The importance of a dehumidifier in the home can never be overstated. High levels of humidity have undesirable effects on your home’s structure and your entire family’s health. With this in mind, it is important to ensure that you have the right dehumidifier for your home.

Powilling 5500 Cubic Feet Smart Home Dehumidifier Review

You don’t want to see mold or mildew growing on a vital pillar of your house. In addition to causing your house to depreciate at a higher rate, excessive moisture can result in catastrophic results. It weakens the structure of your house, and if it’s left unattended for a long time, it can easily cause your home to collapse.

There are other less prominent undesirable effects of excessive humidity like the foul smell, moist walls, general discomfort, damaged furniture, damaged paintings, and a myriad of health conditions. All these can be avoided by a simple dehumidifier like the Powilling 5500 Cubic Feet Smart Home Dehumidifier.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the features that come with this dehumidifier.

Portable and Lightweight

If you live in an area with slightly higher humidity levels, it may not be worthwhile to purchase a dehumidifier for every room. A simple solution would be having only one and moving it from one room to the other as the need arises.

When you choose to go with this model, you will enjoy the convenience of using a lightweight device that is easy to carry around. On top of that, you get two options for draining the water reservoir that will give you the option of fitting this dehumidifier anywhere.

You can either remove the reservoir when it is full, or you can use the included drain hose to drain any water that collects in the reservoir continuously. This way, you will never need to worry about emptying the reservoir every few days. However, you will need to keep the dehumidifier close to a sink or another outlet that the hose will drain into.

Powilling 5500 Cubic Feet Smart Home Dehumidifier

Capacity and Speed

This is a thermoelectric dehumidifier, which means that it uses the Peltier effect to remove water from the air. This means that the unit does not function as fast as the other compressor-type dehumidifiers.

In a day, it will remove up to 60 ounces of moisture from the air. This is quite impressive when compared to other thermoelectric dehumidifiers, but it still does not reach some of the high-capacity compressor-type dehumidifiers. With this in mind, if you are living in an area that normally has high levels of humidity.

However, despite the slow rate, this dehumidifier will still do a decent job of getting rid of moisture from the air if you set it up and leave it to work at its pace.

Noise Production

In exchange for the slower dehumidification rate, this machine brings a number of benefits when it comes to noise production. Since it uses the Peltier effect to dehumidify, this machine has very few moving parts. In fact, apart from the fan that is used to increase airflow into the dehumidifier, there are no other moving parts in the machine.

This means that you get a very quiet operation that allows you to leave the machine running even if you are sleeping in the same room.


The controls that come with this dehumidifier are straightforward and easy to use. You only have to plug it in, set the desired humidity level and that’s it! It will do the rest automatically. If the water reservoir gets full before the set humidity level is reached, it has a shut-off switch that will turn the dehumidifier off to prevent the water from leaking and messing with your floor.

When this happens, the full reservoir indicator light on the dehumidifier will go on and stay on until you empty the reservoir.

Powilling 5500

Power Consumption

This is another area where this dehumidifier really shines. Since there are no compressors to power, this dehumidifier only needs 90 watts. With such a low rating, your power bill will not suffer a hit even if you decide to leave it running the whole day.

It is also very reliable thanks to the absence of many complicated moving parts in the overall design. With this in mind, all the maintenance you will need to do is to empty the reservoir every few days and the dehumidifier will serve you for decades.


The Powilling 5500 dehumidifier may not work for you if you live in a humid area that needs high rates of moisture removal. However, if you are looking for a simple, silent and affordable dehumidifier that you can move with from one room to the other, then this is the device to get.

Powilling Dehumidifier

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