Review of the Shark ION R87 Robot Vacuum

If you’re on the lookout for the perfect robot vacuum for your home, Shark might have just the vacuum for you.

Shark ION R87 Robot Vacuum

Although it may not be the most convenient or elaborate robot vacuum on the market, with fantastic robot technology built into it, the Shark ION R87 will clean your house in ways you never imagined. It means that you can take time for the things that matter, whilst your vacuum takes care of your home.

We put the newest venture from Shark up for some intense testing, and we’re here to tell you what’s what when it comes to the ION R87. Read on to find out what this nifty little robot could mean for your cleaning regime.

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If you’ve got pets, this is the robot vacuum for you

We all know the drill. Fluffy’s run inside with dirty paws, and what’s more, he’s itching like mad lately, fur and hair everywhere. It can be a nightmare having to bring out the vacuum every time this happens, especially in those high-traffic areas that get dirty way more often than others.

Shark ION R87 Robot Vacuum Review

The Shark was made for homes with pets, and will quickly ensure that all pet hairs, dander, and allergens are a thing of the past with its powerful suction and a high-efficiency filter, even in those high traffic areas.

Now, up to 99% of allergens that are released from your pet’s fur will be caught and trapped thanks to its suction power. This technology is so intelligent that it promises to pick up everything – even one micron of size. That means fewer allergens in the air for you to breathe in. All that’s left for you to do is wash them out of the dust bin once the Shark’s finished its rounds.

How does the ION R87 pick up all the dirt from around my home?

This exceptional robot uses new and revised technology to ensure that your home’s the cleanest it’s ever been.

Firstly, with its multi-surface brush roll, the Shark picks up both small and large debris, including pet hair, from both hard and carpeted floors.

That’s not all, its dual-edge and corner brushes, even debris that’s hidden against the walls will be unmissable for this robot. Hard to reach debris doesn’t stand a chance against these powerful brushes.

Shark ION R87 Review

You will also find that the Shark ION holds tons more space for all the dirt and dander it detects, with its XL dustbin. Now, not only do you have a faster, high technology, and more reliable model, but you don’t need to tend to it as often either, giving you the ultimate freedom.

A clever robot with many different functions

The Shark fits with three buttons on its front: dock, clean, and max. These three buttons give you full reign over your vacuum and are the most simple way to use it.

However, as with other robot vacuums nowadays, you can set up an app to ensure that you have a full range of action and maneuverability, for when you’re not around or want to set up a schedule for yourself for a later time. You can set up your Shark ION to take commands via Amazon’s Alexa app, or the Shark Clean app.

Also, with Quick Sense Navigation installed into the Shark ION, you can rest assured that your robot vacuum will not encounter any impractical objects that hinder its cleaning task. This ingenious piece of technology can navigate its way around any objects with ease and steers clear of any edges, such as stairs and ledges.

Once the Shark’s battery has completely run down, it will take itself back to its docking station to power up again. If it’s in the middle of its cleaning route, it will restart from where it left off once recharged.

Shark R87 Robot Vacuum

Final Words

So, you’ve seen what the Shark ION R87 Robot Vacuum has to offer: will you be adding one to your cleaning regime any time soon?

With its easy-to-use set-up and simple functionality, you can hand over the reins to this high technology robot who will ensure the cleanest clean in your house, and never worry about dirty carpets or hardwood floors.

Shark R87 Robotic Vacuum

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