Do you want to know what beats a whole day of vacuuming? Anything really, but having a robotic vacuum cleaner at home will ensure you have all the time in the world to do absolutely nothing while your floors remain spotless.

Although the robotic vacuum cleaner market has become flooded with an influx of different models every year, only a few brands are on top—one of them being Xiaowa’s line of Roborocks.

Roborock E25 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review

Today, we’re going to take a close look at the Roborock E25, an astounding, affording, astonishing bot that both vacuums and mops, even simultaneously.

With an increasing number of hybrid bots entering the market, does the Roborock E25 stand out? That’s what we’re going to find out right here and right now.

Vacuuming and Mopping Performance

As a robotic vacuum cleaner, its main function is to eliminate dust and debris by sucking them all off of your floors.

Roborock E25 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Roborock E25

The Roborock E25 features a powerful motor that supplies up to 1,800 Pa of suction—more than enough to lift and remove dirt from low- and even medium-pile carpeting. As for bare floors, there’s no doubt the E25 works beautifully.

One of its handiest features is carpet boost technology. The E25 scans the surface it’s currently walking on to deliver the perfect amount of suction power, resulting in less power wastage and more cleaning.

As soon as it steps on carpeting, it’ll switch to maximum overdrive to get rid of embedded dirt hiding in between fibers.

Users will definitely love the mopping feature which uses a small water tank and a microfiber pad. The robot tows the pad around to pick up anything the vacuum may have missed. However, it’s not exactly a “mop” but rather a “wet wipe” that won’t do much against sticky spills, but that’s common in every vacuum-mop hybrid bot.

Roborock E25

Roborock E25

Runtime, Recharge, and Resume

This Roborock model is equipped with a moderate 2,600-mAh battery that supplies up to 100 continuous minutes of cleaning.

This may seem like hardly any time at all, especially when compared to other Roborock models (S5 and S6 can work for 150 minutes nonstop), but users will hardly consider this an inconvenience.

Best of all, the E25 has auto-resume where it will pick up right where it left off before charging. This means you won’t need to monitor the robot’s progress via the smartphone app and manually command it to begin its cleaning cycle from the beginning.

It’s a very self-sufficient robot that hardly needs a human touch to operate.

Wi-Fi Compatibility

By downloading the Mi Home app on your smartphone, you’ll have access to every controllable feature available in the E35. Other than the standard start and stop commands, the app also lets you set up cleaning schedules so your floors are spotless by the time you get back from work.

Roborock E25 Review

Roborock E25

The app also gives you access to different cleaning modes (spot cleaning, edge cleaning, etc.) and even has a manual steering function where you can guide the robot along with your smartphone.

It’s fun at first, but over time, it becomes a chore. The scheduler, however, is definitely a time saver (if set up correctly).

Customers will appreciate status reports on the robot’s accessories (filter, dustbin, water tank), and like most modern robotic vacuum cleaners, the E25 is compatible with Alexa.

Decent Navigation Software

The Roborock E25 doesn’t come with navigation software that’s particularly impressive.

There’s no mapping, the Mi Home app doesn’t allow you to set up virtual barriers, and it does tend to bump into obstructions from time to time. However, this isn’t to say that the E25 doesn’t know its way around floors.

Roborock E25 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Review

Roborock E25

Multiple sensors are constantly scanning to create a digital layout of your floors (non-accessible via the app) which it uses to create an efficient cleaning route.

It moves around in such a way to touch almost every square inch of your floors while steering clear of cliffs.

Every time the robot boots up, it needs to create a new map so you’ll find it working a seemingly random pattern each time.

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Verdict: Is the Roborock E25 Worth It?

If history means anything, any product from the Roborock line is worth it—the E25 included.

It surpasses any expectations one might have regarding entry-level hybrid robots. Sure, it doesn’t store a digital layout of your home’s floors, and it does tend to get stuck from time to time, but overall, it does not disappoint.

If the Roborock E25 is your first robotic vacuum cleaner, you’re setting the bar pretty high for future models.

Roborock E25 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review

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