MOOSOO XL-618A vs. MOOSOO XL-618B: Cordless Vacuums

These days, you have a lot of choices when it comes to vacuum cleaners. You can find vacuum cleaners of all sorts, for all kinds of different purposes. You can find upright vacuum cleaners, which are the most common vacuum cleaners, you can find canister vacuum cleaners and handheld vacuum cleaners, and you can also find cordless stick vacuum cleaners.


Today, we’re going to be looking at two cordless stick vacuum cleaners. The MOOSOO XL-618A, and the MOOSOO XL-618B, and you’re going to learn all about the features and attributes that these two cordless stick vacuums offer. But, along with that, you are also going to learn a little bit more about cordless stick vacuums, in this next section…

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What Is A Cordless Stick Vacuum?

A cordless stick vacuum is a vacuum cleaner that takes a lot of design inspiration from upright vacuums. Upright vacuums stand tall and upright, but they are also very bulky and heavy. You can’t move them around with that much ease, and it’s difficult to use them in smaller and tighter spaces.


With a cordless stick vacuum, though, you have a tall and upright vacuum that isn’t particularly bulky or heavy. Instead, this vacuum is thin and lightweight. There isn’t any excess weight or heft, and you can easily pick up most cordless stick vacuums with just one hand.

Since these are small vacuums, and they aren’t reliant on a cord, it is very easy to use them in smaller spaces, and in spaces where you don’t have access to a power outlet. But, unfortunately, they have significantly less power than an upright vacuum, which is the big trade-off of it all.

What Does The MOOSOO XL-618A Offer?

Weighing just 3.3 pounds, the MOOSOO XL-618A is not heavy, at all. It’s lightweight and very easy for you to pick it up and to move it around. You can easily move it around with just one hand.

MOOSOO Stick Vacuum

Through the use of a lithium-ion battery, you have forty-five minutes of battery life. This isn’t that much, but for a stick vacuum, it’s pretty good. Especially since this stick vacuum gives you 7000Pa of suction power, and that’s a lot of suction power for such a small and unassuming vacuum.

Using this 7000Pa of suction power, you can vacuum on hard floors of all different types – floors made of things like stone and wood and vinyl, among others – and then you can also vacuum on carpets and rugs, as well as other soft surfaces.

MOOSOO XL-618A Stick Vacuum

Most stick vacuums don’t allow you to do this since they don’t have the suction or brush capabilities to enable you to vacuum on those surfaces, but with the MOOSOO XL-618A, it’s easy vacuuming on those soft surfaces. And you can vacuum up dirt and dust, as well as smaller pieces of debris. Bigger pieces of debris will be harder, though, since the vacuum itself doesn’t have the suction pathway for larger pieces of debris.

When you vacuum, all of the dirt, dust, and debris flows into a dust tank. This dust tank can hold up to 1.3-liters, which is a lot for a stick vacuum of this size. As a result of this, you can easily vacuum for a longer period, without needing to empty the dust tank, to continue to vacuum constantly.

If you want to vacuum smaller spaces or small corners and crevices, but the main vacuum won’t reach, you can press a button, and transform the MOOSOO XL-618A into a handheld vacuum. Using this handheld vacuum, you can easily clean upholstery on your couch and chairs, as well as those smaller spaces that are located around furniture, and things of that nature.


Ultimately, the MOOSOO XL-618A is a very efficient and well-designed stick vacuum that gives you a lot of power and efficiency. If that is what you are looking for, then this is an excellent choice!

What Does The MOOSOO XL-618B Offer?

So, in many ways, the MOOSOO XL-618B is pretty similar to the MOOSOO XL-618A. There aren’t too many distinct differences that would greatly affect the overall experience, but there is one very big difference that will affect the entire experience positively.

MOOSOO Stick Vacuum

That difference is the fact that, with the MOOSOO XL-618B, you have a suction power of 15,000Pa, which is a significant amount. Using this power, you can easily clean any surface, no matter how thick or dirty that surface may be. With this amount of suction power, you have a lot of freedom, and this will make the entire vacuuming experience so much more efficient, especially if you have a home where there are all kinds of different surfaces.

When you are vacuuming, all of the dirt, dust, and debris, flows through a few different filtration mechanisms. Each filtration mechanism gets rid of the small particles that can get in your air and cause trouble. Things like bacteria and various germs and allergens, and this is a very effective filtration system that works quite well. And then, once the dirt, dust, and debris has flown through that filtration system, everything then goes into a dust tank that can hold up to 1.2 liters. So, it’s a bit smaller than the dust dank found in the MOOSOO XL-618A, but not by a lot.

MOOSOO XL-618B Stick Vacuum

In terms of the battery-life, you only have thirty minutes of battery, with the MOOSOO XL-618A. That is not a lot of battery-life, and if you have a larger home, you aren’t going to be able to clean the entirety of that space in the most reasonable amount of time, and not with this battery life. For more specific cleanings within particular rooms, this battery-life is a bit more reasonable. The reason why the battery life is so low is because of the suction power that runs through it.

If the MOOSOO XL-618A sounded good to you, but you want something with a bit more power than the MOOSOO XL-618B is a fantastic choice!


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This website is supported by readers. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

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