McCulloch MC1270 Steam Cleaner Review (Accessory All Natural Chemical Free)

Manual scrubbing bathroom tiles is a pain in the neck that nobody wants to deal with. Also, if using some floor-cleaning agent, you’re exposing yourself to some pretty gnarly chemicals that only become more potent in confined spaces.

McCulloch MC1270 Steam Cleaner Review

No, what you need is a steam cleaner—a portable device that harnesses the power of steam for chemical-free cleanliness no amount of scrubbing can ever achieve.

McCulloch is arguably the world’s best manufacturer of residential-grade steam cleaners. We’ve seen their MC1275 and MC1375 models, so today, we’re going to review the MC1270. Spoiler alert: it holds true to the good McCulloch name.

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Excellent Cleaning Performance

The MC1270 may be small but it’s packing some heat. For most caked-on and greasy stains, this compact steam cleaner is more than reliable. It features a big 25-fluid-ounce tank that supplies roughly 30 minutes’ worth of steam.

McCulloch MC1270 Steam Cleane
McCulloch MC1270

To make matters even better, it has a variable steam dial located on the handle near the nozzle where you can adjust how much steam to release with each press of the trigger. From the lowest to highest settings, the MC1270 shoots out 33 g/m and 43 g/m of steam.

Obviously, with a lower speed, you’ll have more steam to work with before the boiler kicks in.

Furthermore, because of the variable steam dial, the MC1270 can be used on virtually any surface and object without causing damage or wrinkling. If your child’s toys have dried food remnants, or if your bed is infested with termites, you can turn to the MC1270 to clean them all safely and effectively.

Quick Water Boiler

Let’s talk about the boiler. Even though it can provide up to 30 minutes of steam with just five minutes of heating, it doesn’t heat the water tank all at once.

It typically heats up for about 20 to 30 seconds to produce about one minute of steam.

You’ll know when the boiler kicks in when the light on the unit turns on. When it shuts off, you’re ready to roll.

It is not the quickest boiler out there, even compared to other McCulloch products, but it certainly does the job well.

McCulloch MC1270
McCulloch MC1270

Maximum Portability

By maximum portability, I mean maximum portability. First of all, the dry weight of the MC1270 is only 4.6 pounds and only a sliver over seven pounds with a tankful of water.

Transporting this unit up and downstairs is as easy as can be, let alone moving it across smooth floors.

But that’s not all! The MC1270 also comes with a handy shoulder strap that makes detail cleaning a breeze.

Just be sure not to accidentally unplug the 15-foot cord while moving about. Feel free to plug this baby into an extension cord to substantially increase your range of movement.

16 Awesome Attachments

What makes the MC1270 so versatile? The astounding number of accessories that come in the box. It comes with the typical jet nozzle and scrubbing microfiber pad (and an extra pad for later), but then you also get an amazing 8-inch mop head that makes quick work out of steam-cleaning your floors.

There’s also a handy 9-inch squeegee for glass windows and five different brushes made of nylon and brass for light and heavy-duty scrubbing.

The rest of the accessory pack includes two 19-inch extension wands, a measuring cup with a funnel, the aforementioned shoulder strap, and a storage bag where everything goes into.

McCulloch MC1270 Review
McCulloch MC1270

Backed by 2-year Warranty

This generous warranty should convince you that McCulloch knows what they’re doing, especially with their helpful online reps available 24/7. If for any reason, the MC1270 or any of its brother models is DOA on arrival (something that unfortunately happened to a handful of customers), you can reach out to the company through their website.

More likely than not, the fault was with shipping and not a defective product passing through QC.

Chemical-Free Cleaning

As I mentioned at the beginning of the article, steam cleaners like the MC1270 do not require the use of harsh chemicals to produce squeaky clean surfaces.

The only ingredient is H2O. Steam kills up to 99.9% of bacteria, dust mites, and germs, leaving any surface as free of harmful microorganisms as humanly possible. Plus, almost any surface can be steamed, including but not limited to toys, tiles, floors, upholstery, and beds.

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Verdict: Should I Get the MC1270?

Without a doubt, your home could benefit from a steam cleaner, and one reliable, high-quality model is the MC1270 by McCulloch.

It is extremely versatile, user-friendly, and makes quick work out of otherwise painstakingly long grease-and-grime-removal jobs. If you’re considering purchasing your first steam cleaner, there’s no better place to start than with McCulloch’s MC1270.

McCulloch MC1270 Steam Cleaner Review

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