Shark is one of the world’s most renowned manufacturer of home cleaning appliances, so whenever Shark releases another upright vacuum cleaner into the market, it’s always a cause for excitement. Today, we’re going to take a close look at the Shark APEX DuoClean AZ1002 that delivers all the suction power you need for dirty carpeting and smooth floors while also preventing super-fine particles from going airborne.

Shark APEX Upright Vacuum Review

DuoClean Brushroll System

One thing that makes the APEX so unique is its DuoClean brushroll system. DuoClean consists of two brushrolls – a rear brush that works like any brushroll does, and a front brush that digs deep into carpet fibers to remove embedded debris.

The softer bristles of the front roll also gently massage hard floors, giving them a slight sheen after vacuuming. Pretty handy if you as us.

Zero-M Self-Cleaning Brushroll

But that’s not all that makes the APEX’s brushrolls so fantastic. Many of Shark’s products – the APEX included – has Zero-M self-cleaning technology that prevents long strands of human and pet hair from getting tangled in the bristles.

Shark AZ1002 APEX Upright Vacuum Review

Shark AZ1002

Less tangling means better suction quality for longer, resulting in perfectly cleaned floors time and time again.

Convertible – Upright to Handheld Unit

If you’re on the fence between getting an upright or a handheld vacuum cleaner, why not get both? The APEX is a convertible vacuum that can disassemble into a handheld unit. The “Lift Away” handheld APEC is easy to lift and navigate across all floor types.

It also works extremely well in cleaning above-ground surfaces like upholstery and carpeted stairs. Best of all, it maintains its super-strong suction power as a handheld vac. Enjoy the best of both worlds with the Lift Away APEX.

Anti-Allergen Seal and True HEPA Filter

If you suffer from seasonal or pet allergies, then you might be glad to learn that the APEX is chock-full of anti-allergen features. First is the Anti-Allergen Seal all around the dust cup and vacuum head. This ensures that every speck of dust, pollen, and dander that it suctions will never, ever escape.

Shark AZ1002 APEX

Shark AZ1002

The second line of defense is the True HEPA Filter – the only one of its kind that has a retention effectiveness rating of 99.7% on particles as small as 0.3 microns (less than the width of a strand of hair). With these two working in tandem, you can say goodbye and good riddance to annoying sinus-ticklers.

Wide 11-inch Cleaning Path

To make vacuum-matters easier, the APEX comes with a wide 11-inch vacuum head. This means fewer passes are needed to complete vacuuming an entire floor, giving you more time to do what you love with those who love you (binge-watching Friends for the umpteenth time in a row with your pet hamster).

30-foot Power Cord

The APEX features a super-long 30-foot power cord. This long of a cord means less frequent unplugging and re-plugging to cover an entire floor.

With more than 2,500 square feet of vacuum range, there’s really no need to rely on an extension cord to increase your reach, though for those living in mansions, it might help a bit.

Two Awesome Cleaning Attachments

Inside of the box, apart from the Deep-Cleaning Motorized Pet Tool, you’ll find a 12-inch crevice tool and a pet multi-tool. The crevice tool works like any other by stuffing its narrow nozzle in between soft cushioning and in cramped spaces to leave no speck of dust un-suctioned.

Shark AZ1002 Review

Shark AZ1002

The pet multi-tool is a non-motorized version of the main multi-surface tool that can be used not just to pick up hair from upholstery cushioning but also any loose strands dangling from your pet’s body.

Sizable 1-1/2-liter Dust Cup

The APEX is a bagless upright vacuum cleaner that stores all of the suctioned debris in a plastic dust cup. The APEX’s dust cup is quite large, carrying 1-1/2 liters in volume of anything the vacuum picks up off your floors.

With that much storage space, you’ll be able to store several cleaning sessions’ worth of dust before needing to dump the contents out even once.

Quick and Easy Snap Assembly

Seeing as how there a several moving parts of this tool, it only makes sense for it to come unassembled in the box. The good thing is that putting the APEX together is literally a snap.

Everything snaps into place – the shaft onto the nozzle, the hose onto the shaft, and so on. Converting it from an upright to a handheld unit is a simple matter of undocking the main body from the shaft and – voila! – you’re all set!


It goes without saying that there’s nothing we don’t love about the Shark APEX Upright Vacuum Cleaner. We especially love the convertibility of the vacuum that allows users to both clean their main floors and do a bit of spot-cleaning afterward. The cleaning attachments plus the DuoClean brush sweeten the deal for us. So if you’re in search of an anti-allergen vacuum cleaner to pick up after your pets, this is the vacuum for you!

Shark AZ1002 APEX Upright

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