There’s nothing worse than having to suffer through the scorching hot summery months without an air conditioner at home or in your apartment. There are several cooling systems available, ranging from inexpensive fans to costly centralized cooling systems. Why not take the middle route and go with something portable like a portable air conditioner?

Honeywell MN10CES Portable Air Conditioner

Today, we’re going to take a look at the MN10CES 10,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner. This product, like so many of Honeywell’s other portable models, is a mightily impressive one that ensures efficient cooling in the right conditions. Read our full review of the 10,000-BTU MN10CES below.

Works Optimally in 350 to 450-square-foot Rooms

To ensure that the portable air conditioner works as intended, you’ll need to place it in the appropriate-sized room. The MN10CES is a 10,000-BTU model that works optimally in rooms of between 350 and 450 square feet. The MN10CES is designed to cool living rooms, basements, large bedrooms, and spacious apartments.

Before deciding on whether or not this Honeywell portable AC is for you, take the time to measure the space in your home you wish to cool. Do it twice for good measure.

3 Fan Speeds + 24-hour Energy Saving Mode

The MN10CES has three fan speeds that deliver different airflow rates for different sized rooms. This is what makes this portable AC so versatile—it can cool small and large rooms without struggle. In addition, there’s also a programmable timer (up to 24 hours) that will automatically kill the motor when the timer has expired.

Honeywell MN10CES 10,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

Honeywell MN10CES

Using this feature at nighttime will help save energy costs, especially since this is not an Energy Star certified model.

3-in-1: AC, Fan, and Dehumidifier

Not only does the MN10CES drop the temperature in small to large-sized rooms, but it also comes with two other modes that users will definitely make use of. The first is an air circulator that moves large quantities of air around the room.

The second is a dehumidifier that is designed to remove up to 66 pints of moisture every day. If you live in places where the relative humidity level goes beyond 80%, then the dehumidifier function will definitely be a lifesaver.

Honeywell MN10CES Review

Honeywell MN10CES

Bucketless Dehumidifier

Continuing with the point of the dehumidifier function, users will notice that the MN10CES does not come with a trap bucket. This does not mean condensed moisture particles fall onto the floor and ruin carpets; the MN10CES has a built-in evaporating to remove most of the accumulated water particles.

However, you’ll still need to connect a garden hose (not included) to the drain port to ensure that excess water does not leak out onto your floors.

Easy-Clean Washable Filter

The MN10CES uses a basic filter that traps incoming airborne particles from outdoors. It’s not at the same level as True HEPA Filters so don’t get too excited, but it does a great job at trapping larger pollutants.

The filter is washable and reusable for up to six months, though the actual lifespan of the filter depends on how dirty the air is and how often you run the machine.

Honeywell MN10CES 10,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner Review

Honeywell MN10CES

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Painless Installation

Like most portable AC units, Honeywell-made or otherwise, getting the MN10CES up and running can be done in under thirty minutes. The most challenging task is to fit to ensure that all spaces of your window is covered by the window bracket kit.

The adjustable window bracket can cover windows of between 19.7 and 47 inches, meanwhile the exhaust hose can stretch out to 47 inches.

Heavy yet Portable

The dry-weight of the MN10CES is roughly 63 pounds. By no means is this lightweight, even by portable AC standards, and will take at least two people to carry up and down stairs.

For movement between rooms on the same floor, all you need to do is roll it slowly on its casters.

Honeywell MN10CES Portable Air Conditioner

Honeywell MN10CES

Loud Noise Output

No portable AC is whisper-quiet or close to it, but the MN10CES is even further from tolerable noise levels.

On its slowest fan speed, it produces only 53 decibels which is pretty decent for uninterrupted sleep, but on its highest fan speed for 450-square-foot rooms, it’s gets pretty close to 65 decibels.

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Verdict: Should I Get the Honeywell MN10CES 10,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner?

Looking at what the Honeywell MN10CES has, how it performs, and its very few downfalls, we can safely conclude that this portable AC unit is a reliable, versatile machine that would fit well in spaces of up to 450 square feet. Admittedly, it’s louder than we like, but it also works flawlessly, and when summertime comes around, coolness is a greater priority than noiselessness.

Honeywell MN10CES 10,000 BTU

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