Kirby vs. Dyson Vacuum Cleaners

Keeping the house clean and dust-free shouldn’t always take much effort. The right kind of vacuum cleaner should ease up this otherwise cumbersome chore. When it comes to vacuum cleaners, only a few trusted brands in the market can deliver guaranteed results. Some brands available, the names Dyson and Kirby will stand out.

Dyson has always been known for the many design options and models that you can choose from. Models range from handhelds to lightweight and cordless canister-type vacuums. All of these are, in fact, quite powerful and convenient to use Kirby has been known for its cleaning efficiency. It has established itself as a brand that can guarantee results. Exclusivity is also equated with the Kirby brand as it can be bought through authorized distributors and direct sellers.

There is no question of reliability when it comes to these two brands. There are points of comparison to be noted when deciding which among the two is a wise buy. To make a proper decision, check out the information provided and see what brand can deliver the results you expect.

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Vacuum Models and Design

In choices, Dyson will have a hand as they offer more in terms of design and even color. With Dyson, you can choose from several handhelds and upright canister models, all being lightweight and easy to handle. When it comes to power and performance, Dyson vacuums are said to be reliable although the power of the vacuum may depend on what particular model you may have in mind.

In terms of features, the Dyson Ball Technology has been developed by Dyson for their canister and upright models. Its feature aims to lessen hand movements when handling these particular models. The ball technology makes it easier for the user to maneuver the vacuum cleaner, especially in hard-to-reach areas and spaces. Cordless and handheld models are designed to look like regular vacuum cleaners. The big difference is that Dyson vacuums use plastic frames making them pretty lightweight and easy to move around the house. The sleek designs and variety of colors to choose from make them eye candy, even if they are just household appliances.

As for Kirby, the Avalir 2 is made pretty similar to the usual vacuum cleaners in terms of design. From the dust bag to the cleaning head, the Avalir 2 looks pretty much the same as any other vacuum cleaner on the market. In terms of design, the Avalir 2 doesn’t have much for it to stand out as compared to the Dyson vacuums. The Avalireep can be converted to a canister-type vacuum cleaner or even a regular handheld. It is also made mainly of light metal components. It makes the Kirby more durable for long-term and heavy use compared to the Dyson.

Power and Performance

Although the Dyson brand indeed carries a punch when it comes to power, it still cannot compare to the power that Kirby vacuums carry. The Dyson cordless models deliver 220 AW of power, while other models deliver up to 300 AW of power. Some models even have sensors that can recognize different floor types so that the suction power adjusts to the floor type.

The Kirby Avalir 2 delivers stronger suction power at 440AW. It is considered one of the most powerful vacuums in its class. It is expected in corded vacuum cleaners as compared to cordless ones.

It also helps that the Kirby has a well-designed brush head that helps loosen dust and debris, especially on rugs and carpets.

Filtration System

Both Dyson and Kirby make use of HEPA filters. These filters are quite efficient in trapping particles of up to 0.3 microns in size. This makes it easy for these vacuums to trap dust, pollen, and even certain allergens so you need not worry about getting allergies while operating the vacuum cleaner.

Accessories and Ease of Use

Dyson vacuum cleaners come with several accessories that make the chore of cleaning convenient. For hard-to-clean carpets, a stubborn dust brush comes as a handy accessory. There are also crevice tools that make narrow spaces, such as crevices and corners, easy to reach and clean. For mattresses and upholstery, there are mattress tools that can be used as well. The Avalir 2 by Kirby is a convertible vacuum, enabling it to perform many functions.

This vacuum can be converted to either a mopper or a scrubber. It can also be used to shampoo surfaces like carpets or rugs. The Kirby has extension tubes that can be used for further reach, especially in high areas. Special attachments such as an upholstery nozzle and a cleaning head for special surfaces. There is even a special head meant to clean pet hair. Several attachments are available that can easily convert the Kirby into a mop and bucket system as well.

Pricing and Warranty

Of the two brands, the Dyson is more affordable. Some models are priced for as low as $199. The Kirby, probably due to its power and versatility, is more pricey. The Kirby’s price ranges anywhere from $1000 to $3000, depending on the distributor. The Kirby comes with a five-year warranty for as long as it is purchased through an authorized dealer.

Final Say

For users who don’t demand much when it comes to power and performance, the Dyson is a brand indeed worth considering. When it comes to budgetary considerations, this puts the Dyson brand at an even bigger advantage.
If you are looking ious a powerful, all-around machine though, the Kirby Avalir 2 is, without a doubt, the better choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

How different is the Kirby from the Dyson?
The Dyson brand has more models to choose from. They have some models ranging from simple handheld models to upright, canister ones.

The Kirby Avalir 2 comes in only one conservative design, but it can be converted into either a handheld or canister type of vacuum.

Does the Dyson v11 come with an LCD screen?
No. The LCD screen comes in higher-end models like the V11 Outsize and V11 Outside Origin.

Does the Kirby have its line of carpet shampoo?
Yes. They are available for purchase at Kirby’s online store.

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