Pentair LA01N Single Speed Booster Pump Review

To support their wide range of pressure-side pressure cleaners, Pentair has several booster pumps to choose from. In this review, we’re going to see whether the Pentair LA01N, a unique single-speed booster pump, is worth taking home with you.

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For Pressure-Side Pool Cleaners

We’re letting you know that the LA01N is designed to power pressure-side pool cleaners, not suction-side cleaners. To be specific, if you have a Pentair Legend Platinum, Legend Platinum Truck Series, or a Legend automatic pool cleaner, the LA01N is compatible and comes with the correct fittings to get things started.

As for other models, you may need to purchase the correct-sized fittings if this ¾-HP booster pump can deliver enough pressure.

Pentair LA01N
Pentair LA01N

¾-HP Motor, 50 PSI at 12 GPM

Speaking of which, the LA01N is a ¾-HP machine that can deliver 50 PSI and 12 GPM. Admittedly, this isn’t as heavy-duty as other booster pumps, even other Pentair-made ones, but it should produce enough pressure to get propel many pressure-side pool cleaners.

It’s also worth noting that this is a one-speed machine, meaning the PSI and GPM ratings are non-adjustable.


There are two points we’d like to discuss here. Firstly, the LA01N can serve you loyally for many years thank’s to being made out of anti-corrosion materials. Leaving this machine out in the sun, rain, or snow will not take years out of its life, but we’d still recommend keeping it dry throughout the year.

Second, the LA01N can work for several consecutive hours every day and not overheat. It allows you to run your pressure-side pool cleaner for however long you want, whenever you want.

Pentair LA01N Review
Pentair LA01N


The thought of running a pump continuously for many hours daily for an entire year can be worrisome to many people, especially if you can’t reliably run it at night during off-peak hours. It is not something you need to worry about with the LA01N—it’s a highly energy-efficient booster pump that runs on 115V/230V and draws only 13/6.5 amps on full-load.

To put it simply, running the LA01N and your pressure-side pool cleaner for many hours daily shouldn’t cause an astronomical increase in energy bills.

Easy Installation

Another thing that can worry some folks is getting a booster pump up and running. Thankfully, due to the straightforward design and non-adjustable speed and pressure ratings, setting the LA01N up shouldn’t be a source of headache and heartache.

As long as you have a handy screwdriver and adjustable wrench, as well as a bit of handy work know-how, then swapping out or installing your new LA01N booster pump can be finished in less than an hour.

Leaky Seal

Despite being durable against weather conditions and overheating, that’s not to say the LA01N is invincible. As time goes on, you may notice a leaky seal which can be detrimental to performance and longevity. Wear-and-tear is common in booster pumps, especially after a couple of years, so this is nothing to be alarmed about.

The good news is that replacing the seal pump seal is a DIY-able, 10-to-20-minute task that requires very few tools.

Pentair LA01N Booster Pump
Pentair LA01N


We would love to tell you that the LA01N is whisper-quiet, but sadly, that’s not the case. It doesn’t shriek or whine excessively, but the droning sound of its ¾-HP motor can be annoying at times and difficult to drown out. It’s best to set your pressure-side pool cleaner up, turn the booster pump on, and let them do their thing while you wait in the comfort of your home.

Product Registration

Registering your LA01N can be done online at the Pentair website. We wholeheartedly recommend that you do this immediately if you pick up the LA01N since doing so will validate the standard one-year limited warranty that protects your investment from premature death.

This needs to be done within 60 days after the date of purchase, otherwise, the warranty is void. Ensure you do this, especially if you opted for the two- or three-year extended warranty.

Verdict: Should I Get the Pentair LA01N Single Speed Booster Pump?

Despite being a one-speed booster pump, there are several things to like about this machine. Firstly, since a necessary piece of equipment to run a pressure-side pool cleaner, it’s best to find a pump with a long lifespan, experiences very few maintenance issues, and provides enough water flow and pressure to run your pool cleaner.

The Pentair LA01N has all of these bases covered and then some. Once again, make sure to register the product immediately after receiving it!

Pentair LA01N Single Speed Booster Pump Review

This website is supported by readers. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

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