McCulloch MC1275 Steam Cleaner Review

It’s not difficult to forget that microscopic organisms are residing on every surface of everything we touch. After all, they’re microscopic—you can’t see them unless you have microscopes for eyes. You could take a moist cloth with your favorite cleaning agent and get to work, or you could do the more enjoyable thing and blast dirt, grime, and bacteria away with the awesome dissolving power of steam.

McCulloch MC1275 Steam Cleaner Review

The McCulloch MC1275 is a canister steam cleaner that does exactly what you’d imagine. Without the use of harmful chemicals, the MC1275 gets rid of any caked-on messes with a pull of the trigger. Best of all, the machine is lightweight, compact, and extremely easy to use. Let’s look at what the MC1275 is packing under its gray and yellow hood.

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48-ounce Water Tank

Being a compact canister steam cleaner, it’s hard to see just how this tiny machine can house up to 48 fluid ounces of water at any given time. A large water tank means fewer refills, allowing you to clean a broader area without interruption.

At most, the MC1275 can produce up to 45 minutes of steam. Imagine how many objects and surfaces you can clean in that much time.

McCulloch MC1275 Steam Cleaner
McCulloch MC1275

Constant 43-PSI Steam Pressure

If you’re looking for a variable steam dial or different speeds, then you’re out of the luck. The MC1275 comes with a single delivery rate of up to 37 grams per minute at 43 PSI.

Theoretically, without full control over how much steam to shoot out of the nozzle, you’ll probably end up wasting more water and power than you’d need. Plus, a constant delivery rate and pressure may lead to accidental warping or melting of plastic objects. Take things slowly and keep your finger on the trigger at all times.

Steam Lock

Or you can completely ignore that piece of advice and activate the steam lock. The steam lock makes it so you don’t have to pull the trigger to shoot steam, but instead, it sprays a non-stop jet of steam for added dissolving and cleaning power.

Caution: Locking the trigger in place can damage delicate objects or even melt carpet or upholstery fibers. Use sparingly and at your own risk.

8-minute Heating Time

For a full 43-ounce tank of water, the MC1275 requires up to eight minutes for the water to boil and produce steam. Indeed, a full tank of water can supply up to 45 continuous minutes of cleaning, but we noticed that after roughly 10 to 15 minutes, the amount of steam would drop significantly and require reheating. On average, you’ll spend around 30 minutes waiting for 45 minutes of cleaning.

McCulloch MC1275
McCulloch MC1275

Extra-Far Reach

Two factors affect how far you can reach with a steam cleaner: the length of the cable and the length of the hose. In the MC1275, you have a radius of about 25 feet from any wall outlet, giving you plenty of space to move around without tugging on the cord. Feel free to extend your reach by several feet by plugging this baby into an extension cord.

Wide Selection of Cleaning Attachments

But perhaps the most attractive thing about the MC1275 is the 18 cleaning attachments that it comes with. The most prominent attachments, in no particular order, are the jet nozzle, the floor mop attachment, and the scrub.

McCulloch MC1275 Review
McCulloch MC1275

We are fond of the floor mop attachment since it eliminates the need to use harmful chemicals to keep tiles and floorboards spotless. The brush is an excellent tool for spot-cleaning grout, ovens, faucets, and other small objects and surfaces. There’s also a built-in storage compartment where all the tools remain safe and sound when not in use.

However, it’s worth mentioning that these cleaning tools aren’t exactly durable. They’ll last for several months with careful use, but over time, the brush’s bristles will fall off, and the mop pad will need to be replaced frequently.

Obnoxiously Loud

The one thing users have complained about constantly is the amount of noise the MC1275 produces. Granted, steam cleaners are notorious for being loud, but the MC1275 takes it to another level. It’s not deafening, but when used in cramped spaces like auto interiors, prepare for the worst.

McCulloch MC1275 Steam Canister Cleaner
McCulloch MC1275
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Verdict: Is the McCulloch MC1275 Any Good?

Is the McCulloch MC1275 the best steam cleaner out there? Not by a long shot, but neither is it the worst. At best, it’s decent considering its affordable price tag, is good enough. It’s great for all types of stains on practically any surface, but its wait-to-work ratio is more than a tad annoying. Overall, it doesn’t disappoint but don’t expect any miracles.

McCulloch MC1275 Steam Cleaner Review

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