Hatch Baby Rest vs. Rest+ Baby Sound Machine

Parents of newborns will appreciate baby sound machines more than anything—fewer late-night feedings and diaper changes mean being better prepared for the following morning. Here, we’re going to take a look at two of Hatch Baby’s baby sound machines—the Rest and Rest+. If their names are any indication, then your baby should get his or her full nine hours every night.

Hatch Baby Rest
Hatch Baby Rest

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Hatch Baby Rest

Multi-Purpose Sound Machine

The Rest doesn’t just produce white noise to lull babies to sleep. This is a 3-in-1 device that also serves as a nightlight to shoo away any closet Boogeymen and an alarm to coax your baby awake at a specified time.

Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine
Hatch Baby Rest

For Newborns and Toddlers

Because it’s a multi-purpose device, it’s not something you toss away when your newborn grows older. All of these functions will become useful as your child grows older. New parents will want to make use of the white noise player and soft nightlight during midnight feeding and diaper-changing sessions. As your baby becomes a toddler, the time-to-rise alarm will help him or her know when it’s time to get dressed and start their day.

Hatch Baby Rest App

The best thing is that this app can be controlled from afar. By downloading the Hatch Baby Rest app on your smartphone, you can select which noises to play at night, what colors to display, and what time to the alarm will go off without having to enter the nursery and risk waking your child.

Corded Sound Machine

One thing we would have loved about the Rest is if there were an option to pop in a rechargeable battery. It has a pretty short power cord so might need to design the nursery around an available outlet.

Hatch Baby Rest Review

Hatch Baby Rest+

Lullaby Library

Not only does the Rest+ play white noise for your kids, but there’s also a library of various popular lullabies that will take him or her to dreamland. There are only three musical lullabies to choose from, and sadly, uploading your own mp3 files into the Rest+ is impossible.

Hatch Baby Rest+ Sound Machine
Hatch Rest+

Two-Way Audio

The built-in microphone takes the Rest+ up several notches compared to the original Rest. With the Rest app open, you can hear them crying in the nursery and soothe them from your phone. This will come in handy if they sleep in a separate room and are ready for a late-night meal. Even as they grow older, they’ll know to communicate via the Rest+ to let you know they need a glass of water.

LED Clock

Here’s something that we were surprised that the original Rest didn’t come with. An LED clock shows the time so you can know how many hours of sleep you’ve lost changing or feeding your baby. Also, it’s a great way to teach growing children how to tell time.

Compatible with Alexa

Not only can you control the Rest+ through your smartphone, but Alexa can also relay your instructions to the Rest+ when your hands are occupied caring for your child. Almost all programmable features can be done hands-free with the help of an Alexa device.

10-hour Battery Life and Backup Battery

Remember how we said that the Rest doesn’t needs to be plugged in? Well, Hatch Baby solved that problem by adding a battery compartment (charged via USB cable) that allows you to place the device anywhere in a room. A full-charge will last for around ten hours, and the Rest+ can even be used while recharging the battery. If that’s not enough, the Rest+ comes with an additional battery pack if/when you forget the recharge.

Improved Sound Quality

Although the speakers on the Rest weren’t bad, they aren’t nearly as crisp-sounding as the Rest+’s. The white noise sounds and your voice will come out crystal-clear. We wish the Rest+ could also double as a Bluetooth speaker, but all things considered, maybe that’s not the best thing. Accidentally connecting your phone to the Rest+ and blaring rock music might surprise your baby to say the least.

Hatch Baby Rest+ Review

Hatch Baby Rest vs. Rest+: Which Baby Sound Machine Should I Get?

Hatch Baby white noise machines have become increasingly popular over time due to the wide range of features that helps ease the struggles of raising a newborn. Either of these devices will help ensure that your child can sleep sound in a separate room so the parents can enjoy a couple hours of undisturbed sleep every night.

Hatch Baby Rest+
Hatch Rest+

But if you want to go the extra-mile (we’re sure you do), then the Rest+ is by far the more convenient of the two. The addition of two-way communications and Alexa compatibility really set this baby sound machine apart from the rest.

This website is supported by readers. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

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