With so much pollution in the air outside, the last thing we need is to inhale contaminated indoor air at home. An air purifier can be the perfect solution to keep outdoor pollutants from infiltrating your lungs while chilling at home.

hOmeLabs Air Purifier for Home Review

hOmeLabs Air Purifier

In this article, we’re going to take a look at the Air Purifier designed by hOmeLabs – a unique, cylindrical-style device that’s made for confined spaces such as bedrooms or home offices. Read our review to see whether the hOmeLabs Air Purifier is for you.

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Compact Design for Portability

Let’s get this out of the way: the hOmeLabs Air Purifier for Home isn’t the largest air purifier out there, nor is it the most powerful. Will it clean the air in spacious areas like living rooms or attics? No, it won’t.

The hOmeLabs is a compact air purifier designed with portability in mind. It’s easy to move from room to room, carry up and down stairs, and it hardly takes up desk space.

194-Square-Foot Cleaning Range

With limited fan and motor sizes comes limited power. The hOmeLabs is made to clean the air of rooms as large as 194 square feet by recirculating air up to four times every hour. This is the perfect size for bedrooms, dorm rooms, and home offices.

hOmeLabs Air Purifier for Home

hOmeLabs Air Purifier

3-Stage Filtration, including a True HEPA Filter

As tiny as the hOmeLabs may seem, it’s packing some serious heat. This air purifier uses three different filters to keep your air as fresh as possible. The first filter is a regular pre-filter that traps larger airborne particles and hair.

The second filter is where the magic happens – the True HEPA Filter traps particles as small as 0.3 microns in size up to 99.97% of the time.

The final filter is an activated carbon filter which supposedly traps odor molecules before the cleaned air is released into a room.

Cylindrical Design

Don’t for a second think that cylindrical air purifiers are just about style (though they are quite pleasing to look at). The design of the homeLabs actually lest the unit suction in air from every direction from below and shoot cleaned air through the top – once again – in every direction. Obstructing the inlet and outlet is nearly impossible to do.

hOmeLabs Air Purifier Review

hOmeLabs Air Purifier

This means you don’t need to think about the ideal placement of the hOmeLabs. Just put it on top of a table or desk, plug it in, turn it on, and forget about it.

Optional Nightlight

Since most people will end up using the hOmeLabs Air Purifier for Home in their bedrooms, it’s important to note that the air purifier has an optional nightlight that will gently lull your eyes to sleep.

You can also adjust the brightness if you like, or if the faintest beam of light is distracting, simply turn it off altogether.

Uneven Air Distribution

Now, even though cylindrical cases are supposed to enhance airflow and even dustribution, the hOmeLabs seems to have a problem sticking theory, though oddly enough, this isn’t the case for everybody. Some customers have spoken about how their hOmeLabs shoots more air in one direction than the others, but we didn’t find this problem when we gave it a go.

hOmeLabs Air Purifier

hOmeLabs Air Purifier

We just removed all of the wrapping, popped the filter in so it was as perfectly centered as possible, and turned it on. If you do have this problem due to faulty manufacturing, just contact hOmeLabs and they should either guide you through setting it up properly or send a replacement.

Not Exactly Whisper-Quiet

For a small air purifier, we were taken aback by just how loud the little guy can be. Even on its slowest speed setting, the fan produces quite a bit of noise which, for many customers, does not give them the peace and quiet they need for a good night’s sleep.

During the daytime, however, the sounds coming from the air purifier are easily lost in the bust of common household noises.

No Timer Function

We get that the compact hOmeLabs Air Purifier doesn’t have a smart air quality sensor that chooses the best fan speed for optimal cleaning, but it should at least have a timer.

hOmeLabs Air Purifier Review

hOmeLabs Air Purifier

Letting the device run all day without a means of shutting it off when you’re out is a great way to needlessly spend money on electricity. To be fair, it hardly costs anything to run per 24 hours of use, but still…


As you can see, the hOmeLabs Air Purifier for Home isn’t rocking all of the bells and whistles of large, costlier air purifiers. As is, it’s a neat air purifier that works exceptionally well at cleaning the air in a bedroom or dorm room, but the noise coming from the device could be a bit quieter. A timer function would have also been extremely handy.

hOmeLabs Air Purifier

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