Lola Smart Digital Picture Frame Review

Have you considered purchasing a smart digital picture frame? As with most purchases, you must research before deciding on a product. One of your best options would be Lola Smart Digital Picture Frame. With the social media support and power-saving motion sensor, you will be pleased to buy the Lola Smart Digital Frame.


The two main features of the Lola Smart Digital Picture Frame are the social media linking ability and the motion sensor. This digital picture frame has other features also.

Whether you want to sync your Facebook or Instagram photos, the Lola digital frame has the ability! This digital frame’s most talked about features are social media support and the motion sensor. You cannot forget one of the best parts, the power-saving motion sensor.

Supports Most Social Media Sites

The first part of this smart picture frame is that it supports most social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, Dropbox, or Google Photos.

The best part is you can sync your pictures to your frame within minutes! It will take a brief time to upload photos to your frame as the app makes it a hassle-free experience.

It may be easier to sync your photos to your frame with the app. Download the free app to your cellphone or other devices for easy syncing.

Motion Sensor

The built-in Hu motion sensor is the next feature to know about with the Lola Smart Digital Picture Frame.

This sensor will turn your picture frame on when it detects movement, ensuring that everyone passing by will see your lovely pictures. The picture frame will turn off after some time if no motion is detected, conserving energy.

Since this digital frame saves energy, it can be an ideal addition to your home if you want to conserve power. In addition to the motion sensor, you can power it on or off with Alexa and Google Assistant.

Who Needs a Smart Digital Picture Frame?

A digital frame is for you if you like the concept of many pictures on one picture frame. A smart digital frame is suitable for any household, regardless of age. However, smart digital picture frames are a popular gift for grandparents and parents.

The smart frame lets you display many pictures when your friends and family visit. Images will make your guests feel more welcome in your home.

What Do People Think of Lola Smart Digital Picture Frame?

The views of the Lola Smart Digital Picture Frame are mainly positive. Many said this frame was a perfect present to their parents as new grandparents.

Grandparents commented many times they were delighted with the frame. A few people were upset it is not wireless, though that is more a user preference.

A few state the frame stopped working or you need to fix it. There are many more favorable views than negative ones on this picture frame. People love how easy it is to use.


In closing, the Lola Smart Digital Picture Frame could be an ideal addition to your or your family’s home. Its social media-supporting ability and motion sensor make it a perfect gift for all. Whether you want a picture frame for yourself or as a gift, the Lola Smart Digital Picture Frame will satisfy you.

Lola Smart Digital Picture Frame Review

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