Panda vs SUPER DEAL vs Giantex Portable Washers

If you’re looking for the best portable washing machine on the market, then you’ve got quite a long search ahead of you. Or, and this is just a suggestion, you can take a look at our comparison of three of the top-performing portable washers from three popular brands: the Panda PAN56MGP3, the SUPER DEAL SD190115, and the Giantex EP22761. At the end of this comparison, you’ll find out which of them reigns supreme and belongs in your laundry room/RV.

Panda vs SUPER DEAL vs Giantex
Panda PAN56MGP3

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Panda PAN56MGP3

Single-Tub Design

The Panda portable washer is a single-tub machine that both washes and spin-dries your garments in the same tub. The main advantage of single-tub washing machines over twin-tubs is their smaller footprint and easier transportability. If you need a washing machine for an RV or your laundry/bathroom is limited in space, consider single-tubs like the Panda and Giantex.

10-pound Max Load

As a smaller portable washing machine compared to others like the SUPER DEAL, the Panda’s wash-dry tub has limited space. At most, it can hold onto as much as 10 pounds of laundry per cycle. This isn’t the smallest capacity machine you’ll see as you continue on reading, and it definitely does clean quite a lot with each cycle.

10 Programmable Wash Cycles

The versatility of a portable washer relies heavily on how many wash cycles or wash modes it offers. The Panda is one of the more versatile portable washing machines with ten programmable wash cycles, from delicate for silk to rough for jeans and other durable items.

Stainless-Steel Tub with Agitator

Inside of the Panda’s compact body is a stainless-steel tub which is designed to prevent corrosion. At the bottom of the sit sits a 360° agitator that does sends your garments spinning during wash cycles for extra friction and extra wash power. These two features can also be found in both the SUPER DEAL and the Giantex.

51-pound Body

Finally, as a portable washing machine, it’s important that it doesn’t just take up little floorspace but also weighs close to nothing for easier transport. The Panda’s dry-weight is roughly 51 pounds which, by portable washer standards, isn’t exactly lightweight. However, the slim design of this single-tub machine actually makes lifting by a single person rather easy.

Panda PAN56MGP3 Review


Twin-Tub Design

Next up, we have the SUPER DEAL, the only twin-tub portable washing machine in this three-way comparison. Even though twin-tubs are considerably wider than their single-tub counterparts and thus take up more floorspace, the main advantage of this design is that it allows users to wash and spin-dry different loads simultaneously. Just make sure the unit is perfectly balanced by adjusting its feet to prevent excessive vibrations.


Three Control Dials

It’s worth noting that the SUPER DEAL, like most twin-tub portable washing machines on the market, does not have an electronic control pad. Instead, users need to twist three dials to adjust the duration of the wash cycle, the abrasiveness of the wash cycle, and the duration of the spin cycle. It’s pretty straightforward so there’s absolutely no risk of messing it up.

11-pound Wash, 7-pound Spin

The SUPER DEAL also comes with a larger stainless-steel tub than both the Panda and Giantex. At most, this portable machine can wash up to 11 pounds of laundry in a single go while spin-drying seven pounds in the second tub. However, the difference in capacities between the wash and spin tubs means a max wash load requires two spin cycles to complete.

2 Deep-Rinse Cycles

With each wash cycle, the SUPER DEAL is programmed to deliver two deep-rinse cycles. This ultimately means even excessive amounts of detergent are thoroughly washed out of the fabric of your laundry for a cleaner, stiff-less feel.

More than 80% Dry after Spin

After putting your clothes in the high-speed drum and allowing up to five minutes of spinning, your clothes will not come out dripping even a tiny bit of water. The drum spins at a rate of 1,300 RPM which removes more than 80% of moisture for quicker air-drying.

SUPER DEAL SD190115 Mini Compact Twin Tub Washing Machine Review

Giantex EP22761

Electronic Controls

Last but not least, we have the Giantex EP22761, a highly popular single-tub portable washing machine that as pleasing to the eye as it is easy to use. Like the Panda, the Giantex has a fully electronic control panel where users can input different wash, rinse, and dry cycles to their liking. No dials, no guesswork, no headache!

8-pound Load Capacity

But what can be a headache, at least to those with large families or several laundry freeloaders, is the tiny wash and dry capacity of the Giantex. The tiny tub supports only up to eight pounds of laundry per cycle. If you’re traveling with the Giantex, this may not be an issue, but for regular use in households, you’ll need to calculate how much laundry you wash regularly before deciding whether eight pounds is enough.

Built-in Drain Pump

One of the more amazing features of the Giantex is that it comes with a pump built into the machine that removes water from the tub more efficiently than most of its competitors. This handy feature means you can place the drain hose at a higher elevation—e.g. a sink—without worrying about water getting stuck in the hose. In comparison, the Panda and SUPER DEAL both rely solely on gravity to take water from the tub and shoot it out of the drain hose.

Weighs Only 37 pounds

Another thing that drives customers bonkers is the Giantex’s super-lightweight build. The machine’s dry-weight is only 37 pounds, or about 14 pounds lighter than the Panda. Loading this portable washing machine onto your RV shouldn’t cause any pulled muscles so everybody wins!

Giantex EP22761 Review

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Panda vs. SUPER DEAL vs. Giantex: Which Should I Get?

Now for the hard part: determining which of the three is the best portable washer. In our humble opinion, we feel that the Giantex is objectively the best of the three despite its tiny eight-pound laundry capacity. It has a tiny footprint and weighs considerably less than the other two machines, and its built-in drain pump is truly a lifesaver.

Washing Machine Reviews
Giantex EP22761

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