Pentair 340039 vs. 342001: Pool Pump Comparison

The two most important considerations to make when searching for the best pool pump are a) how much water the pump can circulate and b) how much power it consumes by doing so. The safest thing one can do is by checking out what the top brands have to offer; in this case, Pentair.

Pentair 340039
Pentair 340039

Let’s check out what their 340039 and 342001 have to offer to determine which is better overall.

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Pentair 340039 SuperFlo

1.5-HP Motor

One of the first things shoppers should look out for in a pool pump is the motor, or rather its power output. The 340039’s motor is rated at 1.5 HP, making it adequate for the average sized backyard swimming pool. It’s not the largest motor or most powerful motor out there, but it definitely does get the job done in an efficient manner.

Pentair 340039 SuperFlo High Performance Single Speed Pool Pump
Pentair 340039

One-Speed Pool Pump

The 340039 is a one-speed machine that has a waterflow rate of 100 GPM. This figure alone shows just how “slow” it pumps water compared to other models such as the 342001 VS. however, this isn’t bad by any means, especially if don’t plan on keeping your swimming pool filled all year long or don’t have multiple water features in your pool (jets, slides, fountains, etc.).

XL Strainer Basket with Transparent Lid

Perhaps the prime feature of this pol pump is its strainer. Cleaning the strainer basket out is a necessary challenge, but the 340039’s XL strainer basket should relieve much of the stress involved in the cleaning process. Better yet, the lid is made of transparent plastic materials which allow users to see how filled the basket is without removing the lid altogether.


Here’s where things take a turn for the better. The 340039 is a self-priming machine. When you turn the pump on, it only takes a few moments for it to remove all air from the piping before it begins drawing and shooting water into your pools. This feature in and of itself more than overshadows the inconvenience of low-waterflow output.

Quiet Operation

Here’s something that everyone can enjoy. The 340039, like the 342001, has a maximum noise output of only 45 decibels or about the same as volume as a microwave. Soundproofing in the 340039 comes from the internal waterflow design that softens hydraulic noises significantly. Wear and tear will inhibit sound absorbency so parts need to be replaced over time.

Pentair 340039 SuperFlo High Performance Single Speed Pool Pump Review

Pentair 342001 VS SuperFLo

1.5-HP Motor

Although the 342001 VS and 340039 are very different pool pumps in many regards, they do have a handful of similarities. After all, they’re both SuperFlo models. The 340021 VS also comes with a 1.5-HP motor which can be limited in some regards, but unlike the 340039, this model can plug into a 240V receptacle to increase its waterflow output. The pump automatically detects if its drawing power from a 120V or 240V and adjusts its power settings accordingly.

Variable Speed

The VS in its name stands for variable speed which, as you may already know, allows you to adjust how much or how little water flows through the pump. With three different speeds, the 340021 VS can deliver a maximum of 103 GPM (110V) or 113 GPM (240V). There’s even an override feature that lets you take full-control over its speed settings in order to maximize performance based on your pool’s unique needs.

Eco Select Pump

This is something many might not even consider, but it’s definitely worth noting. The 340021 VS is the greenest pool pump that Pentair has to offer. As an Eco Select brand product, this pool pump is able to work optimally while using up to 20% less energy as many of its competitors.

Intuitive Controls

The 342001 VS is one of the most user-friendly pool pumps you’ll ever find. Right away, you’ll notice that the digital display helps make using and configuring the pool a piece of cake. The control pad allows you to choose one of the three available speeds and set up a time with just a few presses of a button.

In addition, thanks to its storage capacity, in case of a power outage, your settings will be waiting for you when power kicks back on.

Pentair 342001

Pentair 340039 vs. 342001: Which Should I Get?

With different maximum waterflow rates as well as different convenience-adding features, we have to ask ourselves which of the two covers points a and b mentioned in the beginning. The answer, ladies and gentlemen, is the Pentair 342001 VS SuperFlo. Its higher maximum waterflow output paired with the intuitive, user-friendly controls makes this pool pump a real work of art.

Pentair 342001 Pool Pump
Pentair 342001

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