Roomba 614 vs. 640 vs. 652 vs. 671 vs. 675 vs. 690

In today’s market, there are many different robot vacuum manufacturers. Most of these manufacturers have put together some excellent robot vacuums that do a great job vacuuming and cleaning your home.

Roomba 614 vs. 640 vs. 652 vs. 671 vs. 675 vs. 690

Some of these robot vacuums are considerably less good at doing this. In the end, it does depend a lot on who you are buying a robot vacuum from, among other factors.

Out of all of the different robot vacuum manufacturers, though, there is one manufacturer that has not only managed to become better and better, with each robot vacuum that they release, but they have also managed to revolutionize robot vacuums consistently,and the way that we think about and use them.

As you might’ve guessed, this manufacturer is iRobot, and iRobot is the inventor of the Roomba, which was one of the very first robot vacuums that were released on the market. Each Roomba that is released is excellent, in its own set of unique ways, and many people are drawn to the Roomba due to the sheer amount of quality control that iRobot has set as a general precedent, for each iteration of the Roomba.

irobot Roomba

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While iRobot hasn’t been in business for that long – relatively speaking, that is – they have been in business long enough to do two things. One of which entails developing systems that are very easy for their developers to work with, so that it doesn’t take long for them to release a new Roomba vacuum, in a relatively short period. And the other is, of course, that of releasing many different Roomba vacuums, and a lot of these vacuums have different features and unique functions that separate them from the other Roomba vacuums that have already been released.

As a result of iRobot and their productivity and design efficiency, there are quite a few different Roomba vacuums that are out there. It can be a little challenging to know which one of these Roomba vacuums is the very best one, and it can be a little challenging, as well to understand what the different features and functions mean, in the context of how the Roomba performs and the type of efficiency and general functionality it offers. If you aren’t aware of those things, then it does become more difficult to make a good purchasing decision for yourself.

irobot Roomba Robot vacuums

In this buying guide, we’re going to be taking an in-depth look at six different Roomba robot vacuums. Each one of these robot vacuums is excellent, and they all have their unique features and specifications. As such, you will find that one of these robot vacuums is probably much better for you than the other five.

We’re going to be looking at the unique features and attributes that these six Roomba vacuums have, and how those features and attributes will affect your overall experience using the vacuum. By the time you have finished reading this guide, you’re going to know which one of these robot vacuums is the very best one for you!

What Does The Roomba 614 Offer?

The iRobot Roomba 614 is the most basic Roomba in this guide. It has all of the Roomba trademark features, and nothing more than that. This isn’t a bad thing, but, it’s the truth of the matter.

Roomba 614 Robot vacuum

iRobot Roomba 614 Main Specs
Suction Power 600 Pa
Сleaning Area 1615 ft2
Dust Container350 ml
Battery Capacity 1800 mAh
Run-time 90 min
Charging Time 120 min
Noise62 db
Weight 7.50 lbs
Height 3.66 in
ReleaseJun 2016

So, if you want something a bit more feature-rich, the Roomba 614 is probably not going to be the robot vacuum for you.

To start, you have the 3-Stage Cleaning System. And, this 3-Stage Cleaning System is something that Roomba has spent a lot of time working on and perfecting.

Using Dual Multi-Surface Brushes – and these are brushes that are placed underneath the vacuum – you are able to sweep up and gather all of the dirt and dust that is on the floor, and you put that dirt and dust into the suction pathway, where it sucked into the vacuum and thrown into the dirt bin.

One of these Dual Multi-Surface Brushes is designed to loosen the dirt and dust, and then the other brush takes the dirt and sweeps it into the suction pathway. While these brushes aren’t particularly big, they don’t have any problems removing most things, so you don’t have to worry about the brushes being too small. And, in terms of efficiency, they are very fast and efficient, so the process of vacuuming is speedy.

Roomba 614

Used in conjunction with the Dual Multi-Surface Brushes is an Edge-Sweeping Brush, and this brush is used to sweep up the dirt and dust that is on the walls and edges of those walls. When the Roomba 614 is near a wall or a corner, and the sensors will tell the 614 that it is, it will use this brush to remove that stuff.

The Roomba 614 is able to detect dirt and grime and other things using the “Dirt Detect Sensors”, which are sensors that have been designed for the sole purpose of making it easier for the 614 – and the other Roomba vacuums – to know where to go, how to get there, and then how to clean those individual spaces.
Ultimately, if you want a robot vacuum that is cheap and efficient, if not particularly unique or feature-rich, then the Roomba 614 is a really good choice.

What Does The Roomba 640 Offer?

With the iRobot Roomba 640 Robot Vacuum, you are getting a Roomba that is almost the same as the Roomba 614.

Roomba 640

You see, with the Roomba 640 you have the same 3-Stage Cleaning System, the same set of brushes, the same Dirt Detect sensors, and, in general, the same features and functions. It’s all very basic and familiar.

With that being said, though, the Roomba 640 has ninety-minutes of battery-life, which is an improvement. You can use this robot vacuum for a longer period, and that is quite notable if you are someone that wants a robot vacuum that requires less time on the charger.

Along with that, the Roomba 640 is a little better at vacuuming on carpets and rugs. Not a lot better, but it is a little better, and if you have a thin carpet or a thin rug, the Roomba 640 isn’t going to have any issues vacuuming up the dirt and dust on that carpet. Now, if the carpet or rug is a bit thicker and dense with individual folds and things of that sort, then it’s going to be a little more challenging, and the Roomba 640 may not be the ideal choice of Roomba for you.

