MOOSOO Upgraded K1 Cordless Stick Vacuum Review

Even though uprights are the most popular type of vacuum cleaner, stick vacs are a close second. And developments in vacuum and battery technology have narrowed the gap between the two to near-nonexistent levels.

MOOSOO Upgraded K1 Cordless Stick Vacuum

If you’re looking for excellent cleaning performance and the convenience of not being tied down to a wall outlet, then a cordless stick vac is for you. And we’ve got an impressive stick vac to show you this time.

The MOOSOO Upgraded K1 Cordless Stick Vacuum is arguably one of the most underrated vacuum cleaners on the market. With an impressive motor and improved battery efficiency, we’re hoping that our readers will take the time to see what the lesser-known brand has to offer. Read all about the MOOSOO K1 below.

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17-kPA Suction

Like most stick vacs, the K1 has multiple cleaning modes. On Standard mode, the unit delivers a moderate 10 kPa of suction power which should fare well on bare floors and low-pile carpeting.

MOOSOO Upgraded K1 Vacuum

Kick it up a gear to MAX mode and the K1 delivers a whopping 17 kPa of suction to remove embedded dirt and debris from medium-pile carpeting. For those of you with wall-to-wall carpeting at home, you’ll definitely find that this vacuum is more than capable of handling the dirtiest floors.

Highly Efficient Brushless Motor

Inside of the K1’s compact case is a beefy 200W motor that delivers all the suction power you need to clean floors and above-ground surfaces. But what makes the motor so impressive is that it’s a brushless motor which essentially means it can run longer without overheating and draining the battery.

The lack of friction inside of the motor results in better heat dissipation and battery life so you can work for longer per charge. Speaking of the battery…

30-minute Runtime

The K1 draws power from a 2,200-mAh Li-Ion battery pack that supplies up to 30 minutes of continuous cleaning on Standard mode per charge. When running MAX mode, we’re looking at roughly half of that time which, by stick vacuum standards, isn’t bad at all.

MOOSOO K1 Vacuum Review

It takes roughly four hours of charging for the battery to reach maximum capacity, and according to MOOSOO, it can recharge up to 600 times before needing to be replaced. The battery pack is detachable so if you purchase additional packs, you won’t need to wait for one-third of the day to clean for 60 minutes.

Convertible from Stick to Handheld

Stick vacuum cleaners like the K1 are not one-trick ponies. By detaching the long shaft, the K1 transforms instantly from a stick to a handheld unit. Inside of the box, you’ll find several helpful cleaning tools, including a MINI motorized vacuum head, a 2-in-1 cleaning brush, and a crevice tool.

Also, this model comes with an extendable flexible hose to help you reach corners and into tight spaces effortlessly. And because this is a cordless model, lifting the unit overhead to clean ceiling corners or drapes is a breeze. MOOSOO also offers an inexpensive pet grooming brush that’s compatible with this stick vac (sold separately).

4-Stage Filtration with HEPA

The four-stage filtration system ensures that everything you’ve suctioned up doesn’t go flying out of the exhaust port. The system begins with cyclonic filtration that separates fine from large particles to prevent clogging the subsequent filters.

MOOSOO Upgraded K1 Vacuum Review

Next, we’ve got a honeycomb-style filter and a screen filter to trap finer that passed through the first stage. Last and most impressive is the HEPA filter that ensures that more than 99% of dirt as small as 0.3 microns. In the end, you’ve got cleaner floors without polluting your home’s indoor air.

Weighs Less than 3 Pounds

Stick vacuum cleaners are all about being lightweight. The lighter they are, the easier they are to navigate in tight spaces and lift overhead. The K1 weighs in at only 2.85 pounds, making it one of the lightest stick vacs available.

It goes without saying that moving and lifting this stick vac requires hardly any effort. Any elderly readers out there will undoubtedly be pleased about the K1’s design.

Verdict: Should I Get the MOOSOO Upgraded K1 Stick Vacuum?

What we have here is a mighty impressive stick vac at only a fraction of the cost of many high-end models. The MOOSOO Upgraded K1 Cordless Stick Vacuum is, in our opinion, one of the best you’ll find today.

The powerful brushless motor, long-lasting batteries, and four-stage filtration including a HEPA filter, all encased inside of a less-than-three-pound body, as well as an affordable price tag, you’ve got yourself a heavy-duty, ultra-reliable stick vac to use for almost any cleaning job.

MOOSOO Upgraded K1 Cordless Stick Vacuum Review

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