Although Proscenic isn’t exactly the most well-known brand of robotic vacuum cleaners, they do produce some of the best budget-friendly options for those looking to purchase their first robot. The 820S is such a model – an intelligent navigation system, real-time mapping, and powerful suction are some of the more prominent features of the 820S. Now, let’s take a closer look at the finer details of the 820S<7u>.

Proscenic 820S Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review

1,800-Pa Suction

The 820S delivers a maximum of 1,800 Pa of suction power. For a robotic vacuum cleaner, this is no the most powerful suction you can find, but it does a decent enough job on both smooth floors and carpets. With this sort of limited suction power, the unit isn’t the best for wall-to-wall carpeted floors. You may need a robot that produces at least 2,000 Pa for that.

VBoost Technology for Transitioning

Speaking of carpeted floors, the 820S works admirably well on low- and medium-pile carpeting. Thanks to VBoost Technology, the robot automatically adjusts its suction power based on what surface it’s currently treading on. So when the robot detects carpeted floors, it’ll crank up its suction to the max for the best performance. Note: cleaning carpeted floors drains the battery more quickly (more on runtime later).

Proscenic 820S Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Easy-Clean 600-mL Dustbin

One of the more impressive features of the robot vacuum is its larger-than-life dustbin. It can hold onto a maximum of 600 mL of dust and debris before needing to be emptied out. This means less frequent monitoring of the robot so you have more time doing what you love (probably watching the 820S do its work?).

IPNAS 2.0 Intelligent Cleaning System

One of the most significant differences between the 820S and other budget models is the navigation system. The 820S doesn’t just roll patrol your floors in a random pattern, but by using detectors to get a feel of the layout of your home, the IPNAS 2.0 navigation system creates the most efficient snake-like cleaning path. This means maximum utilization of battery to clean the widest area per charge.

Smart APP and Alexa Voice Control

Even though the 820S comes with its own infrared remote control, it also allows you to send commands via a smartphone app and Alexa. With three ways of controlling the robot, it’s safe to say that the 820S is quite a convenient robotic vacuum cleaner. Sending start and stop commands and setting up cleaning schedules can all be done through any of these controlling methods.

Up to 120-Minute Runtime

The 820S comes equipped with a 2,000-mAh battery that supplies up to two hours of continuous cleaning per charge. This isn’t the longest runtime out there, but it’s plenty of time to clean multiple rooms, if not an entire floor, clean on a single battery. It takes roughly 4 hours for the 820S to recharge its battery to full capacity from 0%.

Proscenic 820S Robot Vacuum

No Auto-Resume Function

Like any budget robotic vacuum cleaner, the vacuum is missing some rather important specs that make robots convenient. The most crucial of which is the auto-resume function – without it, the only way you can command the robot to get back to work after recharging is by manually sending instructions via remote control, smartphone app, or screaming at Alexa to forward your messages. The good news is that you can send commands from anywhere in the world as long as the 820S is connected to your home’s Wi-Fi router.

Real-Time Cleaning Alerts

While the robot is doing its thing, it’ll send alerts straight to the smartphone APP. On your phone’s screen, you can how the robot has moved around your floors, choose between different cleaning modes, and receive alerts regarding the robot’s remaining battery life.

Proscenic 820S

Boundary Strips

The smartphone app is limited to what it can do. For instance, you cannot set up no-go zones for the robot, the inside of the box you’ll find boundary strips that the robot cannot pass. As soon as the 820S is within a few inches of a boundary strip, it’ll stop in its tracks and head in the opposite direction. Place boundary strips near pet bowls and other objects that the robotic vacuum cleaner can easily push over.


In terms of value, the Proscenic 820S is one of the more impressive budget robotic vacuum cleaners we’ve seen in a long time. You really get the most bang for your buck in cleaning performance and convenience. You shouldn’t realistically expect the 820S to do everything perfectly – despite having a pretty good navigation system, the 820S does tend to get stuck quite often. That being said, for its price tag, we definitely feel that any of its shortcomings are within tolerable levels.

Proscenic 820S Robotic Vacuum