Roborock Q5 + vs. Roborock Q7+

The consumer goods company Roborock is fast on the way to competing with more well-known robot vacuum manufacturers such as iRobot, ECOVACS, and Dyson. Their robot vacuums are developed to allow consumers to spend less time on chores and more time on the things they love.

Roborock’s latest editions to their line of robot cleaners—the Q5+ and Q7+—are proving to be worthy rivals to their competitors. In this article, we’ll look at both robot vacuums in detail, compare them, and give our verdict on whether they’re worth purchasing for your home.

Features of the Roborock Q5+

Introduced in April 2022, the Roborock Q5+ robotic vacuum cleaner is already on its way to cleaning up the competition. This robot is priced at just under $700 and combines the convenience of a self-empty dock (the 470 ml dustbin is emptied after each clean), a 2.5-liter capacity dust bag, 2700Pa suction power, 180-minute run time, and advanced app control/voice control. All these features allow for up to seven weeks of hands-free household cleaning.

Additionally, the Q5+ boasts smart elements, such as Sensient Sensor Array, with cliff sensors, bumpers, and accelerometers, preventing it from falling down steps, getting stuck, or bumping into walls. Its PreciSense LiDAR Navigation feature provides extreme accuracy, mapping your home virtually, including furniture and floor materials, to ensure ideal cleaning according to your home’s layout.

Controlling your cleaning via the app is simple, convenient, and highly effective. You can create a mapping of your home for up to four levels and include No-Go Zones and Invisible walls to prevent your robot cleaner from venturing where you don’t want it (up to ten each for each level). You can develop advanced cleaning schedules, including specific times, rooms, and particular cleaning modes (Quiet, Balanced, Max, or Turbo).

The vacuum’s dust bag contains multi-layer air filtration, producing fresh, clean air free of dust and dirt. The appliance’s multi-plane floating main brush ensures the cleaning brush is kept as close to the ground as possible, resulting in a better, deeper clean—even on uneven surfaces. The brush is designed to be resistant to hair tangles, making it ideal for households with pets.

The Pros of the Q5+

So far, consumer reviews are overwhelmingly positive. The Q5+ is praised for its:

  • Suction power
  • Ability to clean up hair
  • Effective deep cleaning
  • The ease with which it can be set up and used via the app and voice control
  • Capacity to clean large areas in one go (up to 3229 square feet in quiet mode)
  • Ability to rarely get trapped or stuck
  • Accurate mapping
  • Efficient self-emptying

The Cons of the Q5+

And what about the cons? There are few negative reviews, but some complaints regarding long hair getting caught around the brush, some issues with purchasing replacement bags, and the need to remove loose items from the floor before use (or else these will get dragged around with the vacuum). All in all, however, the pros considerably outweigh the cons.

Features of the Q7+

The Roborock Q7+ was released onto the market in June 2022. Why, you may ask, if the Q5+ is such an effective vacuum cleaner, did Roborock unveil a new model so soon? Well, the Q7+ isn’t just a vacuum—it simultaneously vacuums and mops to ensure an even deeper, thorough clean of your living spaces.

Priced at just under $800, the Q7+ boasts the same features as the Q5+ but with the addition of a snap-on water tank (180 ml capacity) with adjustable water flow to adapt to different flooring and cleaning needs. The tank size allows for up to 1615 square feet of mopping—perfect for cleaning up any fine dust or dirt that vacuuming alone may miss.

The Q7+ also is equipped with an upgraded brush system. With four planes of movement, the roller is kept even closer to the floor, meaning a more rigorous and effective clean.

The Pros of the Q7+

As the Q7+ is a relatively new release, the jury’s still out as to whether it’s worth its significant price tag. However, initial reviews are positive, praising the robot’s thorough cleaning capabilities. As we’ve mentioned, this robot vacuum/mop contains the same smart features as the Q5+ (including sensors, self-emptying dock, voice control, app control, navigation, and 3-D mapping). Its battery life, dust bag/dustbin capacity, and powerful suction mean that you can leave it to get on with the task of getting your home sparkling clean with little to no effort on your part.

It’s hard to argue that a vacuum-mop hybrid robot is a handy and convenient appliance to own. All types of dirt, dust, grime, and allergens are eradicated in one cleaning session.

The Cons of the Q7+

The minor grumbles about the Q7+ are made when comparing it to other vacuum/mop models, such as the S7 MaxV Ultra. The Q7+ doesn’t scrub like these other appliances; it uses an electric pump to distribute and control water flow and uses a wet sweeper cloth to mop up messes. Although it does its job effectively, users complain that the Q7+ only comes with one mop pad, meaning that it gets dirty pretty quick, without any replacements to use while it’s being washed. Additionally, the dock doesn’t clean the pad (you have to do so manually), unlike the S7 MaxV Ultra.

The Verdict

Roborock has produced two fine robot vacuum appliances with the Q5+ and the Q7+. Both come equipped with excellent cleaning components and boast top-of-the-range smart features to produce efficient, hands-free cleaning. Both models are sturdy and durable and have so far impressed buyers.

Comparing the two, the Q7+ has the edge in that it simultaneously vacuums and mops, creating an even deeper, thorough clean of your household. However, for the price difference, it may be worth purchasing the Q5+ and giving your home a simple once-over with a mop or Swiffer after vacuuming using the robot. If you must have a vacuum-mop hybrid, consider getting your hands on a more premium model.

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