High humidity is mankind’s sworn enemy. There’s not a person in the world who can honestly say they enjoy high indoor relative humidity levels. And even worse is the effects it has on drywall—moisture leads to mold growth which we inhale, resulting in devastating respiratory problems.

Hathaspace HSD001 Portable Home Dehumidifier Review

Hathaspace HSD001

The best way to tackle indoor humidity is by investing in a quality dehumidifier.

Here, we’re going to check out the HSD001 by Hathaspace, a portable dehumidifier that promises to remove excess moisture and produce a fresh, healthy living space at home. What sort of heat (so to speak) is it packing and does it fulfill this promise? Let’s find out.

Dehumidifying Performance

The HSD001 is an excellent dehumidifying device that has a maximum range of 300 square feet.

Essentially, this makes for the ideal tool to place in practically any room—from bedrooms to garages and even basements. Those with washing machines will definitely know just how invaluable a dehumidifier can be.

The HSD001 comes with a heavy-duty motor that sucks in copious amounts of humid air and condenses up to 55 pints of moisture per day.

Imagine living in the moist tropical places on Earth and not experiencing insufferable armpit sweat. That’s what the HSD001 can deliver!

Doubles as an Air Purifier

Despite being labeled a dehumidifier, that’s not all the HSD001 can do. It even doubles as a handy air purifier for 300-square-foot rooms to get rid of airborne pollutants. If your home is under attack by mold spores and other nose-tickling allergens, this 2-in-1 appliance can be your best friend.

Hathaspace HSD001 Portable Home Dehumidifier

Hathaspace HSD001

Unfortunately, like so many other dehumidifier-air purifier combo devices, the HSD001 is not fitted with a True HEPA Filter or even a HEPA-style filter.

Indeed, it works extremely well at getting rid of most allergens, but it can’t guarantee maximum air-cleaning efficiency that standalone air purifiers can.

Extremely Portable

One of the major selling points of the HSD001 is its portability and it’s not hard to see why. This compact device stands about only 16 inches tall and hardly leaves a footprint. With an empty reservoir, it weighs just under seven pounds, making transporting the unit up and down stairs as effortless as can be.

If you plan on taking a dehumidifier with you when moving between rooms, the portable HSD001 is an excellent option.

Two Hassle-Free Drainage Options

When shopping for a dehumidifier, you’ll want to consider the method of disposing accumulated moisture. Similar to most models out there, the HSD001 comes with a removable reservoir. It can hold onto nearly 4-1/2 pints of water before reaching capacity in which the device will shut off automatically to prevent water from damaging carpets and floorboards.

Alternatively, you can attach the 3-foot hose (included with the HSD001) and run it through an open window or into a sink or potted plant.

This eliminates the need to constantly monitor the dehumidifier and the manual labor of emptying out the water reservoir. Sadly, it does not have a built-in pump so it can’t shoot water too far upward.

Nearly Inaudible on Sleep Mode

Most users will want to set up a dehumidifier in their bedroom to get rid of nighttime mugginess, but they may end up sacrificing quality sleep for comfort. Thankfully, with the HSD001, you won’t have to make that choice. This dehumidifier has a handy sleep mode that produces less than 35 decibels—about the same volume as loud whispering—that shouldn’t disrupt sleep.

Hathaspace HSD001 Review

Hathaspace HSD001

Missing Timer and Auto-Mode

Despite being a portable, powerful, 2-in-1 dehumidifier, it’s far from perfect. You’ll notice that a control panel is basically nonexistent, limiting what you can and can’t do with the HSD001. And sadly, there’s no timer function—something is crucial for energy-conscious buyers.

It’s also missing auto-dehumidifying mode that kills the motor when the relative humidity level of a room has reached a certain point (no humidity gauge either). This means you need to keep an eye on the HSD001 to ensure that it doesn’t end up drying the air beyond tolerable levels.

Only Two Fan Speeds

Furthermore, apart from the aforementioned sleep mode that produces less than 35 decibels of noise, the HSD001 offers only one other fan speed.

What this means is that without supervision, you can either dehumidify a room past healthy levels on its quicker fan speed or take forever to do it on sleep mode.

Verdict: Should I Get the Hathaspace HSD001?

Overall, the Hathspace HSD001 is an excellent dehumidifier in terms of performance, portability, and versatility. It’s not every day that you come across a 2-in-1 dehumidifier-air purifier combo device that performs both tasks well. However, it’s not the most convenient dehumidifier out there, evidenced by its missing timer function and humidity sensor.

Hathaspace HSD001

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