum really does have a grand design. If you are a pet-owner or always seem to battle dirt and dust, then the Shark R85 robot vacuum is the cleaner for you.


SHARK ION Robot Vacuum R85

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