Sapira vs Leesa: Hybrid vs Original

Rest is a luxury that seems hard to come by these days. After a hard day’s work, going home to a bed is probably one of the better ways to end the day. Beds are probably the best symbols of rest since they are meant to provide comfort at the end of a busy day. Of course, when we talk about beds, a mattress becomes an important part of the picture that is meant to deliver that feeling of comfort. A bed without a good mattress, after all, is nothing.

When it comes to mattresses though, there are only a few brands which you can easily consider to be outstanding when it comes to quality. Recently, there have been two brands that has been making waves when it comes to mattresses: LEESA and SAPIRA.

These two mattresses, however, are not so different from each other since the Leesa is merely any upgraded hybrid version of the Sapira.
The Leesa was initially launched in 2014 as a bed-in-box mattress.

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More models have slowly been added to the Leesa line, including a hybrid version. While other mattresses makes use of either spring coils or memory foam, the hybrid mattresses from Leesa boast of a combination of both spring coils and memory foam.

Both the Leesa and Sapira are high quality mattresses which you may want to consider if you’re looking into purchasing a new mattress. How different though is one from the other? Check out the some of the comparisons written below so you can come up with a correct decision and get the most out of your money.

Mattress Thickness and Structure
The Sapira mattress is made of three layers of memory foam. It has a total thickness of around ten inches. The memory foam provides good support for the back, hip and shoulders. This is perfect for those who tend to suffer from aches and pains in ordinary mattresses. The thickness of the mattress makes it just right for light sleepers since the mattress adjusts to every body movement during sleep. This mattress is also a perfect choice for children’s beds or for beds located in guest rooms.

The hybrid version of the Sapira, otherwise known as the Leesa, is a combination of pocket spring coils and memory foam. It features a garage pocket spring system and two layers of memory foam. The total thickness of the hybrid mattress is 11 inches. The spring system of this mattress is made up of more than 1000 active response pocket springs, which provides added stability to the mattress. The foam also has added holes which provides breathability. This gives the mattress a “cooler feel”, especially during summer when temperatures tend to be warmer.

Firmness, Motion Isolation and Edge Support
In terms of firmness, both the Leesa and Sapira provide medium-firm support. The original Leesa however, being made totally of memory foam, provides a better sense of motion isolation since the memory foam easily adjusts to bodily movement. This adjustment gives the user a sense of stability, as compared to the foam-spring combination that the hybrid has.

The hybrid is more firm as compared to the original. The firmness is a result of the mix of both foam and spring coils. Although it provides less motion isolation as compared to the original, motion isolation is still much better as compared to other spring mattresses that have no memory foam in them.

Mattress Sizing
The sizing of the mattresses depend on the thickness. The hybrid mattress is slightly thicker than the original one. The original Leesa, which is made entirely of memory foam, is ten inches thick. The hybrid version, which is a combination of both spring coils and foam, is thicker by one inch. Its total thickness is eleven inches.

Pricing and Warranties
As expected, the Leesa hybrid is more pricey as compared to the original one. This is probably due to the fact that besides being a more developed mattress, it also combines the advantages of both spring and foam mattresses into one hybrid.

As for the warranty, both mattresses carry a 10-year warranty. Returns are entertained only after a period of thirty nights so that you can be certain of whether or not the mattress doesn’t indeed meet up to your expectations.

Before purchase, you can also take advantage of a 100-day risk-free sleep trial.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Leesa mattresses be folded?
Although Leesa mattresses are folded in its original packaging, once opened, the mattresses cannot be folded again.

How long can you keep Leesa mattresses in their original packaging?
The manufacturers recommend that you keep original Leesa mattresses in their boxes for no more than thirty days from the date of purchase.

For the hybrid mattresses, they can be stored in their original packaging for not more than sixty days from the date of purchase.

Can you avail of the 100-night risk-free trial period if you order through Amazon?
The risk-free trial can be availed through Amazon as well. For returns however, processing is done through Amazon customer service.

When returning the mattress, does it have to placed back in its original packaging?
Since the mattress cannot be folded again once it is removed from its packaging, it need not be placed back into its box. A Leesa pickup team is expected to take care of the return at no extra charge to the customer.

The Leesa brand is known for quality mattresses. Whether it’s the original or hybrid mattress, you can expect the mattress to deliver nothing but comfort. The better one, however, really depends on your personal preference since both are designed to meet individual needs. This also includes the need to meet budget requirements. Putting these into consideration will help you meet what you expect of a restful night’s sleep.

Leesa Luxury Hybrid
Leesa Luxury Hybrid
Leesa Original
Leesa Original

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