Roomba 640 Robot vacuum

At the end of the day, if you want a Roomba that is efficient and powerful, but pretty much the same Roomba as the 614, then the Roomba 640 is a great choice.

What Does The Roomba 652 Offer?

The Roomba 652 takes the main features and attributes of the Roomba 614 and the Roomba 640, and it puts them into a Roomba that has been designed to give you, the user, a lot more control over the individual aspects of how you are using the robot vacuum.

Roomba 652

Just as with the Roomba 614 and Roomba 640, there’s the 3-Stage Cleaning System, and the Dual Multi-Surface Brushes and Edge-Sweeping Brush. This is a tried-and-true system, but there is a reason that iRobot continues to use it, and that is because it works. It works very well at removing the dirt and dust that is on your floors, and it provides a simple and efficient cleaning flow, dirt and dust is loosened up, and then swept into the suction pathway. For that reason, iRobot will continue to use it in their Roomba vacuums.

Along with that, the same goes for the Dirt Detect sensors. They work very well, and they provide a certain level of efficiency and precision that a lot of other sensor systems are unable to do, so Roomba continues to use the system.

What is unique about the Roomba 652 is that it comes with a feature that allows you to set a schedule for the Roomba 652, and this schedule can be customized to exactly what you prefer. This is a lovely feature that makes it so much easier for you to automate the entire process of vacuuming, and using this feature, you no longer have to be there to turn on the vacuum, when you want to use it.

 Roomba 652 Robot vacuum

So, if you want a Roomba that can deliver a more automated experience, while also having the same basic features as the previous Roomba models, then the Roomba 652 is a good choice.

What Does The Roomba 671 Offer?

The iRobot Roomba 671 is more of a continuation of the basic features that the Roomba 652 offered because it doesn’t really offer anything new or particularly different when it comes to the performance of the vacuum itself.

Roomba 671

iRobot Roomba 671 Main Specs
Suction Power 600 Pa
Сleaning Area 1615 ft2
Dust Container350 ml
Noise62 db
Battery Capacity 1800 mAh
Run-time 90 min
Charging Time 120 min
Weight 7.94 lbs
Height 3.58 in
ReleaseJun, 2018
PriceClick here

Using the Roomba 671, you can access all of the basic features and functions, using your smartphone, or your Amazon Echo/Google Home device. By using the vacuum in this manner, you can turn it on, and off, at any time, even if you are miles away from it. You can also create custom schedules for the Roomba 671, in this manner, and adjust the cleaning mode so that it can properly accommodate whatever it is vacuuming, at that moment.

As the Roomba 671 is vacuuming, you’ll receive notifications on your smartphone about what functions are being used, how the vacuuming process is going, along with lots of other little things. From this, you have greater control over the overall vacuuming experience and how your floors are cleaned.

So, if you want a Roomba that gives you a lot more control over the vacuuming experience, then the Roomba 671 is a great choice!

 Roomba 671 Robot vacuum

What Does The Roomba 675 Offer?

The Roomba 675 continues the trends laid out with the Roomba 671, and while it still has all of the basic features – the 3-Stage Cleaning System and the same brushes, for example – it actually improves upon them by giving them a bit more speed and power, in general, so that the overall vacuuming experience is significantly better.

Roomba 675

Along with that, though, the Roomba 675 offers the same automation features as the Roomba 671. Using your smartphone or Amazon Echo/Google Home device, you can control the Roomba 675 and how it is cleaning your home, and what it is doing. But, along with that, you also have constant access to the data that it is producing, with regards to how it is cleaning your home, and you have a much more thorough understanding of the individual processes that the Roomba 675 is performing.

In the end, while the features aren’t significantly different from that of the Roomba 675, it does give you some extra power – which is great if you want to clean carpets and rugs, or spaces that are particularly dirty – and the automation features are very well-done. So, if you want a Roomba that lets you automate the entire process of vacuuming, and gives you a lot of power, then the Roomba 675 is a great choice.

Roomba 675 Robot vacuum

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What Does The Roomba 690 Offer?

Finally, the last vacuum we’re going to be looking at is the iRobot Roomba 690. With the Roomba 690, you are getting a robot vacuum that improves upon the performance of the Roomba 675, by a decent amount, while also improving on the general automation features and functionality.

Roomba 690

Using the Roomba 690, you aren’t going to have any issues cleaning carpets and rugs as well as hard floors. It’s great at removing dirt and dust from all surfaces. And, it does so in a very efficient manner.

However, along with that, the automation has been improved quite a bit. You can use your smartphone and Google Home/Amazon Echo to aid in the general automation of the vacuuming process, but you can also use these things called “Virtual Wall Barriers”. Using a Virtual Wall Barrier, you prevent the Roomba 690 from going into certain spaces, and this lets you tell the Roomba 690 exactly where to clean, and then you can tell the 690 how to clean it, using your smartphone.

In the end, if you want the best in performance and functionality, then the Roomba 690 is the best choice for you!

Roomba 690 Robot vacuum

Our Overall Recommended Robot Vacuums

Affordable Option The iRobot Roomba 694 is a basic robot vacuum. It feels well-built, offers fantastic battery performance, and can adjust its suction power and brushroll height automatically depending on the surface that it's on.

Best of the Best The Roborock S7+ can vacuum and mop, and does an excellent job at both. It's also the company's most powerful vacuum yet, with 2,500Pa of suction.

Popular Option The Shark AV911S EZ is one of the least expensive robot vacuum with self-empty base. The bagless, self-emptying base holds up to 30 days of dirt and debris.

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