Levoit 300S vs 400S Air Purifier Comparison

The best way to keep your home clean and fresh is with an air purifier. A compact model will fit in any room, on a desk, or next to you on the couch. The best air purifiers are compact and straightforward to use, a single device that can be placed in different places throughout your home.

While an air purifier should be placed where you spend the most time, it is also important to consider how much space an air cleaner takes up.

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Levoit 300S

If you need an air purifier, it’s time to make your decision! The Levoit 300s and 400s both have their advantages. One is more expensive but offers better quality, while the other may fit your budget easier.

The Levoit 300s and 400s are two different types of air purifiers that be compared in this article. The first difference between them is their size, with the smaller model weighing over 3 pounds less. Although these air purifiers are two different products from the same company, the Levoit 400S is a slightly new model with improved technology that delivers greater efficiency.

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Levoit 300s vs 400s Features

Smart ControlsYesYes
QuietKEAP™ TechnologyYesN/A
VortexAir™ TechnologyYesN/A
Ozone FreeYesN/A
1–24 Hour TimerYesN/A
Check Filter IndicatorYesYes
3-Stage FiltrationYesYes
Sleep ModeYesYes
Air Quality Indicator RingsN/AYes
Smart NotificationsN/AYes
Wi-Fi IndicatorN/AYes

Levoit 300S Air Purifier

The Levoit Core 300S is a quiet, 360-degree air purifier with an attractive design and sleek lines. It can clean up to 210 square feet five times an hour! The smoke CADR (clean Air Delivery Rate) of 141 CFM means that this tiny but mighty machine will remove even the most stubborn smells from your home.

The upgraded Core 300S is the newest, most advanced air purifier from Levoit. With thousands of five-star reviews for its previous models to base your decision on if it’s worth spending over $100 for a device that lets you breathe easier.

Levoit 300S
Levoit 300S

The Levoit Core 300S Smart True HEPA Air Purifier upgrades the brand’s already popular Core 300 model with new features and focuses on keeping your home’s air quality is ideal for you as possible.

The Core 300S is a versatile air purifier that can accommodate your needs. It has an impressive 12-hour timer and sleep mode, along with other features such as HEPA filtration for increased efficiency in removing bacteria or allergens from the air you breathe while also being compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

The Core 300S is a hip and stylish addition to your home, office, or resort. This programmable device can be controlled from virtually anywhere with the VeSync app on any smartphone! The smart technology is tied to this app and the machine’s auto mode, which automatically responds to changing air conditions at any given time!

With the app, you can even monitor your home’s air quality in real-time.

The best way to keep your home clean and safe is by making sure all the harmful particles are captured.

Levoit 300S Air Purifier
Levoit 300S

Different types of filters will suit your needs. If you want to get rid of pet odors, look no further than this air purifier! It’s also great for smoke and pollution- so much versatility in one device!

With three layers of filtration (activated carbon, H13 True HEPA, and a pre-filter), you will make sure that harmful particles are captured before they can do any harm to you!

The upgraded version of Levoit’s best-selling air purifier is available at Amazon! Head over to order one while they’re still available.

Levoit 300S Summary

Smart Controls
With Smart Controls, you can schedule your 300S to run at night, so it doesn’t keep up during the day.

3-Stage H13 True HEPA Filtration
The 3-stage system uses a threefold approach to keep your home clean and fresh, including trapping smoke from fires or cigarettes with its carbon filters; catching odors before they have time to dirty up the air around you.

High Performance
This incredible, high-tech air purifier is a must-have for any room 219 ft2. Its patented VortexAir™ technology ensures that your home will be clean and fresh every day with its unique design!

Ultra Quiet
The air purifier is not just ultra-quiet but also patented. It’s called QuietKEAP Technology, and it reduces noise levels to 24dB!

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So, what about the Levoit 400S?

The Levoit Core 400S Smart True HEPA Air Purifier, is slightly larger than the Core 300s in size and coverage area to remove allergens from your home or office.

Levoit Core 400S
Levoit Core 400S

The Levoit Core 400S is a smart-controlled air purifier that comes with the latest technology, allowing you to control it through your phone. It has performance equalization compared to its popular counterpart, the LVH133 model, and offers app support so users can change settings on their schedules.

From the moment you take in this sleek, modern design to all of its otherworldly features and benefits for your health, it will be hard not to be amazed at Levoit’s Core 400S.

The air purifier has the perfect size for any room. The unit is 10.8 by 20.5 inches and weighs less than 12 pounds, so it can be moved easily from one location to another without taking up too much space.

This award-winning Levoit purifier is now smarter than ever with its new Wi-Fi capabilities. As such, you can connect the air cleaner to your network and control it remotely via the VeSync app (Both Apple/Android).

Levoit Core 400S Air Purifier
Levoit Core 400S

The air quality is displayed in real-time, and the app will tell you if the air is “clean”.

The Levoit Core 400S Air Purifier is an excellent addition to your home. Not only does it detect PM2.5 particles in 5 seconds, but the cleaner will adjust fan speed automatically if you need it the most.

Levoit 300S vs 400S Product Specifications

VoltageAC 120V, 60HzAC 120V, 60Hz
Rated Power26W38W
Effective Range219 ft2403 ft²
Dimensions8.7 x 8.7 x 14.2 in10.8 x 10.8 x 20.5 in
Weight5.95 lb14.12 lb
Operating Conditions Temp.14°–104°F14°–104°F
Humidity< 85% RH< 85% RH
Noise Level24–48dB24–52dB
Standby Power< 2W< 2W

Levoit 400S Summary

3-Stage Filtration
This air purifier captures at least 99.97% of airborne particles 0.3 microns in size, 99 percent of those even smaller than that which are packed with harmful microbes and viruses to make sure your home stays clean without you doing a thing!

PM2.5 Display
This air purifier has a display that shows the number of airborne particles detected by laser dust sensors.

ARC Formula
Imagine being able to breathe in your home without feeling uncomfortable. The technology, called ARC Formula, in the Levoit 400S, helps neutralize household odors and pet smells for a more pleasant environment while also reducing the negative impacts of dirt on people who are sensitive about their allergies or asthma condition.

Air Quality Indicator Rings
The rings on this air purifier indicate the quality of different kinds of pollution in real-time. For example, if you look closely, it will say “Bad,” then after about five minutes or so, there is a ring for Moderate and finally Good or Very Good when all other filters have cleared out their toxins from ambient air within your home.

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Final Words

The Levoit 300s and 400s both do a great job at removing pollution from the air. Both are great for anyone who wants to keep their home clean and safe from allergens. They have an initial cost, but they’re well worth it in terms of both performance and durability.

Levoit Air Purifier | Recommended

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Levoit Air Purifier | Recommended

Last update on 2023-10-19 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

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