If there’s one thing that nobody on the face of the planet enjoys doing, it has to be vacuuming. Paying taxes and cooking are a close second and third. Robotic vacuum cleaners have really taken a load off of our busy schedules – no longer do we need to dedicate hours to pushing a heavy upright vacuum around. Instead, with the help of one or two robot vacs, your floors will return to their gritless, spotless glory by the time you get home.

ILIFE A9 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review

With so many models to choose form, settling on which robot to take home can be tiresome. In this article, we’re going to check out the ILIFE A9, a pretty awesome robot from a relatively well-known company hailing from China. It’s not the newest model from ILIFE, but it remains relevant even in today’s flooded market of robotic discs.

Generation 4 CyclonePower Cleaning System

Like standard vacuum cleaners, a robotic vac needs to have a powerful suction to inhale whatever pieces of debris make their way into the suction inlet. ILIFE upgraded its Cyclone Power with the new Generation 4.

The problem with previous versions was debris tended to escape the clutches from the onboard filter, but this generation solved that problem by using a cyclone system to separate tiny from large particles. This prevents the filter from becoming clogged up, which in turn offers consistent suction pressure throughout the filter’s lifetime.

ILIFE A9 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Cellular Dustbin

The separation of fine and large particles is helped by the Cellular Dustbin. Air enters into the robot in a cyclone pattern, then finer dust particles get trapped within the cellular structure of the dustbin. Whatever pieces don’t get trapped are then passed through a centrifugal spinner, isolating large from tiny. The finest specks are then trapped in a high-efficiency filter to prevent them from going airborne.

2-in-1 Roller Brush and Side Brushes

Like any good robotic vacuum cleaner, the ILIFE A9 uses a 2-in-1 Roller Brush that maintains contact with the floor, regardless of the surface type. This is extremely helpful in homes that have both smooth and carpeted floors as the brushes do not push dust deeper into any cracks or fibers.

However, we found that the side brushes, though extremely helpful in getting wall edges and corners, tend to throw dust around more than they bring into the inlet. The A9 needs to make repeated passes to ensure a spotless floor at the end of the day.

Generation 2 PanoView Navigation Technology

The A9’s navigation system is driven by a newer piece of technology known as Gen. 2 PanoView. This system scans the surroundings of the A9 to map out any obstacles, walls, and cliffs in real-time. The first time the robot is booted up, it’ll wander around randomly in order to create an accurate digital layout. In the next cleaning cycle, it’ll access the map and create the most efficient path to save battery power while covering more of your floors per charge.

ILIFE A9 Robotic Vacuum

Electrowall Technology

If you’re familiar with Virtual Walls, then you should grasp the idea behind ILIFE’s Electrowall Technology. The tiny tower shoots out an infrared laser to create no-go and no-pass zones for the A9. When the robot gets near, it’ll tuck tail and turn around. These tiny towers will prevent the A9 from bumping into any pet food or water bowls, potentially causing the robot from zapping itself to death.

Auto-Dock Recharge

The A9 is equipped with an auto-dock recharge function. When it senses that its batteries are low on power, it’ll head straight for its charging station to refuel. After between one and two hours of charging, the robot’s battery should have reached maximum capacity. Sadly, there’s no resume feature, so it needs to restart its cleaning cycle from the very beginning.

ILIFE A9 Robot Vacuum

Wi-Fi Connectivity

The A9 can connect to your home’s Wi-Fi router to receive instructions from its user via a downloadable app. On your smartphone, you can download the ILIFE to command the robot to start, stop, and recharge. You can also choose between four cleaning modes (auto, edge, spot, and max) for optimal cleaning performance.

Also, if you have Amazon Echo or Google Home, you can simply shout orders at Alexa or Assistant, and they’ll relay them to the A9 immediately. If you’d rather do things the old-fashioned way, you can use the included infrared remote control.


The ILIFE A9 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, though a great robot, isn’t that special when compared to numerous other robots on the market. The one thing that would make this an absolute must-have is if it came with an auto-resume feature, so you don’t have to send commands to the robot to begin its cleaning cycle after every charge.

However, as is, there’s not much to complain about. The A9 from ILIFE is a simple yet high-performance bot that would benefit any home, apartment, or office space.

ILIFE A9Review

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