Gloss Boss B200752 Scrubber Review

BOSS Cleaning Equipment – formerly known as Pullman-Holt Corp – is a popular brand of floor-scrubbing and polishing machines, but their Gloss Boss B200752 Scrubber is a lot more than that. With a single versatile tool, you can perform four different tasks while producing the same quality as you’d find in hotels, hospitals, and other business establishments.

Look at our review of the B200752 to see what we mean.

Gloss Boss B200752 Scrubber Review

4-in-1 Machine

Although the B200752 is technically labeled a “scrubber,” it’s more than that. This multi-surface cleaning tool lets you clean several flooring types, including but not limited to wood, carpet, and concrete, without wearing your floors down.

It is a 4-in-1 machine that scrubs, deep-cleans, mops, and polishes your floors. Best of all, it excels at all four tasks! Why make four separate purchases when you can get all of your floor-cleaning needs done with the B200752?

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Dual High-Speed Scrubbing Brushes

On the bottom of the cleaning head, you’ll find two wide scrubbing brushes, each rotating at a speed of up to 470 RPM. It is not the fastest scrubbing tool by any means, but it does offer enough for deep-cleaning any surface without tearing away carpet fibers or protective sealant (if used carefully and correctly).

Gloss Boss B200752 Floor Polisher Review
Boss B200752

As you can imagine, these rough scrubbing brushes are used on surfaces that require deep cleanings like carpeting and concrete. Make sure to vacuum your floors before switching to the B200752. For other types of flooring, you’ll want to swap them out for something less abrasive.

Microfiber Pads

For tiles and floorboards, attach the set of washable microfiber pads for improved yet gentle cleaning. Microfiber is an excellent material for trapping dust, hair, and other floor pollutants without scratching or marring your floors.

Also, the microfiber pads can be used to mop or polish your floors. Just pour the appropriate cleaning detergent or wax onto your flooring and let the high-speed B200752 do the painstaking work for you.

Carpet Bonnets and Felt Pads

In the box, you’ll find two bonnets that fit over the scrubbing pads. These bonnets clean a wider area of your carpet, reducing the number of passes needed to clean the entire surface. They also provide a gentle massage on your carpet fibers that dislodge any embedded debris.

Gloss Boss B200752 Floor Polisher
Boss B200752

As for the felt pads, their specific job is to clean hardwood floors. The soft material cleans floorboards without scratching or removing material, resulting in a sheen you never thought possible.

10-inch Cleaning Path

The wide scrubbing pads and cleaning head has a cleaning path of 10 inches. This lets you clean broader areas with fewer passes while also being narrow enough to fit and navigate in between pieces of furniture.

It definitely could have been a bit wider, but as is, you can finish any floor-scrubbing or buffing task in a jiffy.

Lightweight Design

Also, if the head were broader, it probably wouldn’t meet the criteria for being lightweight. Fully assembled, the B200752 weighs a mere 9 pounds!

Transporting the tool up and downstairs will not cause you to throw out your back.

Foot-Operated Power

For our older readers who don’t have the energy to lug around heavy tools or the back to kneel to press buttons, we have great news for you. The B200752’s power button is located on the powerhead and can be activated/deactivated with a simple tap of your foot.

Gloss Boss B200752 Review
Boss B200752

You can also lower the stainless-steel handle to push the button off if your feet are preoccupied.

Height-Adjustable Handle

The Boss can be used by any person of any stature thanks to the height-adjustable handle. Using either your hand or foot, you can operate the cam latch that will allow you to push in or pull out the handle to the desired height.

18-foot Power Cord

As a corded floor cleaner, it’s only appropriate that we talk about the length of the power cord. Measuring 18 feet long, it can be too short for most rooms.

However, you can extend your reach and range of movement simply by plugging it into an extension cord. Easy fix.


Do not be fooled for even a second by the Boss B200752 simplistic design. What it’s lacking in beauty it more than makes up for in versatility and performance. The four different cleaning pads lets you scrub, buff, deep-clean, and even mop your floors without changing tools.

Its mop head could be a bit wider but at the cost of maneuverability and ease of use. As is, any person of any age and with any level of muscle mass will appreciate this fundamental yet high-performance floor scrubber.

Gloss Boss B200752

This website is supported by readers. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

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