MUSTART Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger Review

MUSTART is probably a brand most electric car owners have never heard of, which is a true shame considering how they produce some of the best residential-grade EV chargers out there.

MUSTART Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger Review

The company released its first EV charger back in 2017 that became an instant game-changer. It made charging and therefore owning electric vehicles easier and less expensive by providing a portable charger that surpassed level 1 chargers in every way imaginable.

Today, we’re going to take a look at the black-and-blue MUSTART 40-amp EV Charger, an upgraded version of the Level 2 white-and-silver 40-amp charger. The upgrades include sturdier materials, weather resistance, and resistance to abrasion.

Chances are that the MUSTART is compatible with any EV you have in your garage, but does it belong there? Let’s find out together.

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40-amp Max Charging Current

The MUSTART is a high-powered EVSE that has the capacity to deliver 40 amps of charging current to your vehicle. According to the company, this portable charger can charge up to five times faster than a Level 1 16-amp charger that you may have received upon purchasing your vehicle.

MUSTART Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger

If speed is of importance—you need to get farther but don’t have time to charge all day long—then the MUSTART is definitely for you.

Additionally, this EVSE supports up to 9.6-kilowatt-hour of output power or, by rough estimates, between 28 and 39 miles of travel for every charging hour. Spend more time hitting the open road and suffer briefer downtimes while waiting for your car’s battery to reach capacity.

Please be aware of what your vehicle can and cannot take. If you have an older EV that accepts only 16 amps, then the MUSTART and any other Level 2 40-amp charger isn’t what you’re looking for.

Also, the MUSTART requires a 50-amp circuit breaker at home; without it, this EVSE is nothing but a large paperweight. Make sure you know what you have and what the MUSTART is capable of doing.

Easy-to-Read Digital Display

Everything about the MUSTART screams “user-friendliness.” The clear digital display lets users know of output power, actual charging voltage, max AC charging current, charging amount and time, as well as operating temperature.

MUSTART Electric Vehicle Charger

To reset the display, you’ll need to unplug the unit and plug it back in—a minor annoyance that can be avoided by installing a socket and switch.

25-foot Power Cord

With the super-long 25-foot power cord, there’s not a lot of dancing, twisting, and turning requires to navigate the charging port to your vehicle. When properly installed (easy to do, by the way), the charger should be able to connect to your car from any direction and while parked at any orientation.

Plus, the cable is pretty heavy-duty and can withstand a couple of bumps at home or while traveling.

IP67 Connector for Safe Indoor/Outdoor Installation

Like most portable EVSEs, the MUSTART is compatible with both indoor and outdoor installation. The control box is rated IP55 and should be installed indoors or under a roof to protect it against high-pressure jets of water.

As for the 2nd Version Connector, it has a rating of IP67, making it completely safe for outdoor use in any weather condition.

Quick and Easy Installation

There’s absolutely nothing to it—as long as your home has a 50-amp circuit breaker and a dedicated receptacle that’s properly grounded, you’re ready to upgrade your charging station with the quick-charging MUSTART.


This comes with a mounting bracket kit and hook to keep the unit and cable out of harm’s way at all times (assuming you use the hook and leave the cable off the floor).

Portable to the Max

As we mentioned in an earlier section, the MUSTART is built to withstand dust and jets of water to a certain extent, making it the perfect charging solution to take with you and use in most weather conditions.

Additionally, because it has a NEMA 14-50 adapter, you won’t have a difficult time finding a charging outlet along the highway or at your local shopping mart (depending on where you live, of course).

To make matters easier on you, the MUSTART comes with its own travel bag where it can reside comfortably while not in use.

MUSTART Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger
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Verdict: Should I Get the MUSTART (EV) Charger?

Yes, yes you absolutely should, assuming that your car can handle up to 40 amps of charging current and your home has the proper electrical system and circuit breaker.

Everything about the MUSTART—quick-charge capabilities, high-capacity output power, unquestionable portability, and indoor/outdoor safe rating—makes it the perfect replacement to most chargers that come standard with EVs. It doesn’t draw eyes nearly as much as the stylish JuiceBox 40, but it does exactly as promised.

MUSTART Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger Review

This website is supported by readers. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

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